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   fergymisquitta said,

April 22, 2013 at 9:03 am · Edit

  1. Not many      know of the tragedy that is happening in Khotachi Wadi, Girgaum, the      beautiful heritage village, the place of my birth and residence till 1967,      the small community club, which is a place of recreation and togetherness      for the good folks of K WADI, is being strong armed by the trustees of the      properties in K WADI– the famous or infamous St. Stephen’s Church parish      priest and his cronies, (including a Christian name lawyer) have some      plans to perhaps kick the members of the club out and “gupchao” the      property. So many tenancies in K WADI have changed hands, for obscene      amounts of money, and transferred to non Catholics; all this has happened      right under the nose of the boss man of the Bombay Archdiocese, only a      fool would accept that he was not getting his cut. And this is the kind of      person appointed as advisor to the Pope ?? Has he promised the Pope a cut      also ??. It must be remembered that these properties which were bequeathed      to the Church by well meaning rich people to be rented to middle class families.      The trusteeship was, at that time given to St Stephen’s Church since they      were considered a POOR parish, with only the servants of the nearby      bungalows as parishioners. Today they have become greedy beyond their      wildest dreams and have an edifice for a church bigger and better than the      St. Teresa’s Church in Girgaum. By the way the parish priest of the      Girgaum Church also seems to be turning a blind eye to all this      “DADAGIRI”. The KWADI folks hae gone on appealing to all the hierarchy of      Bombay including Gracias; but I suppose brothers of the cloth like any      good gang have to protect their ilk. I pray everyday that these greedy      clergy come to their senses KHOTACHI WADI does not deserve this
  1. fergymisquitta said,

April 20, 2013 at 12:19 pm · Edit

What about the rules that say that the parish priest is the final authority; and what if he just does not listen to the parish council, and has his own way which is very often the case; the parishioners are between the devil and the deep blue sea ????

  1. hapyhilda said,

April 20, 2013 at 1:31 pm · Edit

I am happy and at the same time extremely worried that our cardinal Oswald has been chosen as the advisor to the pope. Happy because he is from our country. worried because when I met the cardinal along with our parish team,I was totally triobled in mind and in great turmoil regarding the issues that happened in our parish. So, I put a few questions to the cardinal. In the first place it seemed he was not listening to what I was saying because he did not answer me. So, the rest had to draw his attention and tell him that I was asking him questions. His reply was,”I THOUGHT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE ASKING QUESTIONS.” No great leader will ever make such a comment. By making this comment he has shown where he stands in the line of great leaders. All great leaders have very great concern when people approach them and give a listening ear and try to solve their problem. I have heard that our cardinal is a very intelligent person. I think that intelligence has puffed up his mind. My uncle too is a very intelligent person. His degrees read from one end of the wall to the other. But he has failed miserably in relationships. All degrees are “VANITY OF VANITIES”
I hope now our cardinal does not do the same with our pope while advising and show him HOW GREAT A LEADER HE IS AND WHAT AN INTELLECTUAL!I AM REALLY WORRIED. When we had gone to meet him it seemed he was meeting us just for formality sake. When I expressed my concerns to my sister who is a provincial she told me that the cardinal has been well informed in advance. Our cardinal believes only what the influential talk.Due to these qualities of the cardinal I doubt if he is the right person to be the advisor to the pope. Imagine you approaching a higher authority,becuse you are very troubled and the person tells you “I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE ASKING QUESTIONS” how would you feel?What impact will it leave on you about that higher up?Will you not be thinking to yourself,”Does the person have any right to be there on that chair”?

  1. orsonmike      said,

April 22, 2013 at 12:38 am ·

To hapyhilda – Simply put, there is an autocratic dictator you have experienced through your direct interactions. This trend is evident in the actions that take place on the ground as well – for instance has anybody asked the pertinent question – when are the new auxillay bishops going to be appointed since the last ones have retired already?
Why does Ozzy (I deliberately use his first person name as I don’t call my Saviour “Your Excellency” Jesus!) appear to be aloof in his ivory tower even as the LAITY battles it out with the attacks on the Christian community – be it attacks on Christians across the country or Municipal notices to Bombay Churches in Bandra, Kurla, Kalina, Kandivali, Malwani and Santacruz. What role (if any) has his “legal team” played in helping out the STRUGGLING “Laity”?
Contrast this with the news some years ago when it was reported that the Archdiocese had no objection to having a Muslim filmstar become the Godfather of his Christian nephew (son of his younger brother and bollywood item girl Christian wife) in Bandra(W). It was only after the vigilant right-thinking LAITY raised their objection (something the Archbishop was expected to do) that the absurd proposal was rejected.
However, what happened next was even more SHOCKING – a garment designer (a practicing homosexual – who is the “wife” in the same-sex “relationship” with a foreigner) with moneybags was then roped in as the “godfather”. Classic example of how the rot has set in the Church.
I am sure that Canon Law based on The Word of God – the Holy Bible explictly states all Sacraments are barred to those practicing idolatory, homosexuality, abortion, black magic, debauchery, fornication, murder, beastiality and other such ABOMINATIONS to God Our Father!
God’s laws are being RAPIDLY replaced by moneychangers. Such is the background of certain chosen spineles Papal advisors. Wonder if the next advice given would be “same-sex marriage” to have the sanction of the Church?
The BOTTOMLINE is that with the Bible as the guideline, why does a Pope even need such “advisors”? What “inspiration” will sinful man provide over and above the Divine Love of an everlasting Holy God?

Orson, Assumption Church, Kandivali(W)


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