How much do Clergy involve themselves in Civic matters related to Christian Community

Dear Friends,
This is the classic example of how Hierarchy of Bombay Archdiocese and the Clergy, care for Christian Community at large. If you recall, for the first time, a government representative, i.e. President of Minorities Commission of Maharashtra, had convened a meeting to discuss the problems faced by Christian Community.


Dolphy D’souza, had sent invites to number of members of Clergy; but from the following response from him to Fr.Philip Falcao, who had a courtesy to respond; one  should understand, the attitude of  Clergy, towards civic welfare of the community.

To them, Lay members of the community are meant, only to PRAY, PAY AND OBEY.
Fr. Philip Falcaon’s Response to Dolphy D’souza
Thank you Dolphy. I was on a pilgrimage to the Holy laand from June 13 to June 23 and so was not able to attend. Would be happy to know of such meeting in future and to get a feedback on the meeting of June 15.
God bless you for this initiative which will undoubtedly benefit the entire community.
Fr. Philip
Dolphy’s reply to Fr. Philip

Dear. Fr. Philip,

I was delighted to receive your email.

We must have sent over 300 invites to Priests, Lay people of all Christian denominations all over Maharashtra,.

On  my own, had circulate this to over 400 of the Priests, Religious and Principals of Catholic Churches/ Schools in the City of Mumbai.

There were over 200 participants for this event and from our community maybe 50 lay people. But very few priests and religious.

Bishop Agnelo Gracias was the Chief Guest and also Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas, Principal of St. Xavier’s College and Fr.George Athaide, Secretary of ABE besides a Representative Priest from the Kalyan Diocese.

I did not see anyone else and only 3 responses I received from the Priests /Principals about their inability to attend.

Yours is the only one on a positive note asking for details.

I have stopped complaining because of lack of response. But sometimes I wonder are we responsible for the state of affairs we are in. Why Government does not take us seriously only because we do not demand unitedly anything from them. The Christian groups who had come from different parts of the State were speaking about economic empowerment, lack of cemeteries, attacks on the community etc.

Issues are being tackled separately on the Education front and Security front by the concerned ministries but unless we have data we cannot pursue with the Government to find a resolution to the problems.

Each school when attacked or hassled  for admission has to bear the brunt as others including the community and the OTHER schools  are silent spectators. If we are a united force no one will dare brow beat us. So we make our small compromises to escape and find our little solutions. Only thing is the next year it becomes a bigger  problem to tackle.

I personally have strongly believed that when we are doing service on the education front which the Government is supposed to do, than we should be treated fairly and not in a humiliating manner.

Bottom line whom do we really cater too and why should be be on the receiving end. These questions rankle me  and I have no answers. Minorities are supposed to be bullied and we have a mindset to accept this.

Hence we need to close our ranks if we want something tangible to happen vis-a-vis the Government whether at the State or the Centre.

Will keep you posted.

warm regards,

Dolphy D’souza


English: Mumbai, India

English: Mumbai, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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