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   fergymisquitta said,

April 22, 2013 at 9:03 am · Edit

  1. Not many      know of the tragedy that is happening in Khotachi Wadi, Girgaum, the      beautiful heritage village, the place of my birth and residence till 1967,      the small community club, which is a place of recreation and togetherness      for the good folks of K WADI, is being strong armed by the trustees of the      properties in K WADI– the famous or infamous St. Stephen’s Church parish      priest and his cronies, (including a Christian name lawyer) have some      plans to perhaps kick the members of the club out and “gupchao” the      property. So many tenancies in K WADI have changed hands, for obscene      amounts of money, and transferred to non Catholics; all this has happened      right under the nose of the boss man of the Bombay Archdiocese, only a      fool would accept that he was not getting his cut. And this is the kind of      person appointed as advisor to the Pope ?? Has he promised the Pope a cut      also ??. It must be remembered that these properties which were bequeathed      to the Church by well meaning rich people to be rented to middle class families.      The trusteeship was, at that time given to St Stephen’s Church since they      were considered a POOR parish, with only the servants of the nearby      bungalows as parishioners. Today they have become greedy beyond their      wildest dreams and have an edifice for a church bigger and better than the      St. Teresa’s Church in Girgaum. By the way the parish priest of the      Girgaum Church also seems to be turning a blind eye to all this      “DADAGIRI”. The KWADI folks hae gone on appealing to all the hierarchy of      Bombay including Gracias; but I suppose brothers of the cloth like any      good gang have to protect their ilk. I pray everyday that these greedy      clergy come to their senses KHOTACHI WADI does not deserve this
  1. fergymisquitta said,

April 20, 2013 at 12:19 pm · Edit

What about the rules that say that the parish priest is the final authority; and what if he just does not listen to the parish council, and has his own way which is very often the case; the parishioners are between the devil and the deep blue sea ????

  1. hapyhilda said,

April 20, 2013 at 1:31 pm · Edit

I am happy and at the same time extremely worried that our cardinal Oswald has been chosen as the advisor to the pope. Happy because he is from our country. worried because when I met the cardinal along with our parish team,I was totally triobled in mind and in great turmoil regarding the issues that happened in our parish. So, I put a few questions to the cardinal. In the first place it seemed he was not listening to what I was saying because he did not answer me. So, the rest had to draw his attention and tell him that I was asking him questions. His reply was,”I THOUGHT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE ASKING QUESTIONS.” No great leader will ever make such a comment. By making this comment he has shown where he stands in the line of great leaders. All great leaders have very great concern when people approach them and give a listening ear and try to solve their problem. I have heard that our cardinal is a very intelligent person. I think that intelligence has puffed up his mind. My uncle too is a very intelligent person. His degrees read from one end of the wall to the other. But he has failed miserably in relationships. All degrees are “VANITY OF VANITIES”
I hope now our cardinal does not do the same with our pope while advising and show him HOW GREAT A LEADER HE IS AND WHAT AN INTELLECTUAL!I AM REALLY WORRIED. When we had gone to meet him it seemed he was meeting us just for formality sake. When I expressed my concerns to my sister who is a provincial she told me that the cardinal has been well informed in advance. Our cardinal believes only what the influential talk.Due to these qualities of the cardinal I doubt if he is the right person to be the advisor to the pope. Imagine you approaching a higher authority,becuse you are very troubled and the person tells you “I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE ASKING QUESTIONS” how would you feel?What impact will it leave on you about that higher up?Will you not be thinking to yourself,”Does the person have any right to be there on that chair”?

