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VM: 020/2012


31st, October, 2012




Dear Friends


Attached is a report, which speaks about concerns, expressed by The National United Christian Forum (NUCF), over unraveling of scams in our country. Through this medium, we wish to question them, what is their take on the Corruption and Scams happening within Church Administrations; particularly in the Archdiocese of Bombay.


English: Hon. Anna Hazare in Nanded , Maharastra .



Similar sentiments were expressed by our Archbishop, H. E, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, from the platform; he shared with Anna Hazare, in the month of April, 2011. We, through a letter had put up similar question to him. Extracts from the letter are here for your scrutiny:



*Your Eminence, at the rally against Corruption, you said,” corruption is injustice and we should fight it like a family and show zero tolerance to it.”(This quote is taken from the report, circulated by BCS.) You have said it right. We must fight it like a family and show zero tolerance to corruption. Let us begin with fighting corruption within our own family, our own home. The home, our LORD JESUS CHRIST has given to us; The Church of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is well-known that properties belonging to church are being sold clandestinely, by some parish priests, bypassing the procedures. It is not known in whose pockets the money fetched from these sales go. There are reports of misappropriation of parish finances, by way of enhancing estimates for church works, by parish authorities. We have brought to your notice such irregularities by some parish authorities; just to remind you, listing below the names of parishes, about which we have written to you’.*



It is needless to say that we haven’t received any response


SILENT VOICE is in the forefront, exposing Corruption and Scams within Parish Administrations, with the help of inputs provided by Parishioners. We assure you that it will be our endeavour to expose them.



Click on following link to understand the matters your VOICE; THE VOICE OF A SILENT MAJORITY has taken up with Archbishop, vis a vis corruption related to Properties and Finances at Parish Levels
















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Christian forum concerned over rampant corruption in India

The country was rocked by a series of scams this year.

Posted on October 31, 2012, 8:42 AM

Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao of Delhi

New Delhi:

The National United Christian Forum (NUCF) has expressed its concern over the unraveling of scams in the country and the involvement of important political political leaders in it.

“We Indians have just celebrated the great festival of Dussehra, signifying the victory of good over evil. We pray at the same time to root out evil from our own lives,” said Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi.

The prelate, who is also the president of NUCF, said that after the revelations of so many scams in the country recently, the situation and the future of the country appears quite bleak.

The country was rocked by a series of scams this year, including the Granite scam, Maharashtra irrigation scam, coalgate scam, incurring a loss of a huge amount of money to the exchequer.

The archbishop said that India is a country that has given birth to so many religions and philosophies which quite clearly spell out a path of honesty and truthfulness.

“We wonder where those values of religions have disappeared when it comes to the practice of such basic ethical values enshrined in the rich culture and religions of India,” he added.

The prelate appealed to all the political parties and people in India to fight the pest of bribery.

He called upon all the churches and Christians to hold special prayers to root out corruption from public life.

“Though corruption is often born out of deep seated greed in us to amass wealth quickly without hard work, it also shows a total lack of concern for our own brothers and sisters in the Society,” he said.

NUCF constitutes Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, National Council of Churches in India and the Evangelical Fellowship of India.

Source: press release

India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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