Bishop Dabre’s Diwali message stresses morality


He said the festival is an occasion for people to get inspiration for a happy and fuller life.


Posted on November 13, 2012, 9:50 PM


Bishop Thomas Dabre


Bishop Thomas Dabre of Poona, an expert on inter-religious dialogue and promoter or sectarian harmony, has called for rooting out corruption by fostering morality and spirituality among people.

“It is really shameful and unbearable to have widespread corruption” in a country of philosophers, holy men and women and religious places, said the prelate in his message on the occasion of Diwali, the festival lights, celebrated today.

Bishop Dabre says the festival, an integral part of India’s cultural life, is an occasion for people to get inspiration for a happy and fuller life.

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The traditional Indian lanterns are in great demand, especially during the festival of Diwali. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He said the dream of Diwali, victory of good over evil, cannot be realized as long as corruption existed in society. Diwali can be meaningful in a society that has morality and spirituality as its bedrock, he added.

Absence of morality and spirituality is at the root of all our problems. Strengthening the moral and spiritual fabric of society is an important need of the moment, he added.

Therefore, it is the duty of every citizen to support efforts to root out corruption, Bishop Dabre said.



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  Silent Voice

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                                                                                                                                                VM: 023/2012
14th, November, 2012
Hello Friends,
You have been reading in the media, and it has also appeared on SILENT VOICE, about the notices of acquisition, served by BMC authorities to two of our Churches in Western Suburb. Church authorities, particularly the parish priests, Fr. Austin Norris from St. Anthony’s Church Malwani and Fr. Gerald Fernandes, from Church of OL of Assumption, Kandivali, with the help of active Parishioners are making efforts to save our Church Land.
SILENT VOICE, concerned about our Church Properties, is also helping in small way. We have made an appeal to Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of National Advisory Council and President of Indian National Congress. It is needless to say that Congress is ruling, both at the Center as well as in Maharashtra, where persecution of the Church is taking place. You may say, ‘How could it be called a persecution?’ In both the cases only the Church Properties are targeted, for the widening of the road and the Nullah, sparing the properties on the other side.
We, Catholics have never been against Development. Lot of the Properties belonging to Catholics, Church as well as personal ones, have gone into development of this City of Mumbai. But we cannot tolerate this injustice of targeting our Church properties any longer.
We hope, the wiser counsel prevails and the authorities withdraw the Acquisition notices served on both the Churches.
Christians, on the eastern side of western suburbs, from Dahisar to Khar, have no Burial ground for their dead. Parishioners from these areas have been demanding a plot of land for their cemetery, since 1996. BMC administration is silent on their demand.
     Silent Voice
        A/7  Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad (W), Mumbai, 400095.
Contact No. 98707 19628
E mail:
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 Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress and the widow of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi.(Photo.Wikipedia)

To                                                                                                                                            13th, November, 2012;
Smt. Sonia Gandhi
President, National Advisory Council
Sub:    Request for intervention to mitigate injustice on our community.
Respected Madam,
It is well known fact that Christian Community has been pro congress since the independence of our beloved Country. Christian Community is also known to be law abiding, peace loving and God fearing. The community has always given to the country, like best of schools and colleges providing good Education System, Hospitals providing health for the citizens. But never have the Community DEMANDED anything. However, on behalf of the Christian Community in part of Mumbai, who is in distress, we appeal to you to intervene and deliver justice.
State of Maharashtra is governed by your party, under able leadership of Hon. Shri Prithviraj Chavan. The area in distressed is represented by Congress MP, Shri Sanjay Nirupam.
Details of the matter are as follow:
1.                   Acquisition notice against St Anthony’s Church, Malawni, Malad West.
This Church, Spiritually catering to around 15000 Catholics and other communities through a School attached to the Church, has been served acquisition notice by BMC, for the purpose of road widening. Catholics have always been pro development, which is well known. Mumbai has been developed on the land, once own by EAST INDIAN CATHOLIC COMMUNITY.  However, there should be fairness and just reason for this development, besides, being within framework of law.
 In this context, wish to ask following questions.
a)    Ahead of the Church, the entire area, till the end of the proposed road, Madh Island, is a NO DEVELOPMENT ZONE. The area is sparsely populated, and supposed to be a green zone, besides falling under CRZ. Is it wise to develop a 90 feet road on this stretch? And for whose benefit is the wide road?
b)    A defense institution, INS HAMLA, exists on this road, which we believe has always been against development on this stretch of land, citing security reasons. Is BMC overlooking objections from Defense institution of the country?
c)     On this stretch, there is a thick growth of mangroves, which is protected under a law. To widen existing road, to 90 feet, lot of these mangroves will be destroyed, rather have already been destroyed, by dumping debris, in order to widen the road, which is not beneficial to anyone but the BUILDER LOBBY, who is eying the vacant land. Has BMC obtained required permission from relevant authority to dump debris on the patch of mangroves?
d)     Equilibrium of Realignment line for widened road is not maintained and is unjust and affecting the community drastically. Attached layout should enlighten you about the injustice.
e)     MLA of the area Shri Aslam Sheikh, during a meeting on the matter, has expressed his inability to help, on the ground that Realignment Line is SACROSANT. Is the realignment SACROSANT only in this case? It is well known, as to how plans change from time to time, saving properties of elites and well connected.
2.                   Acquisition notices against Our Lady of Assumption Church and St Joseph’s
High School, M.G. Road, Kandivali West and save the Playground
The BMC issued an acquisition notice to Our Lady of Assumption Church / St Joseph School at Kandivili to surrender parts of the Cemetery, School Ground and Church for widening of the Poisar River which has now become a stinking Nullah [Gutter].
In this case too BMC authorities have adopted a discriminatory attitude towards Church.  The River, now which has turned into a Gutter, thanks to BMC authorities’ apathy towards it. The authorities have taken to widen this river, under BRIMSTOWAD PROJECT, funded by Government at the Centre.  We don’t understand their wisdom, in widening it further, where the river is widest on its entire stretch. Besides, WAPCOS LTD, a Government of India’s Undertaking has recommended alternate methods of desludging/removing the debris and deepening it.
Church and the school existed on proper piece of LAND for over hundred years; whereas, the development on the other side of the River, (Nullah), has come up on the RECLAIMED MARSHY BED OF THE RIVER, a few years ago. Marshy area around the river acts as spill over space for excess flow of the water. Government authorities thus reduced the size of the river for the benefit of few. Is it fair on part of the authorities to penalize sincere Church authorities, for their own follies?
3.                   Implement the setting up of the Cemetry on the Eastern Side of the Western Suburbs without any further delay.
Christians living on the Eastern side of Western Suburb, from Khar to Dahisar, have been agitating for a plot of land to bury their dead, since 1996. Whereas, other communities have their burial/cremation ground to perform last rites on their dead, Christians are still fighting for that right. They have to carry their dead to faraway place, which is difficult as well as expensive. UNITED CHRISTIAN CEMETERY COMMITTEE had held a massive rally, on 14th, October, 2012 with over 4000 people attending.
Hope, we have succeeded in enlightening you enough, to understand our problems. We therefore, humbly urge with you to impress upon YOUR CHIEF MINISTER, YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT to spare the community from this impending disaster by withdrawing the land acquisition notices served on both the Churches, and allot a land for the cemetery of the community.
Sincerely yours,
Attached:         Informal lay out of the road widening plan.          
Copy to:          1) Shri Rahul Gandhi MP 
2) Shri Prithviraj Chavan, CM, Maharashtra.
3) Hon. Justice K.G. Balkrishnan,Chairperson NHRC,
4) Mr.Sitaram Kunte, Commissioner, BMC
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