Challenge of being Goan Christian discussed

The issues of concern to Goan Catholics are discussed on every third week-end at the Pedro Arrupe Institute.

Panaji:  The challenges of being a Goan and Christian were the subject of a seminar that Jesuit priests organized last weekend at Pedro Arrupe Institute in Goa as part of a regular program to help lay people deepen their faith. Father Victor Ferrao of Rachol Seminary, the resource person of the seminar titled “The Challenge to be a Goan Christian,” told some 80 participants that Goan Society “suffers from a double amnesia.” He helped the participants to theologize in the socio-politico-economic context of Goa. The seminar attempted to blend the Goan and Christian identities. Father Ferrao said Goans—both Christians and Hindus–have a discomfort to deal with their history, especially the colonial dimension of their past, which afflicts them. While Christians do not exhibit any memory of their conversion, the Hindus have forgotten that they have evolved and transformed over time. The priest demonstrated that the term ‘Hinduism’ did not exist in the 15 and 16 century Goa, when Portuguese came and established colonial rule in the region. Goan Christians have their ancestry in the fragmentary religions like Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Nathism, Shaktism, Betal and the Santeri Cult that today have evolved into what we know as ‘Hinduism’. He declared that Goan historiography suffers from Hindu-ology or reduction of everything into Hinduism and has to be freed from it in order to heal the wounded memories of the society. He called for a serious research in the exact origins of the Goan Christians. Scholars have demonstrated Hinduism as a monolithic religion unified only in the 19th century under the British colonization. The Viashnavism and Shaivism merged in Goa only in the 1920s. He called for a “therapeutic dialogue” knowing the truth of history can heal the relations between both the communities. A theology that deals with the colonial past will not only benefit Goa but would also become an antidote to theology in Asia, which somehow has forgotten the colonial side of its history. Goa has a great opportunity to develop a new theology that will respond adequately to the de-historicized condition of our theology both in Asia and India, the priest argued. The issues of concern to Goan Catholics are discussed on every third week-end at the Pedro Arrupe Institute. The next seminar will be organized on “a Catholic response to Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity in Goa” in July 20 and 21. Source: UCAN News

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