VM: 021/2012, Attachments : How to Manipulate the TRUTH??????

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21st, November, 2012
Dear Friends,
SILENT VOICE has been receiving feedback from the readers that the attachments to Voicemail 21/2012 could not be read because of some technical difficulty. On checking, we found the same. In spite of effort of our team, we could not succeed. Unless the Decrees, issued by H. E. Cardinal Simon Pimenta and H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias’ Decree to allow Continuance of the mass at Everard Nagar, are read concurrently with VOICEMAIL 21/2012, the effect is lost on the reader. It is therefore, decided to post the attachments in text form, for the benefit of our readers.
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             VM: 021/2012, : How to Manipulate the TRUTH?????? LEARN FROM OUR CLERGY
Following is the text of both the attachments; mentioned above, in the context of matters related to OL OF GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH, SION; which should give an insight into the reality
You judge, if the decision of Church authority is right, in allowing to RUN A PARALLEL PARISH, for the benefit of ELITE AND WELL CONNECTED.
1st, Decree by Cardinal Simon Pimenta
Simon Cardinal Pimenta.
Bombay. 400001
1.       The Sunday Parish Eucharist is one of the important moments of grace for the whole parish community and a powerful means of fostering the community spirit in the parish.
In this regard I quote two Roman Documents:
                    i.            “Sacrosanctum Concilium No. 42:” Efforts must be made to encourage a sense of community within the parish, above all in the common celebration of the Sunday Mass.” (This is the Document on the liturgy passed by Vatican ll)
                 ii.            Instruction on the Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery, Chap. Ll B: “ It is fitting that the sense of ecclesial community, especially fostered and expressed by the celebration in common of Sunday Mass, should be encouraged in the parish assembly, where the pastor takes the place of the bishop” ( Issued by the Sacred Congregation of Rites, 25th, May, 1967)
The issue of whether to have the’ Sunday Mass’ at Everard Nagar or not, came up spontaneously at the Parish Pastoral Council Meeting on 24th, February, 1995. The opinion was against the continuance of the mass, particularly in view of building up the Parish in keeping with the thrust of the diocese.
This opinion, when it came to be known, was not acceptable to some sections of the residents of Everard Nagar, who wanted the status quo to continue.
The Archbishop, together with the Parish Priest and Fr. Bernard met some of the parishioners of Everard Nagar at Archbishop’s House on 26th, May, 1996.
After due consideration of all aspects of the question, my decision in the matter is as follows:
Since mass has been celebrated at Everard Nagar on Sundays uninterruptedly for the last 21 years, I can quite understand that it would not be readily accepted if it is stopped at once. This requires some time. The status quo will therefore continue for limited time.
This permission to continue the Mass is given under the following conditions:
1         The Everard Nagar Parishioners will be required:
a)     To give full participation and active support in organizing the activities of the parish.
b)     To co-operate fully in the restructuring of Everard Nagar into Small Christian Community.
c)      To be regular in attending the faith formation classes conducted by Sunday Cathesism School for children and the youth, especially during the years between First Communion and Confirmation.
2.      The youth will take part in parish youth activities and attend youth meetings.
3.      There will be no masses on Christmas Day, the Easter Triduum and other feasts. No Lenten/other Missions at Everard Nagar but participation should be in the masses and services in the Parish Church.
4.      There will be no Mass Committee, but, instead the leaders of the small Christian Communities will attend to this and work sincerely to achieve the goals of the Thrust of the Archdiocese.
While the need to continue the status quo with regards to the Sunday celebration of Mass for limited time is accepted, I must also stress the need of the Parishioners of Everard Nagar of intensifying their participation in the activities of the parish towards implementing the thrust of the diocese.
It is my hope that the need of going to the Parish Church for the Sunday Eucharist will be seen as a necessary means of fostering parish fraternity and solidarity.
This being achieved the need to have the Sunday Eucharist at Everard Nagar will not Exist. This, I hope, will be within a period of 2 years from now.
2nd, Decree by Cardinal Simon Pimenta
Simon Cardinal Pimenta.
BOMBAY, 400001
20th, July, 1996
Desirous of settling this matter which has been unresolved for some time now, and about which representations have been made to me by letter and by delegations which have met me in person, and having studied the situation, I hereby issue the following decision.
That Mass can be celebrated at Everard Nagar and all zones of the parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Sion, on Saturday evenings (not on Sundays), on the following conditions.
a)    That each zone wishing to have the Mass will make their own arrangements to get their own ‘Outside’ Priests (the Parish will not be able to provide the priests).
b)     That the parish notices are collected from the parish Church and read at the Saturday evening Mass. This will maintain some link with the parish.
c)      Each zone should also make the necessary provision for vestments etc, and take care of the other material arrangement necessary for the celebration of the mass.
d)     The Parish Priest should be kept informed by the respective zones as to what arrangements they are making.
Simon Cardinal Pimenta
Archbishop of Bombay.
Cardinal Oswald Gracias’ permission, to celebrate Eucharist at Everard Nagar.
21, Nathalal Parekh Marg
Mumbai 40000
TEL.    : 2202 1093/1193
E mail : diocesebombay@gmail.com
The issue of the mass at everard Nagar has been referred to me for a decision in the matter. I had asked Bishop Bosco Penha, Zonal Bishop and Fr, Caesar D’mello, Episcopal Vicar to study the issue. They have been in touch with those concerned and have been briefing me about developments. I have also recently met some representatives from the Parish.
The Eucharist, I am informed, has been celebrated in Everard Nagar for over forty years.
Keeping the above in mind, having studied the documentation in the case, Especially the Decrees of His Eminence, Simon Cardinal Pimenta, dated August 24, 1995 and July 20, 1996; I am issuing the following Directives:
Masses can be celebrated at Everard Nagar with the following stipulations:
a)     Week-day masses (including Saturdays) can be celebrated at Everard Nagar.
b)     Masses may not be celebrated at Everard Nagar on Sundays, Christmas day, during the Easter Triduum and on the Parish Feast day.
c)      The mass has to be celebrated at a time which is convenient to the faithful participating in the mass as well as to the priest celebrating the Mass. This has to be a local decision, and to be taken by the Parish Priest in consultation with those concerned.
The faithful at Everard Nagar are reminded that they fully belong to Our Lady of Good Counsel, Sion. They should in no way disassociate themselves from the parish and are expected to participate in all parish activities, join Parish Associations and play an active role in Parish Pastoral Council. I urge the youth in particular to fully involve themselves in parish activities and make the contribution for good of the parish.
I appeal to all in the Parish to work unitedly for the good of this local Church. Our Lady of Good counsel Church, sion, because of its location and the special devotion to St. Anthony, has got great possibilities to become an even more vibrant community. I am confident that given the dedication and commitment of the priests, religious and people of the area this is fully possible.
With kind regards, best wishes and every blessing.
Oswald Cardinal Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay.
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