Franciscan nuns take up organic farming

The sisters started farming on their two acre plot.



Besides running a hospital and a school in Rajasthan, the Franciscan sisters have embarked on a new agricultural project of running an organic farm.

The sisters have been doing the farming on their two acre plot.

The inspiration came after the nuns visited Tarumitra Bio-reserve in Patna, where they saw students led by Ms Margaret Molomoo making a great success of their farm in organic farming.

Sr. Isabel, the superior of the small community, said she felt organic farming was more appropriate for Franciscans.

“The intense use of poisonous pesticides and chemical fertilizers have been creating havoc both on the land and its inhabitants” she said.

The nun said that people’s health has deteriorated since the introduction of the new farming methods of India’s ‘Green Revolution’.

With some help from students, the nuns planted a local variety of wheat and did not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticide sprays.

Their first crop was mature and ripe by the end of March.

When the harvesting and threshing was complete, the sisters weighed up the wheat which came out to be 27 quintals. Over 10,000 rupees worth of hay was an extra bonus.

“The best part of the whole story has been that all of us got involved with the land. The traditional respect people had towards the earth is fast disappearing” said Sr. Ishpriya.

Source: ICN

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Organic certification

Organic certification (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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