Dam threatens to submerge 100 Churches: Manipur Christians protest dam project

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We, in Archdiocese of Bombay, are facing similar situation. In the name of Development. Our Churches are being targeted and being served with Land Acquisition Notices, unjustly. Opposition to this unjust land grab by authorities is being termed as opposition to developments.

As the report states, around Hundred Churches will be submerged under water, once the dam is built, which will then vanish into oblivian.

Nearer home,  we have a history of one very ancient Church known as Church of Our Lady of Ampar, which is submerged in the belly of VIHAR LAKE. Statue of Our Lady was shifted to St. John Church, Marol.

Christian population has, as we all know, always become a soft target in the name of development. SILENT VOICE condemns these actions of powers that be.



Manipur Christians protest dam project

They claimed the project might trigger ethnic conflict between the two districts.


 Manipur Protests
(Photo: The Sangai Express)


Christian groups in Manipur’s Chandel district have submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on March 25 seeking his intervention to stop a proposed multi-purpose project in Chakpikarong area.

Members of 27 Christian denominations jointly said in the memorandum that the proposed “Chakpi Multipurpose Project” which includes a dam threatens to submerge 100 churches.

Moreover, the project threatens to submerge several villages, adversely affecting the total population of some 122,700 people in an area of 3,313 square kilometers.

They accused the state government of pushing the projects without considering the ill effects of it on the local population.

The project’s main aim is to divert the water from Chakpi River and irrigate 9,495 hectares in Thoubal District to facilitate multiple cropping and improve the economic life of its people.

But the project is designed at the cost of indigenous tribal people and their land in Chandel district, and it might trigger ethnic conflict between the two districts, the memorandum said.

The government estimates some 26,000 workers may come for project and this influx of non-indigenous workers is a “grave danger” for the local people, the memorandum said.

The influx may lead to minority tribal people “losing their culture, custom, religious and unique way of life through mixed marriages, acculturation and assimilation,” it said.

Source: kanglaonline.com

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Map of Manipur showing location of Keibul Lamj...

Map of Manipur showing location of Keibul Lamjao National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. March 28, 2013 at 8:24 am

    why are we cribbing about the government grabbing church land; when we have our own priests “gupchaoing” the church funds and property and the archdiocese of Bombay has a deaf and blind head man, who cannot hear or see this going on


  2. dmelloalex said,

    April 1, 2013 at 10:51 am

    Very soon we will find the archdiocese of Bombay becomes non-functional. The Cardinal is overburdened and not in pink of his health, two bishops have retired long back and the posts are still lying vacant. It is said that some priests are not keen in taking up responsibility for reasons best known to them. The administration doesn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge a genuine mail sent to them for months. It’s time that cardinal delegate work to more responsible & dynamic assistants.

    The BMC is hell bent on acquiring church land in and around the city of Mumbai and the issues even though more than a year old by now, are not yet taken up strongly with the political establishments of the state by the Archdiocese.

    As a member of the community I have observed that many issues are supposed to have taken up at political level died it’s own death.
    It seems that the church only believes in imparting religious needs of the laity and forgotten the social teachings of the church itself. We have the capacity to make leaders in the like of Kaka Baptista, Joachim Alva or Julio Rebeiro but do not have a human resources ministry, a strong legal team or a press attache in the diocese. Parishioners run from one advocate to another when confronted with legal issues. A sorry state of affairs.

    Some readers may feel that my words are harsh but we have to face the reality and take up the issues facing the community with the concerned authorities. We can’t afford to become another John Dayal where his involvement in community issues along with Bishop Allan de Lastic was questioned by the church hierarchy itself. When churches were desecrated, Bible copies were burnt Mr John Dayal’s played a very prominent role in fact finding and giving press statements but the Church disowned it. When religious places are attached neither a press note nor a statement is made by the church. Today we are living in a very dangerous society where fundamentalism and intolerance about Christianity & Islam is on the rise and the groups are hell bent on disturbing peace and create chaos in the society but we choose to remain silence.

    Hope to see better future for the community as a whole.

    Alex d’Mello


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