VM: 021/2012, : How to Manipulate the TRUTH?????? LEARN FROM OUR CLERGY.

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 VM: 021/2012,
                                                                                                                                          5th. November, 2012,
Dear Friends,
We have been bringing to you the matters related to controversy at the Parish of OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH, SION. In case you have missed it, please click on following links to learn about it.
VM. 013/2012 contd : The Voiceless get Voice, Come Out In Support of Fr. Leslie D’cunha
VM. 013/2012 : Archbishop meets parishioners of OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH. SION
Archbishop, H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, after deliberations, has delivered his judgments. Has he been neutral? Has he been mislead into giving a judgment, which parishioners believe, is tilted in favour of mighty?
Judge yourself.
           Voice  OF A SILENT MAJORITY
Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici

(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)

A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095. Contact no. 98707 19628.

E Mail:         silentvoice58@gmail.com

To,                                                                                                                              29th, October, 2012;
Most Rev. Cardinal Oswald Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay
Sub:    matters related to OL of Good Counsel Church, Sion.
Your Eminence,
As the subject matter suggest, we are referring to recent disturbances at the parish, in connection with untimely and unethical transfer of Fr. Leslie D’cunah.
With your decision to allow daily celebration of Eucharist at Everard Nagar, the matter seems to have been doused, but unfortunately it is still simmering beneath. Various letters, even after your decision, being mailed to you by parishioners suggest so. We therefore, tried to analyse your decision and have come to the conclusion that your decision is biased in favour of Elite Everardians, the HOME SITTING CATHOLICS, and marginalising the others, creating divide among the parishioners.
1.       Your Decision is biased and has been tilted towards Wealthy and Well Connected:
Your decision, as mentioned above, under the pretext that it is being celebrated for so and so years, does not impress us. Your eminence, you have quoted H. E. Cardinal Simon Pimenta’s Decrees, allowing permission for celebrating mass at the colony. But your eminence, don’t you think, he could have done it, considering situations prevailing then? Now that transport facilities are available in plenty, which residents can avail of, to travel, if they want to? There are Catholics in other part of city who are travelling from distance, much greater than the Everard colony is, to attend the Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) at the Parish Church
Besides, Infant Jesus Chapel, Kharodi; in spite of  being a fully fledged Chapel, under St. Anthony’s Parish: malwani, is having masses only on three days of the week; in spite of Parishioners’ demand for daily mass.
2.     Fr. Leslie D’cunah, penalized for SETTING THINGS RIGHT.
Fr. Leslie, on taking over the mantle of Parish Priest, discontinued the practice, obviously, because he did not want to continue with the practice which is unchristian like. Or was it just an excuse to ease him out of the office, because the higher ups felt threatened / Uncomfortable by his position at the helm?
Your Eminence, Fr. Leslie D’cunah is not the only one that we know, who has rubbed the Church Hierarchy on the wrong side, by doing the right thing; and has been penalized.
Your Eminence, reverting to your decision, to allow the Everardians to celebrate Eucharist every day, citing permission from H. E. Cardinal Simon Pimenta, wide his letter dated 24th, August, 1995; We think you have been ill-informed about it. The letter clearly states that the permission was limited for two years, the facts; we believe have been concealed from you, intentionally or otherwise, by Bishop Bosco Penha, Zonal Bishop and Fr. Caesar D’mello, Episcopal Vicar, on whom you had entrusted the matter for study.
H. E. Cardinal Simon Pimenta, vide his letter dated 20th July, 1996, about which you have mentioned in your order of directives; issued another Decree, with a desire to settle the matter, which remained unresolved, allowing permission to all the zones, to celebrate Eucharist on Saturdays, but with riders. One of the conditions that were put by His Eminence, in his true wisdom, gives away his intention, which does not need IQ of a Super Human to understand, which reads as follows:
a)     That each zone wishing to have Mass will make their own arrangement to get their own “Outside Priest (the Parish will not be able to provide priests)”.
Your Eminence, isn’t it an impractical solution? From where could all these zones bring an “Outside Priest”, on Every Saturday, to celebrate Eucharist? While Parishioners from other zones continued with their faith in Collective Celebration of Eucharist in the Church, Everardians, on the strength of their wealth, and clout with Hierarchy, managed to violate the directives given by H. E. Cardinal Simon Pimenta, year after year.
If Fr. Leslie D’cunah decided to follow H. E. Cardinal Simon Pimenta’s Decree, where has he erred? Can you explain this to the Parishioners of OLGC? Are the Parishioners wrong, if they say that JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE DONE?
Your Eminence, the fact remains that Church authorities are playing game of Favouritism and pitting a group against the other, to divide them. In the letter to Dulcine Furtado, you have stated; I would assure you that everything is done by the Religious Superiors keeping the interest of the Parish in mind”.  In this entire episode, what is the interest of Parish, in the minds of Religious Superiors; can the Parishioners know? The only interest we perceive in their mind is interest of Wealthy and Well Connected.
Now that the TRUTH has been revealed, we call upon you to revoke, your directives to allow Everardians to celebrate Eucharist, daily. Also bring back Fr. Leslie D’cunah, as Parish Priest, who seems to be popular amongst the Parishioners, because of the transformation he has brought about, to once dormant Parish. Besides, his reputation, which has been maligned by these HOME SITTING CATHOLICS, we have been given to understand; the authorities should clarify and restore to Glory. We hope, the wiser counsel will prevail.
Yours always in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,
Copy to:         The Parishioners of OLGC,    C/o:           Dulcine Furtado, Vice President, PPC.
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  1. November 7, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Its really painful to see that our dear Father-Archbishop has a preferential option for those who have plenty of Prestige and Power, those belonging to Huge Institutions, those who have a lot of connections etc.

