Dr. (Sr.) Mudita Reacts to Media Report of Mumbai Rape Case

It is Heartening to note that few members of the Clergy, are interacting with the masses on the subjects of Concern and not limiting themselves to Just Preaching.

SILENT VOICE Salutes them…..


Dr. (Sr.) Mudita’s letter to the Editor of TOI, in response to a News Report.



Political Will A Must
This is with reference to Headline news item on Pg 1 “Mumbai rape accused held at Delhi-Haryana Border by V Narayan (Aug 26th). All 5 suspects in custody within 65 hours is no great surprise! Because a photo journalist was the victim, it was backed by politicians. With political will, even the so called impossible can be made possible. Only when the culprits are caught quickly and punished strictly, will it act as a deterrent and bring down the rate of rape. Minors who commit such delinquencies should be dealt with severely. Are their parents and teachers not responsible for such behaviour? What have they taught them? To rape their blood sisters? That such a heinous crime is committed in broad daylight in a metropolitan city like Mumbai is atrocious. What values are we imparting to our youngsters? The very thought of the 22 year old gang rape in Mumbai is enough to send a shudder down the spine of any right thinking woman.
Dr. (Sr) Mudita Sodder RSCJ, Patna, Bihar

Dr. (Sr) Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ
Society of the Sacred Heart,
1/6 New Patliputra Colony,
Patna 800013,
Bihar, North India.

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