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VM: 025/2012
                                                                                                                                    6th, December 2012
 Stage olap rally 1
Hello Friends,
You are aware, BMC authorities in Mumbai, have served notices of land acquisition on two Christian institutions. Parishioners from other parishes, as well as others, including other communities are agitated, because their children tend to lose their school ground, which is meant for recreation and physical activities.
Save Our Land (SOUL) Committee, of which yours truly is also a member, on 1st, December, had organized a PEACE RALLY, in the grounds of OL OF ASSUMPTION CHURCH, KANDIVALI (W). The response was tremendous. Many Speakers, including Fr. Gerald Fernandes, Parish Priest of OL of Assumption Church and Fr. Austin Norris of St. Anthony’s Church, expressed their anguish at BMC’s attitude.
Prominent among the speakers, was a politician, Mr. Sanjay Nirupam, MP. He was at his vocal best, winning over hearts of the people present at the rally. He made all sort of promises, as if the matters are now solved. As the title of this VOICEMAIL suggests, his double speak has been exposed, and very POLITELY expressed to him, through attached letter.
Fr. Austin Norris
SILENT VOICE, thanks Fr. Gerald Fernandes and Fr. Austin Norris for their blessings to SOUL Committee. I, being a Parishioner, wish to salute Fr. Austin Norris publically, for taking up the cause, which was a lost cause in the minds of Parishioners. Thanks to the indifferent attitude of his predecessors. “WE MAY NOT WIN, BUT WE WILL GO DOWN FIGHTING THE INJUSTICE”. This is the attitude of Fr. Austin, which he has expressed in many forums and in private conversations, which is admirable by any means. ‘We will win Fr. Austin, when David can conquer mighty Goliath, what is BMC?’
Next rally, if things don’t fall in place by then, will be held at St. Anthony’s Church Grounds. Do come in large numbers; Date and time, when decided, will be published.
For the critics of SILENT VOICE,     it does not only criticize Church Authorities but also stands by them in the moments of crisis.
 United olap rally
To,                                                                                                                              5th, December, 2012;
Hon. Shri Sanjay Nirupam,
Member of Parliament,
Mumbai North
Honourable Shri Nirupamji;
At the onset, we wish to thank you, on behalf of Christian community, for your presence at the rally at OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION GROUND, KANDIVALI (W); which was organized by aggrieved community, on Saturday the 1st, December; to express distress over BMC administration’s apathy towards the Community. You are well aware about these issues. We herewith, dwell on the speech you delivered at the rally, ASSURING THE COMMUNITY, OF DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to save our lands. We express our gratitude for the assurances. However, after hearing you, some questions have cropped up in our minds, which we expect you to clarify.
Cemetery on the Eastern Side of the Western Suburbs: On this issue, you assured that within Six months, the land will be provided for the cemetery and cemetery will be operational. A very good gesture; However, we would like to remind you that Christians of the locality are running from pillar to post, since 1996, to get this basic necessity; yet they don’t see any ray of hope. One of the speakers, who are on the fore front of the fight; delved on the minutes of the meeting, which you flaunted as you spoke; He said, he has in his possession a cupboard full of such papers, they have no faith in such papers and they don’t need any more. What they need is action. We are sure; you will be true to your words and swing in action to fulfil your promise. We shall be writing to you after six months from today.
Widening of Poinsur River, at OL of Assumption Church, Kandivali (W):  The Church and St. Joseph’s school, attached to it, have been served notices, by BMC authorities; in order to acquire their land, to widen the erstwhile Poinsur River; which has now turned into a stinking Nullah. Thanks to the apathy of BMC administration. You assured the gathering, in strong words; “I see that not a single inch of land will be taken away by BMC”. We believe you Mr. Nirupamji. But how are you going to do it? Will you spell it out? The only way you can do it, is prevail upon BMC to withdraw the land acquisition notice.
The agitating Christians seem to have enlightened/educated you about the technical study conducted by WAPCOS LTD., a Central Government Undertaking, where your party, INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS is in power. It has suggested other options, to increase water carrying capacity of this river. One of them is desilting and deepening of the River. However, BMC seems to be hell bent on widening it. Why then, BMC is not exercising OTHER option? Do they have some motive behind it? Or their thinking capacity has been diminished? Just like the River’s water carrying Capacity, due to the filth that has gathered into it. Thanks to BMC for it. Similar exercise was carried out at Marol, and over one thousand structures were saved from demolition. Besides, BMC should widen it where it is needed the most, and not where it is at its widest.
We are sure; you are wise enough to read into BMC’s game plan. Prevent them, in your capacity as MP of the constituency, on whom this catastrophe has befallen, from going through it. We will not sit still, until the Acquisition notice is withdrawn by BMC.
Road Widening, at St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani: Touching upon this issue, you expressed surprise that BMC authorities have not bothered to avail necessary permissions from agencies such as Environment, CRZ, Forest, Defense Ministry, Mumbai Heritage Committee, before commencing the work. Perhaps you learnt this from your PA, Mr. George Abraham, who was present at the meeting when the delegation from St. Anthony’s Church met the Deputy Municipal Commissioner; zone Vl, on 17th November, 2012 at 11.00 am. Adv. Godfrey Pimenta posed these questions to DMC, to which he answered in negative.
You stated further, that you will not permit BMC to go ahead with road widening, until NOCs from all these agencies are obtained; you also stated that you will see that these permissions won’t come; a very good gesture, on your part.
sn banner olap rally 2
      Bhumi pujan:Inaugration Banner Sanjay Nirupan.
However, we find contradiction in your statement. The numbers of banners adorning the lamp posts of the area tell a different story. You were the chief inaugurator at the Bhumi pujan on the auspicious Dashehra day on 24th, of October, at 12.00 Noon, which means, you were party to this clandestinely conceived project. This is a pet project of Shri Aslam Sheikh, MLA, who at the meeting with parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani, said; the,” The realignment line of the road is SACROSANT, and nothing can be done about it.”  We ask you the question, “how sacrosanct is the project, which is not authorized by relevant agencies?
The bottom line Mr. Nirupamji, is you have now been enlightened with the anomalies in both the WIDENING projects. We therefore, call upon you to prevail upon BMC authorities to find a better way to go ahead. Better still, ask Mr. Aslam Sheikh, MLA to, shelve it because it doesn’t benefit anyone, except some vested interests, who are looking at lucrative business opportunities, at the cost of locals and the natural beauty of the area.
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