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VM: 026/2012
17th, December, 2012
Hello Friends,
Another VOICEMAI from another Parish; a Lone crusader from St. Blaise Church, Amboli; who is fighting whims and fancies of the PP, approached SILENT VOICE to plead on the behalf of Parishioners, to Archbishop.
We are curtailing our views, just to save your time because there is a long list of correspondence between Mr. Vincent Monteiro and Church authorities, which may apprise you of the situation. Please spare some time, and try to understand the matter.
After a long delay, Archbishop has acknowledged receipt of the letters from Mr. Vincent Monteiro, which were being forwarded to Fr. Salvadore rodrigues, Episcopal Vicar. No action whatsoever, from him. We are not surprised.
Dear Greg,

I have received yesterday an acknowledgement for my letter

dt.Nov. 1 from HE Oswald Cardinal Gracias dt. Dec. 1st. as per
this letter my letters to HE has been passed on by him to the
Episcopal Vicar, Fr. Salvador Rodrigues, with a presumption by
him that the matters of the said correspondence has been
discussed with my parish priest, which in fact has not taken
any effect.


           Voice  OF A SILENT MAJORITY
Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici
(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)
A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095.
Contact no. 98707 19628.   E Mail:  silentvoice58@gmail.com
30th, November, 2012
Most Rev. Cardinal Oswald Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay,
Sub:-    St. Blaise’s Church, Amboli.
Your Eminence,
Attached herewith, a couple of letters from a Parishioner of St. Blasé Church, Amboli; Mr. Vincent Monteiro. One related to theft in the Church, which has been addressed to you and the other one related to the Parish Priest decision to renovate graveyard. There is another one related to moving of Bible Study cum Sharing activity conducted by Bible Cell, in the Church premises to the SCC’s.
Your Eminence, all of them are self explanatory and bring out the parish priest’s unilateral decisions or rather with advice from his chosen ones, ignoring the parishioners at large. What is the reason for PP to do this? Well it can be summarized in one sentence. People involved with these activities are not of his choice. We needn’t say anything more. Though the writer is an individual, many of the parishioners could concur with him. It is needless to say, laity at large does not muster the courage to oppose Parish authorities, for obvious reasons. We repeat the question, we once asked of you. “Just because none complains about the adverse happening, is ALL WELL in the Parish?” to which you replied, “NO”.
We repeat once again, tendency of Parish administration these days is, silence the dissenting voice, and show to hierarchy that parish is doing well.
The parishioner, Mr. Vincent Monteiro, as per his submission, has been active in Parish for over two decades, is a matured person and well qualified to understand the difference between right and the wrong; good and the bad. Suddenly, he is found to be redundant, by Parish Priest, just because he questions unjust decisions.
We call upon you to offer him a LISTENING EAR, which the Parish Priests these days, are unable to offer; except to their chosen ones.
Yours always, in our LORD JESUS CHRIST,
Copy to:-         Vincent Monteiro, Parishioner, St Blaise Church, Amboli.              Encl:-      As above.
Vincent Monteiro,M.A., MBA (EM).
Date: Nov. 15th, 2012.
His Eminence,
Oswald Cardinal Gracias,
Dear Cardinal Oswald,
Sub: Theft /Burglary of week-end Collections from Parish House St. Blaise Church –
Please refer to my letter to you dated JUNE 25, 2012, ref: theft/burglary at St. Blaise Church on 24th. June 2012. The said letters from its date of issuance has been in public domain through the website of Association of Concerned Catholics and has been responded to by a few concerned Catholics in the Archdiocese of Bombay. But the concerned Parish Priest Fr. Franklyn neither you respected Cardinal responded to it.
My letter advocates legal remedies to curb such cognizable offences under the Indian Penal Code but the Parish Priest Fr. Franklyn Mathias nor his pastoral team nor the Archbishops House initiated any legal measures to deal with cognizable offence by which the Church was robbed of monies from the collection boxes carried away /broken open in Church premises.
By the public announcement made by Fr. Franklyn Mathias this “cognizable offence”was treated as “Unpleasant Incident” and an assurance was given to the parishioners to tighten the security at the Church ignoring the “Law of the Land”.
After the said theft/burglary it was observed that the Parish Priest Fr. Franklyn spend a huge sum of monies to cover the parish house upper floors passage with sliding windows also a special luxuries Cabin was also made for himself on the first floor as part of the so called “Security” but the “Security” at the gate remained the same. The faithful ignorance of the Fr. Franklyn Mathias and his team for not confining to the Law of the Land as directed by me resulted in a major “theft/robbery of the weekend collection from the Parish House “on the 4th. of Nov. 2012 and was announced on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11thof November to faithful.
How long Your Eminence will the ignorance of a few concerned Catholics working in the interest of the Church continue; will things ever change for good under your leadership or will the Church in Mumbai continue to be an abode of thieves and robbers?
As in the past I do not look forward to your response to this letter but trusting in the God and in the law of the land I look for justice in Church for “Justice delayed is justice denied.
With God’s blessing on us,
Shri. Vincent Monteiro. MA, MBA (EM).
37, Gaothan Lane no.1, Opp. Andheri PO. Mumbai 400 058.
Dated: Oct. 23rd. 2012.
To, ; Fr. Franklyn Mathias,Trustee/Parish Priest, St. Blaise Church, Amboli, Andheri West, Mumbai : 400 058.
Respected Fr. Franklyn,
