SION CHURCH “MONEY MAKES THE MARE GO”; is a proverb, we have heard umpteen times in our lives, particularly with Government administration, at various level. It is hurting to learn that this also applies to Church Administration, at Parish Level. However, in this particular case it has been happening at top of Hierarchy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay….What is worse; the sacred law is being violated to appease the rich and mighty….. Most of you, who are following SILENT VOICE, will be aware that this is the story of OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL, SION. Parish Priest has permitted, Obligatory, Sunday Mass to be Celebrated at EVERARD NAGAR COLONY; inspite of opposition from other parishioners. Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias has turned a deaf ear to representation and many letters, written by Parishioners. A Decree by Then Archbishop, Cardinal Simon Pimenta, too has been ignored by hierarchy, to appease the Rich and Mighty. SILENT VOICE has been highlighting this issue, for a long time….Click on the following links to understand, how the Hierarchy and Archbishop is PRISONER OF WHIMS AND FANCY OF  ARROGANT PARISH PRIEST. Attached video, narrates the tale of parishioners emotion, towards the Fr. Leslie D’cunah, who was transferred abruptly, for trying to stop this unethical practice of celebrating Obligatory Sunday Mass at Everard Nagar….









Dear Cardinal.

The parishioners of our lady of good counsel church Sion has been requesting you and pleading from last one year, but still the problem is remain same. Why is only Everard issues heard upon urgently ??? Is it because theyhave the financial muscle. The PPC members have come to you andexplained every letter and everything that has happened in parish. And now when PPC Members are changed after a rigged elections forwhich objection letters have been received by Fr. Richard and isforwarded to you and your Election commission for a revert. However people appointed are by Fr. Richard under a garb of fair elections. So it is not natural for the Everardian’s to say that the full churchis supporting them when 70% on the PPC are Evradians and Fr Richardsupporters.This is the say way Fr. Richard had taken permission 10 years back too. From the time Fr. Richard is come the church is divided not united. Ifyou remember I had asked you to give us new parish priest you saidwill look into this matter. And now it is stated that only Franklin is against the Everard mass.I am sorry to say that our Church will only hear to those who havemoney not the poor.


Dulcine Furtado Ex PPC VP OLGC

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 12:17 PM, Sebastian Serrao <sabysworld81@gmail.com> wrote: >

Dear Franklin, > > It is the Archdiocese’s “British Minded” – “Divide & Rule” age old policy > which has brought the Sion Parish to the “Dogs”!!!. Why else would a > “laughing stock” Puppet Parish Priest would be brought to add “Fire to the > Fuel”. > > Since the Archdiocese lacks the will to solve these problems as it will > surely open up a Pandora’s box full of worms, the situation will continue to > be as it is. Slowly but Surely – “HELL it is”. > >

Regards >

Saby Serrao > >

On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 9:44 PM, Franklin Pereira > <franklinpereira80@gmail.com> wrote: >> >> >> >> ———- Forwarded message ———- >> From: Franklin Pereira <franklinpereira80@gmail.com> >> Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 9:42 PM >> Subject: Parish priest responsible for the the everard nagar mess >> To: Archbishop Bombay <diocesebombay@gmail.com> >> >> >>

Dear cardinal , >>

Today after the 9 am mass i met one of our ex parishoner who is now >> settled in canada and is come down for some personal  work while he was >> enquiring about the parish i told him about the everard nagar mass issue he >> immidiately told me that he was one of the ppc member during that time and i >> was shocked to know the facts and the trurh he told me how the everardians >> had put so much pressure on Fr. blaise lobo who was the parish priest how >> they had gone with a morcha to bishops house as Fr blaise had requested them >> to stop the saturday mass and come and join the rest of the parish in >> celebrating the eucharist as one community >> >> His emminence cardinal Simon Pimenta than called for a joint meeting of >> the ppc and it was decided to give a time of 2 yrs to the everardians to >> stop the mass and go to the church ,if you go through  the letter of 1995 >> guidelines given by the cardinal it clearly states this, but unfortunately >> Fr Blaise was transfered within six months and Fr ,Richard dsilva who is at >> present the parish priest was posted on the request of the  everardians ,the >> letter which was sent by the cardinal was not shown to any ppc member or >> parishoner but quitely hidden in the file ,and as matters got cooled down >> Fr, Richard along with some everardians went and met the cardinal in 1996 >> and gave him wrong information that the people of sion parish have no >> objection if everardians celebrate the sat mass , so the bishop gave them >> permission to celebrate mass on saturday . >> >> But the everardians took  advantage and first started daily mass,then the >> christmas midnight mass, the new year midnight mass, then lenten mission , >> so when the full parish gathers for important  ocassion the everardians are >> not a part of it even now when we are conducting the st anthony novenas you >> can hardly see any body  from everard >> >> This is thethe third time i have seen Fr, Richard being transfered to our >> parish on the demand of the everardians , i still cant understand why a >> priest who is 80 yrs old brought in as a parish priest when there are so >> many young and capable priest who can take the full parish together and make >> it a dynamic and active parish . >> >> kindly request Fr. Tony Dsouza our superior to send a young priest at the >> earliest ,or let the bombay archdioces take charge of this church before it >> becomes a battle ground for the parishoners >> >> >> >> Thanking you in christ >>

Franklin pereira >> >>

parihoner of olgc church sion >> >>

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English: An image of Archbishop Oswald Gracious (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  1. July 11, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    I agree with you Greg. The Canon law states that the Sabbath mass has to be only in the Church thus the Archdiocese has issued a notification that no Saturday evening or Sunday mass anywhere except the church. Around two- three years back in Vile Parle too a few close aides of Parish Priests and the hierarchy wanted to have the Sunday mass for them at Azad Road for their community members, it all began saying that the old and sick could not attend since the church is far, however it was a plot under the same way… it was almost approved but strong opposition from the parishioners stopped this …. It looks that the hierarchy is following two sets of canon laws. One shown to the public and the second unknown….


  2. July 11, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    I will support you regarding this issue Greg our heirachy is rotten these are the people who instigate all this outstanding catholics within few day these same people our cardinals ,bishops will say destroy the churches and have ur masses everywhere one has to have lets all come together and fight n not allow these our religious people to do on their own.

    Anthony Dsouza
    Oshiwara Jogeshwari


  3. July 12, 2013 at 4:47 am

    Hi Greg, A friend from Toronto is having similar problems, and wants to get in touch with you would be nice if you let me have your email ID on either fergymisquitta@yahoo.in or on mob 9763127462. We are thinking of some global movement, details will be intimated when the pieces of the puzzle are in place which we expect to be soon; I hope we will be successful in stopping this rot from spreading any more. Tks regds FERGUS


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