  1. orsonmike      said,

April 22, 2013 at 12:38 am ·

To hapyhilda – Simply put, there is an autocratic dictator you have experienced through your direct interactions. This trend is evident in the actions that take place on the ground as well – for instance has anybody asked the pertinent question – when are the new auxillay bishops going to be appointed since the last ones have retired already?
Why does Ozzy (I deliberately use his first person name as I don’t call my Saviour “Your Excellency” Jesus!) appear to be aloof in his ivory tower even as the LAITY battles it out with the attacks on the Christian community – be it attacks on Christians across the country or Municipal notices to Bombay Churches in Bandra, Kurla, Kalina, Kandivali, Malwani and Santacruz. What role (if any) has his “legal team” played in helping out the STRUGGLING “Laity”?
Contrast this with the news some years ago when it was reported that the Archdiocese had no objection to having a Muslim filmstar become the Godfather of his Christian nephew (son of his younger brother and bollywood item girl Christian wife) in Bandra(W). It was only after the vigilant right-thinking LAITY raised their objection (something the Archbishop was expected to do) that the absurd proposal was rejected.
However, what happened next was even more SHOCKING – a garment designer (a practicing homosexual – who is the “wife” in the same-sex “relationship” with a foreigner) with moneybags was then roped in as the “godfather”. Classic example of how the rot has set in the Church.
I am sure that Canon Law based on The Word of God – the Holy Bible explictly states all Sacraments are barred to those practicing idolatory, homosexuality, abortion, black magic, debauchery, fornication, murder, beastiality and other such ABOMINATIONS to God Our Father!
God’s laws are being RAPIDLY replaced by moneychangers. Such is the background of certain chosen spineles Papal advisors. Wonder if the next advice given would be “same-sex marriage” to have the sanction of the Church?
The BOTTOMLINE is that with the Bible as the guideline, why does a Pope even need such “advisors”? What “inspiration” will sinful man provide over and above the Divine Love of an everlasting Holy God?

Orson, Assumption Church, Kandivali(W)

Blog: http://www.silentmaj.wordpress.com

Map of Mumbai city district and Mumbai suburba...

Map of Mumbai city district and Mumbai suburban district, with major roads, railways and water bodies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another article from Dr. (Sr) Mudita Sodder,RSCJ: OUR PLANET, LET’S PLAN IT!

Dr. (Sr.) Mudita Sodder does not need introduction anymore. She has been regularly featuring on our list of writers. She is an environmentalist. Here are couple of articles from her, which would make everyone understand her liking for nature.




Way back in 1994 and even earlier, the Religious of the Sacred Heart began talking about the care and integrity of creation. The USA Province made giant strides, while our Indian Province staggered along. Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable was one of the five priorities of the General Chapter of 2008. The Indian Province did make some headway especially in some of our institutions but we Indian RSCJs still have miles to go. Pope Benedict XVI was called the Green Pope because of his actions, his letters, his theology, his thinking and his ventures. Now Pope Francis’ invitation to protect the Environment will perhaps help us further, along the way.

Christians have been the least environmental friendly and have added substantially to the destruction of the Planet. This was scientifically proved by theologian and scientist Professor Lyn White in the 1970’s. The historical roots of Christianity are responsible for the present ecological crisis e.g. The phrasing of some of the traditional prayers of the Roman Catholic Church like the Hail Holy Queen (poor banished children of Eve, moaning and weeping in this vale of tears) conjures up the image of a Planet where human beings are meant to endure trials and tribulations only for a while. The Earth is not our home, only a temporary stage and therefore whatever we do to her does not really matter.

The Bible does inspire us to be Environmental friendly but discrepancies crept in later on e.g. Gen 2:15 written earlier in 900 BC, Yahweh God took the man and the woman and settled them in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and take care of it, is often forgotten while Gen 1: 27-28 written later in 500 BC, Be fruitful and multiply, fill the Earth and conquer it, is used by Christians to defend themselves.

The Noah Story as a Paradigm of the Old Testament sets the tone for an Eco-spirituality. God is passionately Earth concerned, fervently in love with the Cosmos and its inhabitants which is why He made provision for two of each species to be in Noah’s ark, including the serpent He had cursed.  This shows that God cared for all His creatures (Gen 6:19-20). In fact, God covenants Himself to the Earth and this Cosmic Covenant is unique (Gen 9:8-9). Similarly in Deuteronomy-the Book of Laws, God cares for all His creatures (Deut. 5:14, 22: 6 ff, 25:4, and 20:19). The Book of Psalms, especially the Nature Psalms sing the same tune for Conservation e.g. Ps 104. Then the Prophets came, who prophesied peace and harmony. In New Testament times too, Jesus was portrayed as a man in love with the Earth. The central insight of the New Testament is that our labouring God has always been savingly active in the minds and hearts of his people, whispering and inspiring newer ideas, inventions, discoveries and avenues (Jn. 5:19).

