After LAND ACQUISITION NOTICES to St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani and Our Lady of Assumption Church, Kandivali; BMC has now served similar notice to Sacred Heart Church, Santacruz. BMC want to widen the Church Avenue, which leads to Khar Subway, from 60’ to 90’.

SOUL – SAVE OUR LAND TEAM, along with others, met Fr. Vernon Aguiar, the Parish Priest, to assess the situation. SOUL Team assured him of all the assistance and share the Expertise of dealing in such a situation, which has been gained from the experience at Malwani and Kandivali.

Fr. Aguiar agreed to form a team of core members from amongst Parishioners, as suggested by SOUL team, in order to chalk out next plan of action.

Dolphy D’souza, one of the SOUL members has put his points in following notes. Meanwhile, we would like to make few observations.

  • BMC is in the process of widening Church Avenue, from present 60’ width to 90’, leading up to subway, which is known as ‘Khar Subway”, and is only 50’ wide.( 40’ for vehicles and 10’ for pedestrians).
  • Head clearance of the Subway is only 8.5 Ft; therefore, heavy vehicles like busses and trucks cannot ply on this road, With no scope fror increasing its height.
  • Across the other side of the Railway, is all slum area with very little scope for widening.
  • If BMC intends to provide access to WEH from S. V. Road, through Subway, then fly over near Milan Sub way already exists, which can be used by motorists for the purpose.

It is beyond our Imagination, why BMC want to widen this small stretch of road to 90’. Is it part of some game plan  to grab Church land, widen the road and allow illegal hawking zone, as it is seen everywhere, wherever the road is widened?

We call upon you to draw your own conclusions; SOUL is going to fight this land grab tooth and nail as it is doing in case of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani and Our Lady of Assumption Church, Kandivali.

You may see the anger it has generated in the minds of people, particularly Catholics, from the FACE BOOK link below. Click on it to access.!/photo.php?fbid=494262427299284&set=a.251258748266321.63200.100001465925026&type=1&theater


Dear SOULmates / Friends,

Re: Sacred Heart Church Land acquisition issue.

Our meeting with Fr. Vernon Aguiar- Parish Priest.

SOUL Team delegation and other activists met with Fr. Vernon Aguiar on March 07 to understand the issue , extended our hands of support and assured them of our guidance and help in ensuring that the BMC also withdraws this malafide acquisition notice.

Brief background:


1. The Sacred Heart Church building and its precincts are heritage structures and entitled to protection as heritage structures.

2. Sanjivini next to the Chuch building is used as a Social Service Centre and is in existence since the last 75 years- another heritage structure.

3. The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes situated at the junction of S.V.Road and Church Avenue. This grotto has been in existence since the time of the construction of the Church building- Another heritage structure. Demolishing the Grotto would hurt the religious sentiments of not only the Catholics but of other faiths who regularly come here to pray and make petitions. Besides, Rosary is recited at the said Grotto on a daily basis.

4. There are 8000 parishioners and 3000 students in the Sacred Heart School. The demolition of the structures under notice would result in disruption of the Church/ religious services and adversely affect the education of the 3000 students.

5. The flow of the traffic is governed by the width of the Khar Subway which is only 40 feet in width. One fails to understand what purpose it would serve by increasing the width of the Church Avenue to 90 feet as it would not improve the flow of traffic but act as a nuisance and a bottleneck. The Khar Subway can not be extended beyound what it is now.

6. On the other side of the Khar Subway there are major bottlenecks which again will lead to congestion, noise pollution and disturbances both to the running of the School and also the Mass/ Prayer services in the Church.

The BMC has once again shown utter callousness and have not applied their mind before serving the acquisition notice to the Sacred Heart Church. Our demand is once again very clear” “NOT AN INCH OF LAND”

We have discussed a brief sketch of plans with Fr. Vernon Aguiar. We will follow thru with him our next plan of action along with his team.

Among the SOUL Team members were: Greg Pereira, Louis Solomon, Alex D’mello, Daphne Warappen, Nicholas Almeida, Alpi Dsouza/ Team from Mobai Gaothan Panchayat.


Dolphy Dsouza – 9820226227

SOUL Team.




  1. March 12, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    What are we East Indians making a big hue and cry over lands that were requisitioned many years ago; when our own secular priests are eating up church properties and lands; it is because they do not take the vow of poverty hence can amass wealth, property, cars etc. shameful, it’s happening in so many parishes in Bombay. Here in Lonavla we had a PP who made the church bank balance ZERO on his last day; how is he rewarded; today he is in charge of vocations in the diocese; what will he teach the aspirants “HOW TO LOOT THE PARISH IN ONE EASY STEP”


  2. April 6, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    […] BMC IN CHURCH LAND GRAB MODE: SOUL – SAVE OUR LAND is in Resistant Mode. ( […]


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