As per Indian Trust Act of 1882, the undersigned by law is one of the beneficiaries of St. Blaise Church Trust; my family has a permanent grave no. in the said trust property.
Before you decide upon undertaking the so called RENOVATION OF THE GRAVES, would you be kind enough to explain officially
a) The various queries relating to Church Graveyard which has put the beneficiaries/parishioners in distress and inconvenience from the time you have been appointed as the Trustee/Parish Priest of St. Blaise Church Trust. I call upon you u/s 18, 19 and 57 of the Indian Trust Act 1882 to explain the same officially.
b) Details of the intended modification to be carried out to all parishioners by requisitioning a general meeting and getting their consensus and approval prior to undertaking any work in the Church/ Grave yard instead of spending Church monies on the wishful thinking of a few.
It’s my humblest appeal to you to respond officially by November 2nd. 2012, failing which, I will have no alternative then to approach the concerned State Authority and seek my redressal under RTI and make it known to all beneficiaries/ parishioners by the law of the land.
Looking forward to your immediate reply and cooperation,
Yours faithfully,
Vincent Monteiro. Beneficiary/Parishioner: St. Blaise Church Trust.
Cc: HE Cardinal Oswald Gracias. Shri. Greg Pereira-Silent Voice
HE Cardinal Oswald Gracias,
REF: Further pastoral developments at St. Blaise Church, Amboli.
Dear Archbishop Oswald,
By the time you receive this letter of mine, you would be back home from the great Synod on “New Evangelization” and it’s a great privilege of our Archdiocese to have you represent us in this great event of the century. Let us pray with you that this vision of the SYNOD may truly become a reality in our time.
The undersigned has been keeping you informed about the recent PASTORAL developments in our parish, which is perhaps contrary to the Church’s Mission and at present the Vision of the Synod. (Ref: my letter of sep.30th. 2012, duly acknowledged by your office)
Let me place before you some more developments to the above. At the meeting called by Fr. Ramesh D’souza – Sp. Director Bible Cell of the Word Ministers (5) and the Bible Cell (2)on Sunday Oct. 28th to take up the challenge to promote “Year of Faith” and “New Evangelization” to the SCC’s. After due deliberations on the said subject all present consented to commit themselves to this Vision of the Universal Church.
After the said meeting Fr. Ramesh D’souza informed me that he was directed by the Fr. Franklyn Mathias PP to inform the Bible Cell that the monthly Bible Study cum Sharing activity conducted by us in the Church premises be moved to the SCC’s. Let me place on record that the activity of the Parish Bible Cell has been in action for the last two decades and has been mainly catering to the Neophytes and a few interested parishioners (12 to 15).
We have agreed to cooperate and work with the SCC’s in line with Archbishop Filipe Sebastiao do Rosario Ferrao Goa and Daman vision on the importance of small Christian communities in the process of “new-evangelization”and also noted his advice to the clergy to shun all forms of dominating and arrogant attitudes which are an impediment to our mission of proclamation. He has called upon the Priests to be Christ like, humble, self emptying, animating and encouraging. So that this vision of New Evangelization be a reality.
If the movement of the Bible Cell from the Church to the SCC’s is effective in thought of the Parish Priest Fr. Franklyn and his team, it would also be beneficial to move the different weekly prayer meetings and other activities centered in the Church premises to the SCC’s as well. All the fervor of praise and worship from all these concerned would make our dull SCC’s more vibrant and active and present the True face of the Domestic Church on the periphery of the parish. Only the shift of Bible Cell will make no difference to ineffective SCC’s in our Parish.
According to Croatian Archbishop Nikola Eterović, the secretary of the Synod of Bishops, “new evangelization” requires three different kinds of missionary effort:
  • evangelization as a regular activity of the church, directed at practicing Catholics;
  • the mission ad gentes, meaning the first proclamation of Christ to non-Christian persons and peoples;
  • “New evangelization,” meaning outreach to baptized Catholics who have become distant from the faith.
We trust you as the Archbishop of both the clergy and the laity will direct Fr. Franklyn Mathias and his team to tow the line with the above vision and we will be honoured to work selflessly with them for our good and the good of the universal Church.
God bless us all in our endeavors to establish His Kingdom.
Yours faithfully,
Vincent Monteiro.
Copy to/-
Bishop Salvadore –Pro-Nuncio for your kind information. Bishop Agnelo Gracias.
Fr. Franklyn Mathias-PP -St. Blaise Church.
Fr. Ramesh D’souza. Sp. Director Bible Cell.
Silent Voice.
Dated: Dec. 8th. 2012.
Dear Oswald Cardinal Gracias,
It was a great consolation to have received your letter of Dec. 1, 2012 today the 8th. Dec, 2012. I am indeed grateful to you for attending to my letters of concern (St. Blaise Parish) and to have passed on the same to our Episcopal Vicar Fr. Salvador Rodrigues for further follow-up and necessary action.
However, your presumption (Hazakah) might have been true if our Parish Priest – Fr. Franklyn Matthias would have responded to my correspondence or even made some attempt to discuss the said matters for the good of the Church, but as usual walking on the path of dictatorial malady with the clergy and laity, it appears he will not reconcile with facts.
I am sending the copy of this letter to Fr. Salvador Rodrigues with a request for an audience with him to discuss and resolve the issues at hand; with a hope of a positive response from him.
In the meantime,
Praying for peace on peoples of goodwill,
Yours faithfully,
Vincent Monteiro.
Cc. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues: Episcopal Vicar with a request for an audience.
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