Goa church miffed with ASI’s move to remove paintings

The paintings have apparently been taken away for restoration.



The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has angered the authorities of an ancient church in Old Goa for allegedly removing paintings without informing them while carrying out restoration work in the church premises.

The paintings have apparently been taken away for restoration as Se Cathedral is getting ready for the decennial exposition of relics of St Francis Xavier, scheduled next year.

Fr Leonard Correia, parish priest of Se Cathedral, the country’s largest church, wrote a letter to ASI officials last week claiming that the paintings were removed from various corners and altars without informing him or parishioners.

One of the parishioners on basis of anonymity said that the biblical paintings are priceless and there should be some responsibility on the part of the ASI to inform church authorities before removing them.

Fr. Correia in his letter to ASI, a copy of which is also marked to Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao of Goa and Daman said that “there is no coordination between ASI and church authorities when such important step is being taken (of taking away the paintings).”

The ASI should have begun the restoration work much earlier as one-and-half year is left for the decennial exposition, considered as one of the biggest religious celebration for Catholics, the parishioner said.

“The slabs are falling. There are places where wall paintings have caved in. ASI should immediately start the work by consulting the church authorities,” he said.

The church is known for its Portuguese-Manueline architectural style. Its construction began in 1562 and completed in 1619.

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Voyages of St. Francis Xavier, a Catholic miss...

Voyages of St. Francis Xavier, a Catholic missionary who preached in Malacca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




  1. May 6, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    There are perhaps deeper reasons/meaning to the removal of these priceless paintings from the Bom JESUS church. My analysis is
    1) suppose under guise of restoration they are duplicated and the originals sold to some art collector?? Who in Goa is capable of identifying the original ???
    2) What was the parish priest doing (sleeping) when the paintings were being physically removed ???
    3) What if during the so-called restoration process it is said that the painting got damaged beyond repair, and were thrown away; but actually sold away ??
    Let us remember that one of the new names of India is “SCAMISTAN” anything can happen
    Who has verified the true intentions and bonafides of the guys at A S I.
    Some well meaning folks should keep a close watch on what is actually happening


  2. June 10, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    […] Goa church miffed with ASI’s move to remove paintings (silentmaj.wordpress.com) […]


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