The Early Christian community even though they suffered heavily understanding persecution, they lived the experience that God is always at work, which is why, they had no fear and depended totally on God e.g. Peter with the hungry lions in the Colosseum. The Kingdom of God is indeed here and now. Unfortunately the incorrect Second Coming of Christ Spirituality distorted matters, which is why many Holy men opted for a life in the Desert which was an aberration of Christianity. Austerities, physical punishments on the flesh etc. were thus glorified e.g. the Desert Fathers and Desert Monasteries. However, Ignatius of Antioch (35-110 A.D) one of the early Fathers, was a prophetic figure who said, Creation is the primary book of God’s Revelation. This is an antidote to popular thinking that scripture is the primary book of revelation.

As early as the 2nd century, St Ireneus the Church Father believed that the Glory of God is the human being fully alive! According to traditional contemporary Christian history we have the Creation story, followed by the Fall of Adam and Eve, culminating in the Redemption. The Sacred history conjectured by Ireneus was different. He rationalized, God created the Universe. Adam and Eve His children like all children fell and He sent His Son Jesus to redeem them. But who did God pay the ransom to? This calls for a deeper reflection. Ireneus thus propounded, that God began with Creation, when we have the First Fall of God’s Children like all of God’s children, God’s Greater Love then prompted Him to send us the Prophets and further God’s Greatest Love sent us His only Son Jesus i.e. Emmanuel (God with us) and further still the Promise of His abiding Presence till the end of time and finally the Consciousness of the Holy Spirit that renews the face of the Earth.

Slowly simplicity but not austerity was promoted by St Benedict in the sixth century which unified and codified the cenobite way of life, thus bringing joy and happiness back into the world. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) an artist, visionary and theologian said, The World is God’s Playground. It forms not only the basic raw material for humankind but also the substance of the Incarnation of God’s Son, thus again highlighting the Joy of Creation.

St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), the Patron of Ecology, created a Revolution with his Spirituality of Relationships. He related to all of God’s creatures e.g. sister weed, brother wolf. Thus all of God’s creatures have a right to grow and bloom and live. Meister Eckhart (1200-1328), the German Mystic Monk said, God is Within, We are Without i.e. God is here in the universe and we seem to be without; craving to meet Him after our death. Michelangelo (1475-1564) the great painter and sculptor met his God in his work. He admired all of God’s creation, which is why he celebrated the human form. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) too reiterated the same, Find God in everything and everything in God. Teilhard de Chardin, (1881-1955) a Jesuit scientist and theologian brought science and religion together. He advocated, from Alpha to Omega. God is the beginning and the end. This prompted him to write, The Hymn of the Universe. The Cosmos is not a Collection of Objects but a Communion of Subjects said Fr Thomas Berry a cosmologist.

Today, living thinkers like Brian Swimme, Rosemary Reuther, Miriam Mcguillis, Mathew Fox (Eco-spirituality), Sallie Mc Fague (Feminist) and others too, find God in the here and now e.g. Fr Bede Griffiths OSB (who died in 1993), whom I met and lived with, also had the same idea of God. Mother Teresa too saw God in all her work. Samuel Ryan SJ, Jerry Rosario SJ (Barefoot Jerry), Sebastian Painadath SJ, also think in the same vein.

The latest National CRI Consultation in Patna summarized the same with the caption Walk Humbly, Live Joyfully. In November 2009, the Irish Catholic Bishops said, We need to protect the Environment today on behalf of the future generations-Archbishop Dermot Clifford. Caritas in Veritate in July 2009 said, The Environment is God’s gift to everyone and in our use of it; we have a responsibility towards the poor, towards future generations and towards humanity as a whole. Archbishop William D’Souza of Patna reiterated the same in his Christmas message in 2010 and 2011. The Kerala (God’s own country) Catholic Bishops Council in December 2011 announced that Catholics include sins against the Environment when they visit the confessional. How gratifying! Any exploitation of nature amounts to sins against God.

