US city honors Indian Jesuit activist


Harvey mayor on Monday presented the “Outstanding Achievement Award” to Fr. Cedric Prakash.


Posted on November 22, 2012, 7:44 AM



A city in the United States has honoured an Indian Jesuit for promoting social justice and human rights.

Mayor of City of Harvey in Illinois, Eric Kellogg, on Monday presented the “Outstanding Achievement Award” to Fr. Cedric Prakash, director of Prashant, a Jesuit center for human rights, justice and peace, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Kellog hailed Fr. Prakash for his stellar service to humanity and his struggle to bring justice to the poor and victims of sectarian violence, especially in Gujarat.

The mayor also recalled the 2002 riots in Gujarat that killed more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims and how Fr. Prakash braved threats to his life to help the victims. The Jesuit priest’s work proved the existence of compassion, selflessness and “an inspiring conviction in the brotherhood of humanity.”

Accepting the award, Fr. Prakash said the honor “is a reminder that none of us should be quiet until the cause of justice has been met.”

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Human Rights (P. credit: Sean MacEntee)



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