Has Pope Francis Violated the CANON LAW?


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Much has been written about Papacy, since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI up to the election of Pope Francis. SILENT VOICE too, carried few articles. It was then decided that there will be no more posts related to this subject.

However, as you know, SILENT VOICE enlightens readers with thought provoking subjects. Our Church is governed by CANON LAW; or so, the Laity, is supposed to believe. We are not opposed to CANON LAW. But is it being followed by Clergy in the Archdiocese of Bombay in true spirit; who cite it to Laity, whenever a suggestion is put forward? That is the question.

Why is SILENT VOICE questioning, whether POPE FRANCIS HAS Violated Canon Law? Because, as the following article suggests, a pro reform Priest was refused permission to carry similar exercise, by the Bishop  citing CANON LAW.

While on the subject of CANON LAW, would like to know, what role does, CANON LAW, play in governing Church Properties and Finances? Why are these issues kept out of the purview of PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL (PPC)?

Under which clause of CANON LAW, Bishop advised Parish Priest of St. Michal’s Church, Mahim; to regularise illegal construction on Church Property, in favour of a Businessman?

SILENT VOICE hopes this reformist act of Pope Francis will reverse the trend of Corrupt Practices, at least in the Archdiocese of Bombay.




Dear SOULmates / Friends,

I was delighted to read the news article with different headlines in todays’ several newspapers ” Pope washes women’s feet , breaks church rule”

Pope Francis Washed The Feet Of 12 Prisoners At A Youth Detention Center - Rome

Pope Francis has set the tone and lived by example by this gesture on women empowerment which needs to be accelerated in the church of today.

I recall a personal episode in the late 1990’s when the Late Fr.Hugh Fonseca, one of the few activist Priests during his time, was the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Orlem, Malad West and I was the Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council of the said Parish.

Fr. Hugh Fonseca also thought many of us the role activism has to play for a just society and always guided and supported us in taking stands against injustices of every kind.

At the Parish Council meeting it was decided that on Maundy Thursday ritual, during the Mass the Priest would wash the feet of the 12 Female House Workers.

We had located the 12 female house workers from the Parish and on the appointed day when we reported early, Fr. Hugh Fonseca said : “I knew this would happen”

Some Parishioners had complained to the Bishop about this and Fr. Hugh Fonseca was told by the concerned Bishop that washing of the Female House Workers was against the Cannon Law and was directed to abandon such a move.

Fr. Hugh Fonseca was much ahead of his time and while he relented keeping in mind his obedience to his Bishop, he washed the feet of the 12 Male House Workers at the altar.

But directed me to wash the feet of the selected Female House Workers at the same time in the midst of the community below the altar.

Holy Father’s actions at the Holy Thursday ritual sets an example and a message to ensure that women are given their due place in the church of today.

Dolphy Dsouza – 9820226227

Email: dolphydolphy13@gmail.com

Fr. Huge FonsecaOL of Lourdes Orlem

Blog; http://www.silentmaj.wordpress.com



  1. dmelloalex said,

    April 1, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Fr. Hugh Fonseca was a reformist within the Church and a no-nonsense priest. He could have been a Bishop but only because of his outspoken ways he was not. I also call him as an activist priest because during his tenure at Orlem as a PP, he fully supported the activism of Dolphy to take up a lot of issues affecting the community. The record breaking rally of about 30,000 people against attcks on community was organised at Orlem during his tenure. A morcha of 6000-8000 people (with five busloads of Orlemites) was organised at Peth, Nasik in January 1999 against the call of fundamentalists that all Christian missionaries should leave Nasik by Jan 31, 1999 was organised during his tenure. Fr Saby Correa of St. anthony’s Chembur was wrongly framed by police under political pressure was exhonerated under his guidance and Dolphy’s efforts.

    He has influenced many to fight against BMC and restore the demolished Church at BMC’s cost at SriLanka pada, Malad. Fr Hugh was man of principles and fast decision maker. Never bothered about who say what, believed in doing right things at right time. Therefore, during his life-time people who wanted to remain in the limelight doing nothing got hurt and started spreading rumours against him at Orlem and later at IC.

    But Fr Hugh, a man of convictions and many qualities could not be deterred from doing things which he felt right & just. I feel precisely this thinking led him to wash the feet of women house workers.

    Some of the portions of Cannon law may be outdated for today’s thinking and need a change. Let’s remeber that it’s not a Holy Bible but a man made law and an amendment is long overdue in the interest of the community.


  2. April 2, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Parish pastoral council is the biggest fraud on parishioners. what is the use if the parish priest is the final authority and the members of the council just have to nod assent like the legendary nandi bull. No real reforms/changes can take place in the parish if led by a parish priest who usually thinks he is a god/ emperor of his little kingdom; simplest way to over rule what members of the council feel/vote for is to quote the canon law which makes him the supreme deciding authority; another classic example on how the clergy can screw the parishioners. When will the faithful realise that all these LAWS are made by a set of old cronies sitting/enjoying the luxuries of Rome and the cardinalate; perhaps Pope Francis is going to move that the whole process becomes a bit more democratic, so that the common man can really feel that they are the church; and the church is not the old fogeys who make the rules to hang on to their positions of power. HEART OF JESUS IS BLEEDING AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR THE WRONGDOINGS OF HIS PRINCES OF THE CHURCH


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