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SILENT VOICE appreciates efforts of Mobai Gaothan Panchayat (MGP), in highlighting the issues of the community. At least a beginning is made, by bringing it on the road, but this is not enough. LACK OF UNITY among members of the community is a cause of our present state. You all must accept we as a community have failed miserably failed on UNITY FRONT, and work towards unity. Unless and until we are united, no government agency will look at us, because we all talk in different voices.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Prithviraj Chavan, makes a statement that EAST INDIANS ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL INHABITANTS OF MUMBAI, to the delegation of East Indians. At this juncture, hue and cry should have been raised… nothing happened.… Your’s truely wrote a detailed letter to CM, reprimanding him for his statement and circulated the same to various EI organisations to cast our differences and come on platform. Unfortunately, apart from small organisations, none replied. You may access it on following link.

Wake Up !! East Indians : Its Now Or Never ##

Dear East Indians, let us unite and preserve our existence.




We have a Right, Give Us our Lands Back!

The First Ever Rally by the Original Inhabitants of Bombay was organised on 3rd March 2013, this initiative was taken by Mr Alphi D’souza from Mobai Gaothan Panchayat.

The rally began at 10 am from St Joseph’s Church Juhu upto St Francis Xavier’ Church Grounds Vile Parle.The East Indian Rally was attended by more than 2000 community members from all over Mumbai,there were four horse carriages and more than 50 bikers leading the rally. 25 East Indian organisations across Mumbai pledged their support to this Rally.

The objectives of the rally were:-

  1. To demand our rights as original inhabitants of Bombay
  2. To demand our lands back if they cannot fulfil our demands
  3. To show our unity as a community

The original inhabitants of Bombay, The East Indian Community walked the first-ever East Indian Rally to voice the concerns of the community. This is the first time ever that the community came together to raise their issues against the Central/State government, Municipal Corporation and the Archdiocese.

The East Indian Community has been at the receiving end during the rule of the Indian Government and of late things have got worse. Their lands were taken during the World War for infrastructure, military and airport during British rule and the community fearfully handed over their lands. After independence the Indian Government took their lands for industrial and infrastructural needs and they were made to forcibly surrender their lands. In recent times the East Indian Gaothans are being targeted and instead of granting benefits to the natives of Bombay the community is constantly pressurised by the selfish administrators.

Today, the East Indian Community remains a stranger in their own land. Other communities are granted their demands in a few days and the East Indian Community have not been granted a single benefit till date.

The Top 10 issues raised at the rally were:-

  1. To demand the rights as original inhabitants of Bombay and if the concerned authorities cannot fulfill our demands they should give our lands back.
  2. East Indian Food stalls to be allotted in each municipal ward.
  3. Land to be allotted for East Indian Bhavan and Museum in Bombay, Thane, Vasai and Raigad
  4. Lands donated to churches of archdiocese should not be sold if not developed and should be returned back for community development
  5. If No tax to Encroachers then no tax should also apply to East Indians, the original owners of Bombay
  6. Housing and Job reservations for the East Indian Community. Implement Gaothan expansion policy
  7. Single window permissions and self developed ground-plus-two SITU for gaothans
  8. Simplified OBC process and East Indian Community to the recognised as natives of Bombay
  9. An East Indian Community welfare fund to be started in lieu of properties given to government for airport and other infra projects
  10. East Indian Gaothans to be self governed and a municipal corporator to be elected by the east Indian community and an East indian to be appointed on the BMC/ MMRDA/ Town Planning committee for Gaothans.

When the rally reached St Francis Xavier’s Church grounds speakers likeAlphi D’souza, GleasonBarretto, Adv. Vivian D’souza, Rossi D’souza, Neil Pereira, Nicholas Almeida,  Fr. Donald Rodrigues and many more addressed the community. The rally ended with a small prayer with Darryl Dsouza from Vile Parle coordinating the entire rally.

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