Leaders resolve to work for corruption-free Church

They were participating in a two-day workshop on “corruption in Indian churches”.

Posted on October 5, 2012, 5:50 PM

Church leaders at the workshop

By Philip Mathew
Bangalore:About 70 church leaders from various denominations gathered in Bangalore to discuss ways to work toward a corruption free Church and society.

The leaders, who belonged to the Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, ecumenical and evangelical backgrounds, resolved to uphold “the highest levels of integrity” in all their financial transactions.

They were participating in a two-day workshop from Sept. 4 in Bangalore on “corruption in Indian churches”.

The event was organized by Transition Network, a movement of Christian business people and professionals founded in 2010 to serve “the top leadership of the Church.”

The leaders said that the mission of the church is to witness the bible, free the oppressed and create a just and corruption-free society.

They asserted that “financial corruption in all its forms is not acceptable to the church and society under any circumstances.”

They also resolved to be honest stewards of God-given resources, willingly submit to the appropriate scrutiny and correction and adopt good governance among other points.

The declaration, brought out at the event against corruption, noted that power, position and authority expressed through structures and systems in church and society, “are particularly susceptible to the temptation of corruption, leading to inequality, injustice, manipulation and oppression.”

The leaders made a commitment to work only with institutions that uphold the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency.

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