CSF founder accused of cheating

CSF founder accused of cheating

Archbishop with Joseph Dias MUMBAI: Police have charged Joseph Dias, founder of Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF), with cheating a Vasai village resident after promising to feed 2,000 orphans in Mumbai on Christmas.

They said Dias allegedly appealed for donation to over 8,000 people through his daily e-mail service in December last year to feed orphans.

Malcome D’Souza (22), a two-wheeler insurance agent with IFFCO-Tokio, decided to contribute. “I was moved by the pictures of poor, starving children on the CSF website and decided to donate Rs 2,000,” he said.

D’Souza deposited a cheque for the amount on December 19 but when he sought receipt and list of orphans fed, Dias told him his money had not been credited.

“He told me he will give the list only after receiving money. At first, I thought the cheque had not been cleared. But my bank told me money was credited to the CSF account December 24,” he said.

D’Souza then approached Deepak Devraj, deputy superintendent of police, Vasai, who phoned Dias.

“Following the call, Dias sent an e-mail claiming he fed 1,070 orphans. But eight orphans denied the claim,” Devraj said. D’Souza then met superintendent of police (SP), Thane Rural, Anil Kumbhare, who transferred the case to the economic offences wing (EOW).

“Dias is running a racket. He gave D’Souza receipt after a lot of pressure. We are checking if he has cheated anyone else. D’Souza has all the documents to prove Dias cheated him. We have charged Dias with cheating and will arrest him following a discussion with SP,” said Prashant Deshpande, deputy superintendent of police, EOW.

Despite repeated attempts, Dias could not be reached for comment.

Source:   Express news service : Sun Feb 24 2013, 02:55 hrs

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  1. February 25, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    First I would like to remind all concerned… ” THE CHURCH IS WHO WE ARE , NOT WHERE WE GO ” ‘ REMEMBER WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST ‘… A recent article written by Fr. Subash Anand, St Pauls school, Bhupalpura, Udaipur. He quoted Cardinal Carlo Martini who expired last year when he said ” The Church ( who we are) is 200 yrs behind time due to the failure primarily of priests and bishops who are most responsible for the tragic situation in which the Church finds herself. To put it bluntly: the Church today does not have the right leaders. If they are serious about serving God’s people they need to have the humility to listen not Ignore what we (the church ) is saying. Not address our grievances with silence.

    There are many such skeletons in the Closets of the Hierarchy and the Clergy which is why there is Stonic silence (not open to dialogue, “I know best!”, etc.) Every CBCI Initiative mentioned in the Archdiocesan website whether it is the Bombay Catholic Sabha or the Christian Workers Movement, is mired in controversy, no transparency nor accountability but obedience to the figure head.

    Those who want to seriously work for the community are termed as misfits / trouble makers. I speak through my own experience with several issues yet to be redressed by the Parish Priest,Hierarchy and Unit heads.

    We need to take a call to unite as a group and form a movement to get redress through meaningful dialogue. Committed and conscientious persons should submit their names / email ID / Mb.nos to Greg (Silent Voice) at the earliest.


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