    Anyone who stands up for the Truth , for the values of the Kingdom of God in this Archdiocese is automatically labelled enemy of Christ and the Church , is isolated , suppressed , tortured , thus hurting and murdering the spirit of the disciple of Christ. [[ aatmaa ka khoon karne me expert hai ye padree ]].

    But lets remember , Truth can be suppressed or killed for a while, but on the Third day, TRUTH WILL RISE AGAIN !

    I pray for the Conversion of ‘those’ [ the numbers are increasing !] Clergy in our Archdiocese who have stooped to very very very low levels as human beings , as Christians , as those called to represent the authority of Jesus Christ who is the TRUTH.

    Their standard of Christian discipleship has fallen so low that NOT ONE SPOKEN OR WRITTEN WORD FROM THEM CAN BE TRUSTED.They are experts in Breaking their word.

    Their Dependability is rapidly diminishing . We have been turning the other cheek all this time . But soon, very soon I hope they will change the road to their own damnation.



  2. robin mantode said,

    November 8, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Wrongly accused priest says Church let him down After being fully cleared of an abuse charge, a priest describes the inquiry process and says he did not receive the support he deserved from the Church. Michael Kelly Ireland November 8, 2012 [image: Catholic Church News Image of Wrongly accused priest says Church let him down]

    Fr Oliver Brennan will never forget the morning of August 14, 2010. It was to the beginning of a personal hell that saw him uprooted from the parish community he loved and feeling alienated and unable to exercise his priestly ministry. After decades in the priesthood he now stood accused of abuse.

    It is a harrowing chapter in his life that he can only now begin to try and move on from having being told at the weekend that he has been cleared by a Church inquiry almost a year after being cleared by the civil authorities.

    It was a Saturday morning, he recalled, speaking to The Irish Catholic this week. Fr Brennan, the long-time parish priest of Blackrock and Haggardstown, received a phone call from Auxiliary Bishop of Armagh Dr Gerard Clifford. A short time later Bishop Clifford met with Fr Brennan and told him that an allegation of abuse dating back over 30 years had been received. It was the last thing on Earth I imagined I would ever hear, he recalls.

    Church procedures which have been criticised as too draconian by human rights professionals as well as priests representatives immediately swung into place. Fr Brennan was immediately forced to step aside from his ministry. Senior Churchmen are always at pains to point out that the stepping aside is entirely voluntary.

    In reality, however, priests faced with allegations of abuse regardless of the credibility of such allegations have little choice but to step aside, and move away from their parochial house and the life they have known.

    Fr Brennan admits to feeling a great deal of relief that he has finally been cleared of any wrongdoing. It has been a long two years since the allegation surfaced just as he was due to be moved to the parish of Keady in Co. Armagh.

    As is standard practice now, the Church authorities immediately passed the allegation on to the relevant civil authorities in this case the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Fr Brennan was informed almost a year ago by the PSNI that the allegation was lacking in credibility and therefore he had no case to answer.

    But, while in any other profession this would have meant a return to work, the Church process only began after the PSNI and Public Prosecution Service (PPS) had finished their inquiries.

    On Friday of last week, almost a year after being cleared by the civil authorities, Fr Brennan received a letter from Cardinal Sen Brady which contained the findings of a Church inquiry process that:

    (i) the allegations against Fr Oliver Brennan have not been substantiated;

    (ii) Fr Oliver Brennan remains a priest in good standing and is to be restored to active ministry forthwith.

    He readily admits that it all came as a bit of an anti-climax.

    Your life is on hold for so long, you think nothing is happening and then, out of the blue, the word you had been waiting on, he said.

    He says that the long, drawn-out nature of the Church process was particularly stressful. He also says that he feels let down by Cardinal Sen Brady and other senior officials within the Armagh archdiocese. I felt very let down by the cardinal and diocesan authorities. When they make the announcement to parishioners, there is an insistence in the statement about the need for the presumption of innocence. But it doesnt feel like that, the treatment you receive is very different, he said.

    I would have to say that I didnt feel compassionately supported by our diocesan authorities. The aim of our diocese is to be compassionate, but I didnt feel it. As time went on there was occasional contact [from senior diocesan authorities] but I certainly didnt feel there was the compassionate support I deserved, he said.


  3. November 21, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    […] of our readers. Click on following link to access Voicemail 21/2012:              VM: 021/2012, : How to Manipulate the TRUTH?????? LEARN FROM OUR CLERGY Following is the text of both the attachments; mentioned above, in the context of matters related […]


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