Tourists at Bom Jesus Basilica asked to cover up

The church authorities have started providing shawls to visitors who are dressed inappropriately.



The authorities at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa have started screening the visitors who come to see the interiors of the 16th century baroque-styled monument.
The church authorities have begun providing shawls to visitors at the Basilica who are dressed inappropriately.
The tourists who are inappropriately dressed have to wear the shawl before they go in and return once they conclude their visit to the Jesuit monument housing the sacred relics of Jesuit saint and patron of the missions St. Francis Xavier.
The rule applies for both men and women, as it was found that it was not only women who dress scantily but men too saunter in wearing singlet and are made to either wear a shirt if they have one or a shawl.
Rector of the Basilica Fr. Savio Barreto said that the move was a result of a decision taken ‘long ago’ following complaints from the faithful that it was unacceptable and portrayed a complete lack of respect and decorum on the part of the tourists, both in their attire as well as their talk as it was not in keeping with the decorum of the place.
“This was something we had said we would do and would put up boards that all tourists should be dressed appropriately if they wish to enter the Basilica. Many people had complained that the tourists were not dressing properly and were offended by it,” Fr Barreto said, adding that the shawls were being handed over by the volunteers at the Basilica.
More than a year ago, the church authorities had installed a signboard asking tourists to dress appropriately and maintain decorum.
However, the written directions did not work, bringing about the need to give shawls to the tourists.

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The fine architecture of the Bascilica of Bom ...

The fine architecture of the Bascilica of Bom Jesus, Goa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




  1. May 31, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Bravo !!! finally these tourists get to realize that a church is a Sacred place, and a proper dress code is required. Here in Lonavla it is nauseating to see visitors to our twin towns, come to Church in order to DO their Sunday obligation; some of them look as if they have just tumbled out of bed and, and just made it to the Church, because they HAVE to. Many visitors come dressed as if they are going to a beatnik party; these same people think that any outfit will do when coming to Church for Sunday Mass; yet these same people will tog up to the teeth when they are invited to some wedding/party/celebration; and yet they dress like urchins when they come to witness the greatest celebration of all HOLY MASS. Simply disgusting.


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