The Church with Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis has set a role model for others. Its initiative will have a great impact on the world community, said KE Kunjikrishnan, a Hindu Environmental activist. Charlie Paul, a Catholic Youth Leader said, The New Vision for Environmentalism will help develop positive attitudes towards nature for a new generation. Holy Mother Church has taken the right stand. GOD IS NOT DEAD. HE IS ALIVE AND IS ALWAYS ACTIVE AND AT WORK. As we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of our congregation in India, can we RSCJs of the Indian Province in particular and all true disciples of Jesus say a decisive YES to care for creation and make a strong and practical commitment to revere those trends that risk making our present situation of decay irreversible? Hum kisise kam nahi (We are no less than others). Only then, will one of the five priorities of our General Chapter 2008 become a reality! It’s our Planet, Let’s all plan it!

Dr. (Sr) Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus



Sir, Hats off to CM Nitish Kumar! He indeed is a pioneer. With the Sparrow as the state bird, Marigold as the state flower, Bullock as the state animal and Peepal as the state tree he has added one more feather to the cap of Bihar. What a novel way of conserving and protecting them! The Common House Sparrow is on the verge of extinction. Thanks to the cell phone towers that created this problem! While the bullock is facing a different kind of extinction, it has been replaced by tractors and mechanization in farming. The Peepal tree has religious importance because of Lord Buddha, while the Marigold is not just beautiful and extensively used; it is also a good natural pesticide with its strong aroma, warding away unwanted pests. Can something be done about the cell phone towers to save the common House Sparrow?
Dr (Sr) Mudita Sodder RSCJ
17th April 2013

Patna, Bihar, India

sr mudita

Blog: http://www.silentmaj.wordpress.com


OFFICIAL Appointment: Archdiocese of Bombay



Fr John F Rodrigues: to be Rector, St Pius X College, Goregaon (E).

Fr Christopher D Jeyakumar: to be Parish Priest, St Joseph Church, CBD Belapur

Fr Nelson Machado: to be Parish Priest, Holy Cross Church, Kurla

Fr Ivan Mascarenhas: to be Parish Priest, Good Shepherd Church, Andheri (W)

Fr Andrew A Mukadom: to be Parish Priest, St Francis Xavier Church, Kanjur Marg

Fr Vijay Drego: to be Priest-in-Charge, Christ the King Church, Borivli (E)

Fr L M George: to be Priest-in-Charge, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Majiwada

Fr Lawrence Johnson:
 to be Priest-in-Charge, Christ the King Church, Shivaji Nagar

Fr Gonsalo Pereira: to be Priest-in-Charge, Holy Spirit Church, Kalamboli

Fr Gerard de Souza: to be Assistant at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Kalyan (W)

Fr Lawrence A D’Souza: to be Assistant at Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar (W)

Fr Ramesh D’Souza:(on loan from Vasai Diocese) to be Assistant at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Majiwada

Fr Abel Fernandez:
 to be Assistant at St Anthony Church, Vakola

Fr Paul Fernandes: to be Assistant at St Joseph Church, Juhu

Fr Tarsicius Fernandes: to be Assistant at St Pius the Tenth Church, Mulund (W)

Fr Hubert Goveas: to be Assistant at St Blaise Church, Andheri (W)

Fr Stephen Maria: to be Assistant at St Joseph Church, Goregaon (E)

Fr Venancio Mascarenhas: to be Assistant at St Francis Xavier Church, Dabul

Fr Leonard Noronha: to be Assistant at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Bandra (W)

Fr Joseph Pimenta: to be Assistant at St Andrew Church, Bandra (W)

Fr Oniel Rodrigues: to be Assistant at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Malad (W)

The above appointments take effect from June 1, 2013.

(To be continued)

+ Oswald Cardinal Gracias,

Archbishop of Bombay

April 20, 2013.

