Laity Speaks on Cardinal’s appointment as advisor to Pope….

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Personally I am happy that my Cardinal was chosen to be an adviser to the Pope, great. By doing this His capacity and experience is acknowledged by non other, the Pope himself. But today my Arch diocese is in a very bad shape, the communication gap between the clergy and lay goes on widening with every passing day. People are leaving faith to join New Life as if there is no life here. You seek an appointment with the cardinal on any important issue, you will never get thru. The people in-charge of his office will ensure that appointment doesn’t go thru for one reason or other mainly because of his health. The mails sent to the diocese will remain unanswered for months without even a simple acknowledgement. This itself is enough proof that all communication lines are broken down in this age of open communication. Even if you send a mail to Vatican it will be addressed immediately. I understand that Cardinal can’t go thru himself all the mails because he has other important functions to discharge. What about his office, does it really exists?

The problems faced by the community are conveniently kept lingering and finally never see the light of the day. People are ignored for the reasons best known to them. Estate dept., Legal and Press to name a few do not function normally. When there are attacks on religious places, land grabbing by BMC etc.people look for guidance & support but are discouraged. I have come to the conclusion that all the communication lines are broken down whether they are MTNL, Yahoo or Google, wired or wireless.

We always complain that the CM/Municipal commissioner/Minister/collectors office never bothered to reply our correspondence but ever since RTI act saw the light of the day we are able to pose a question to the concerned authorities or involve the media to make noise.

Can any one suggest an alternate method to get info from the diocese on serious issues facing the community today?


Alex D’mello,


St. John Bosco Church,


St John Bosco




  1. April 22, 2013 at 9:03 am

    Not many know of the tragedy that is happening in Khotachi Wadi, Girgaum, the beautiful heritage village, the place of my birth and residence till 1967, the small community club, which is a place of recreation and togetherness for the good folks of K WADI, is being strong armed by the trustees of the properties in K WADI– the famous or infamous St. Stephen’s Church parish priest and his cronies, (including a Christian name lawyer) have some plans to perhaps kick the members of the club out and “gupchao” the property. So many tenancies in K WADI have changed hands, for obscene amounts of money, and transferred to non Catholics; all this has happened right under the nose of the boss man of the Bombay Archdiocese, only a fool would accept that he was not getting his cut. And this is the kind of person appointed as advisor to the Pope ?? Has he promised the Pope a cut also ??. It must be remembered that these properties which were bequeathed to the Church by well meaning rich people to be rented to middle class families. The trusteeship was, at that time given to St Stephen’s Church since they were considered a POOR parish, with only the servants of the nearby bungalows as parishioners. Today they have become greedy beyond their wildest dreams and have an edifice for a church bigger and better than the St. Teresa’s Church in Girgaum. By the way the parish priest of the Girgaum Church also seems to be turning a blind eye to all this “DADAGIRI”. The KWADI folks hae gone on appealing to all the hierarchy of Bombay including Gracias; but I suppose brothers of the cloth like any good gang have to protect their ilk. I pray everyday that these greedy clergy come to their senses KHOTACHI WADI does not deserve this


  2. orsonmike said,

    April 22, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    To Fergy Misquita – brave thing exposing the corrupt and for that the reward perhaps would be that your comments get axed by the moderator. But hats off anyway. God Bless you!
    Rather than building the Kingdom of God as Jesus detailed in the Our Father, they are busy wearing ROYAL robes, living in palaces and getting – rather demanding – treatment usually reserved for ROYALTY of this world. (kiss their hand and address them as your excellency/ lordship)
    The Lord of Lords and King of Kings – Jesus said “the Son of Man has come to SERVE and not to be SERVED” just look at the CONTRAST!!
    That the Archbishop cares two hoots for the warnings against idolatory (which caused the “desert experience” of 40 years for a journey that ought to have lasted exactly 28 days from Egypt)


  3. May 28, 2013 at 11:03 am

    […] Laity Speaks on Cardinal’s appointment as advisor to Pope…. ( […]


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