Hierarchs asked not to be rude


They have to take the laity along the process of new evangelization, a meeting noted.


Posted on December 2, 2012, 3:54 PM


Participants at the meeting

By Malini Manjaly

A Catholic layperson told bishops, priests and religious in Bihar and Jharkhand not to be rude with laity and include them in the process of new evangelization.

Benjamin Lakra from Simdega diocese was speaking to some 70 people–bishops, priests and religious women and men–from the Bihar-Jharkhand (BIJAN) region gathered for a three-day meeting that ended Nov. 29.

“New evangelization is our sacred duty in India which is a holy land of many religions,” said Lakra.

Lakra, who presented a paper on ‘Theological foundation of New Evangelization in the Church’ said that priests, religious men and women should bear witness to the evangelization in today’s Church.

“The Church must take along the laity in the process of new evangelization, treating them gently and not rudely with authority,” he added.

Lakra said that there is unlimited scope for dialogue among the 1.2 billion people of India and for eradication of poverty.

Jesuit Fr. Dionysius Rasquinha from Patna Province also presented a paper on the same theme.

The meeting noted that the target group for new evangelization in the BIJAN area includes youth, migrant laborers and women suffering from gender inequality.

Empowerment of women financially, making them stand up for their rights and educating people are among Church’s priorities, the meeting noted.

Sister Urmila said that the religious should acknowledge and accept each other’s mission in the Church.

“The women approach mission differently and it must be understood,” she added.


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English: An locator map of Simdega district, J...

English: An locator map of Simdega district, Jharkhand state, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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