Practice what you preach, pope warns: Will the Archdiocese of Bombay follow HOLY FATHER”S Advice?

Inconsistency between what pastors say and what they do “is undermining the Church’s credibility”.

Archdiocese of Bombay.jpg 2

Will the Church authorities in Archdiocese of Bombay, heed the advice of Holy Father?

Do Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay Practice, what they preach?

Will the Clergy begin to do so, if they are not practicing already?

Will the Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay, be Spiritual rather than Materialistic, hence forth?

Will the Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay, treat entire Lay congregation equally, and not make a difference between Haves and Have nots?

Will the Clergy in Archdiocese of Bombay, render equal opportunity to Lay Congregation, in Church Activities, rather than depending on the chosen few?

Will the Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay, be transparent in relation to Church Properties and Finances?

(This is the major area of discontent against the Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay)

Will the Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay, put right persons in the right place rather than placing persons with ulterior motive, self interest and no real interest in their duties?

Let us wait and watch, if the Clergy, in the Archdiocese of Bombay, follow the advice of HOLY FATHER, or continue to display their Hypocritical Face.


Reference to Clergy, basically is meant for Hierarchy of the Archdiocese, and not the Clergy at the lower level.






Inconsistency between what pastors say and what they do “is undermining the Church’s credibility”.

 Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI
 Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican City:

Pope Francis spoke during the Mass at the Papal Basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls in Rome on Sunday, stressing that inconsistency between what pastors and Christians preach and what they practice is undermining the Catholic Church’s credibility.

Peter and the Apostles proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus courageously and fearlessly, but “are we capable of bringing the word of God into the environment in which we live?” asked the pope, who inherited a Church plagued with a series of scandals, including sexual abuse of children by priests.

“Let us all remember this: one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one’s life,” Pope Francis said at St. Paul’s, one of Rome’s four major basilicas and the second largest after St. Peter’s. “Those who listen to us and observe us must be able to see in our actions what they hear from our lips, and so give glory to God!”

The pontiff also referred to Saint Francis of Assisi – whose name he took after he was elected last month – sharing one of the quotes by the 12th century Italian friar: preach the Gospel and, if necessary, use words.

“Preaching with your life, with your witness. Inconsistency on the part of pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the Church’s credibility,” said the pope, who spoke on proclamation, witness and worship.

Faith is born from listening, and is strengthened by proclamation, he said, adding that proclamation was not a mandate of the clergy alone. “We all have to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel. We should all ask ourselves: How do I bear witness to Christ through my faith? Do I have the courage of Peter and the other Apostles, to think, to choose and to live as a Christian, obedient to God?”

But this is possible “only if we recognize Jesus Christ, because it is he who has called us, he who has invited us to travel his path, he who has chosen us,” the pope said. “Proclamation and witness are only possible if we are close to him, just as Peter, John and the other disciples…”

Pope Francis also spoke about the importance of worship. “Do we turn to God only to ask him for things, to thank him, or do we also turn to him to worship him? What does it mean, then, to worship God?”

Worship, he said, means learning to be with Jesus, “it means that we stop trying to dialogue with him, and it means sensing that his presence is the most true, the most good, the most important thing of all.”

“All of us, in our own lives, consciously and perhaps sometimes unconsciously, have a very clear order of priority concerning the things we consider important. Worshipping the Lord means giving him the place that he must have; worshipping the Lord means stating, believing – not only by our words – that he alone truly guides our lives; worshipping the Lord means that we are convinced before him that he is the only God, the God of our lives, the God of our history.”

In the end, the pope said he wanted a question to resound in the heart of all. “Have I considered which idol lies hidden in my life that prevents me from worshipping the Lord? Worshipping is stripping ourselves of our idols, even the most hidden ones, and choosing the Lord as the centre, as the highway of our lives.”

Source: Christian Post

New Pope ,Pope Francis , Argentine Jesuit ,Vatican City

Archbishop Oswald Gracias of the Bombay Dioces...

Archbishop Oswald Gracias of the Bombay Diocese, India. Image taken by me after the Christmas midnight mass. (Cropped) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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