The luxury tales of a Catholic priest


” COLLECTION OF TWO SUNDAYS, GO TO BISHOP’S HOUSE” This is an announcement, which is made in most of the Parishes. Very few know that part of it is shared with Vatican. Devotees, who contribute faithfully to the collection box must be happy about their financial participation in the Church……without knowing how the money is spent.

Here is the first hand information, as to how some elements within Church misuse their authority. 




Nunzio Scarano

Salerno: Even though he was known to like to live well, police said they were startled when they entered Monsignor Nunzio Scarano’s apartment after he called them one night in January to report a burglary.
The apartment, in one of Salerno’s most up-market neighbourhoods in the city centre, was huge, with art lining the walls and hallways divided by Roman-style columns.
Scarano, a Vatican official with close ties to the Vatican bank and
who is now in Rome’s Queen of Heaven jail, had called police to report that thieves had stolen part of his art collection.
Interviews with two key chief investigators in different judicial and police departments in Salerno, in southern Italy, and police pictures of the apartment viewed by Reuters give the most detailed picture to date of Scarano’s wealth.
The investigators disclosed that the trove of stolen goods estimated to be worth up to 6 million euro ($7.82 million) included six works by Giorgio de Chirico, one by Renato Guttuso, one attributed to Marc Chagall and pieces of religious art.
“We asked ourselves how did this monsignor come to own this place and possess these expensive works of art,” said a senior investigator in the southern Italian city who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.
“He said they were all donations. It is a luxury apartment and we asked ourselves how he could have bought it and where the money came from,” he said. Magistrates suspect at least some of it may have come from illegal activity in the Salerno area.
Through his lawyer, Silverio Sica, Scarano said that the art work, the apartment and money in his bank accounts, including two at the Vatican bank, all came from donations and that he had done nothing wrong.
The 700 square-metre (7,500 square feet) luxury apartment on Via Romualdo Guarna was not the only piece of property that Scarano owned, either alone or jointly. Investigators discovered that he was part owner of three Salerno real estate companies.
But, most significantly, the investigators discovered that Scarano had withdrawn 560,000 euros in cash last year in one transaction from the Vatican bank, officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR).
Scarano, well-connected in local high society circles, then divided the cash, most of it in 500 euro notes, among nearly 56 friends. The Italian media has dubbed Scarano “Don 500 euros” because it was apparently his preferred denomination. Each friend gave him a cashier’s check drawn on Italian banks.
He then took all the checks to a bank in Salerno and paid off a mortgage on his apartment, which investigators said he had purchased for about 1.7 million euros. —Reuters


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  1. July 9, 2013 at 8:29 am

    As I have said before, very few of our devout or otherwise laity have the chance to see/witness the lifestyle and pomp these princes of our Church. YES the same Church which that person JESUS lived and died to establish on this planet; I have seen first hand their super duper living; and we have to bow and kiss the big ring which these rogues shove in your face so that you get some indulgence or some other bit of nonsense which is talked about.
    A slightly higher than “chokra” level clergy amassing an art collection, businesses, bank accounts and high end apartments; clever guy, he got away with it for so long; more often than not crime DOES pay, but this moron got caught; perhaps it was his ego that made him flaunt his goodies.
    So once again i state that ALL priests MUST take the vow of poverty. All this nonsense of only the celibacy vow must stop. The obedience vow is another bit of rot; obedience to who ?? a higher up crook who is probably looting himself ??
    Another sickening practice I abhor is the kissing of the ring rubbish. DID JESUS WEAR A BIG FAT RING ?? I would rather, if I felt moved, kiss the hand of the ordinary village priest who brings MY JESUS to the altar for me every morning.
    One day if I get angry enough I may spit on the princes’ ring when he tries to shove it in my face; the only reason holding me back is that that ring no matter how ridiculous it may be, is blessed and sprinkled with HOLY WATER, and therefore would be insulting to MY LORD


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