BMC’s motto: Steal from Peter to Pay Paul………

Dear readers,

The following letter addressed to Mr. Sitaram Kunte; BMC Commissioner, reveals how BMC authorities Land Acquisition Notice to St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani; is UNJUST.

SILENT VOICE, in liaison with SOUL – SAVE OUR LAND, is at the forefront, opposing and fighting BMC’s LAND GRAB Mission.


DP 1981 TO 2001.

To,                                                                                                                                           5th, April, 2013

Shri Sitaram Kunte;

Commissioner, MCGM,

MUMBAI – 400001


Respected sir,

You have been apprised in various ways as to why this notice is UNJUST and why it should be withdrawn immediately. Your silence on the matter does not surprise us. You seem to be in catch 22 situation; because by now you must have realised that BMC has erred in serving land acquisition notice to the Church; rather, it has been done deliberately by some elements within BMC to protect interest of favoured persons.

Mr. Kunte, Please find attached herewith, an extract from a Development Plan of 1981 – 2001, published by BMC. Through it, we would like to enlighten you further…in case you have not understood when it was shown it to you, during your meeting with SOUL delegation in your office, as well as, on your visit to the site.


  1. The Development plan is for the year 1981 – 2001.
  2. Obviously, the Marve Rd. Marked in the plan is proposed 90’ road; which as per contention of various BMC officers expressed during discussions, is plan proposal of 1971.
  3. The parochial house is shown out of the proposed road line; which contradicts present Road line devised by BMC.
  4. The imaginary Red Line drawn in the Extract to highlight present line by BMC.
  5. The open space across the road opposite the Church is shown as No Development Zone in the plan.
  • Three buildings, Viz. Sagar View, Sea View and Sea Bird have come up on this vacant land somewhere in the year 2000 or thereabout. It is also believed that below the buildings, a 3’ water main exists.
  • BMC has no record if the set off has been provided while sanctioning plan to these buildings. (BMC’s reply to RTI query: This office does not have information requested by you. [Uparokt Vishayasandharbhat aapnas kalvinyant yete ki, aapan Vicharleli mahiti hya karyalayat upalabhdha Nahii])
  1. 6.     BMC has (0) marked in Black, on both sides of existing road including one on Compound wall of the church, about Thirty feet from Current RL decided by BMC.  The distance between the markings on both the sides of the road, is approximately 90’.What does that imply?
  2. Upward, towards Rathodi, near the New Petrol pump, a deviation of the RL has been noticed, leaning towards the Church. We find it surprising because, the entire stretch on other side was barren then and still it is, except that these plots are now owned by wealthy businessmen.
  3. If the RL was not deviated as mentioned in #7, the road we assume would pass through the sign marked (0)
  4. During Various meetings with officials, BMC Officers were uncomfortable in answering queries related to this Development Plan

Mr. Kunte, We request you to ponder over these points and let us know your response. Meanwhile we draw our own conclusions, which follow:


1)     BMC has regularized the illegal buildings, stated above, which we believe, have came up without proper permissions and without considering set off for current road widening. To cover this folly of Builder and BMC nexus, road line is being shifted towards the Church.

2)    There is a possibility that the rich owners of the plots mentioned in relation to deviation of the line, prevailed upon BMC staff to do the same. This gave added advantage to BMC, to cover up their mischief, in case of realignment near the Church.

Mr. Commissioner, it is over three months that SOUL – SAVE OUR LAND, together with Mr. Julio Ribeiro, former Police Commissioner; met you in your office and apprised you about these anomalies in BMC plan.

Similarly, you were apprised on your visit to the site.

You certainly are in catch 22 situation as mentioned above; But Mr. Commissioner, ‘to err is human and to accept it is Manly’. Be a man, accept the error and rectify the same. We call upon you to resolve this issue amicably; as soon as possible. Catholic community, though not against development, is determined to fight this injustice till our last breath.

Wish to state over here, in present phase of road widening, Church has surrendered around Nine hundred Sq. Meters of land. However, some of it near Infant Jesus Chapel at Kharodi, has now been occupied by illegal fish market, about which we would be writing to you separately.

Sincerely yours,





St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani


Attached:        Copy of the extract of DP 1981 – 2001, as mentioned above.


Copy to:-      Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavan;            

Shrikant Singh,Prin. Sec., Urban Development:

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