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31st, October, 2012




Dear Friends


Attached is a report, which speaks about concerns, expressed by The National United Christian Forum (NUCF), over unraveling of scams in our country. Through this medium, we wish to question them, what is their take on the Corruption and Scams happening within Church Administrations; particularly in the Archdiocese of Bombay.


English: Hon. Anna Hazare in Nanded , Maharastra .



Similar sentiments were expressed by our Archbishop, H. E, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, from the platform; he shared with Anna Hazare, in the month of April, 2011. We, through a letter had put up similar question to him. Extracts from the letter are here for your scrutiny:



*Your Eminence, at the rally against Corruption, you said,” corruption is injustice and we should fight it like a family and show zero tolerance to it.”(This quote is taken from the report, circulated by BCS.) You have said it right. We must fight it like a family and show zero tolerance to corruption. Let us begin with fighting corruption within our own family, our own home. The home, our LORD JESUS CHRIST has given to us; The Church of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is well-known that properties belonging to church are being sold clandestinely, by some parish priests, bypassing the procedures. It is not known in whose pockets the money fetched from these sales go. There are reports of misappropriation of parish finances, by way of enhancing estimates for church works, by parish authorities. We have brought to your notice such irregularities by some parish authorities; just to remind you, listing below the names of parishes, about which we have written to you’.*



It is needless to say that we haven’t received any response


SILENT VOICE is in the forefront, exposing Corruption and Scams within Parish Administrations, with the help of inputs provided by Parishioners. We assure you that it will be our endeavour to expose them.



Click on following link to understand the matters your VOICE; THE VOICE OF A SILENT MAJORITY has taken up with Archbishop, vis a vis corruption related to Properties and Finances at Parish Levels
















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Christian forum concerned over rampant corruption in India

The country was rocked by a series of scams this year.

Posted on October 31, 2012, 8:42 AM

Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao of Delhi

New Delhi:

The National United Christian Forum (NUCF) has expressed its concern over the unraveling of scams in the country and the involvement of important political political leaders in it.

“We Indians have just celebrated the great festival of Dussehra, signifying the victory of good over evil. We pray at the same time to root out evil from our own lives,” said Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi.

The prelate, who is also the president of NUCF, said that after the revelations of so many scams in the country recently, the situation and the future of the country appears quite bleak.

The country was rocked by a series of scams this year, including the Granite scam, Maharashtra irrigation scam, coalgate scam, incurring a loss of a huge amount of money to the exchequer.

The archbishop said that India is a country that has given birth to so many religions and philosophies which quite clearly spell out a path of honesty and truthfulness.

“We wonder where those values of religions have disappeared when it comes to the practice of such basic ethical values enshrined in the rich culture and religions of India,” he added.

The prelate appealed to all the political parties and people in India to fight the pest of bribery.

He called upon all the churches and Christians to hold special prayers to root out corruption from public life.

“Though corruption is often born out of deep seated greed in us to amass wealth quickly without hard work, it also shows a total lack of concern for our own brothers and sisters in the Society,” he said.

NUCF constitutes Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, National Council of Churches in India and the Evangelical Fellowship of India.

Source: press release

India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Pope concludes Bishops’ Synod

The Pope reiterated that the Church has a responsibility to evangelize in the modern world.

Posted on October 29, 2012, 7:10 AM

(Photo Courtesy: catholicnewsagency.com)

Vatican City:Pope Benedict XVI today officially concluded the Bishops’ Synod on the New Evangelization with a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome.

Hundreds of bishops and cardinals attended the concluding ceremony of the synod, which began on Oct. 7.

At the ceremony, the Pope reiterated that the Church has a responsibility to evangelize in the modern world.

He said that the goal of the New Evangelization is to intensify the faith in countries where Christianity is losing strength.

“During the Synod, it was emphasized that there are still many regions in Africa, Asia and Oceania whose inhabitants await with lively expectation, sometimes without being fully aware of it, the first proclamation of the Gospel,” the pontiff said.

“We must ask the Holy Spirit to arouse in the Church a new missionary dynamism, whose protagonists are, in particular, pastoral workers and the lay faithful,” he added.

Even though the New Evangelization will take on different forms in each country, the Pope has emphasized that the message of Jesus will remain the same.

The Pope will now begin to prepare a document that summarizes the key points and solutions that were discussed throughout these last three weeks during the synod.

Source: Rome reports

Pope Benedict XVI , Bishops’ Synod , Vatican City
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Pope concludes Synod on the New Evangelization with Mass


Dear Activist,



                                                                                         by Dolphy Dsouza                  

The Christian community is truly a soft target as is evident from the following happenings and it is time for us to wake up and take a stand.

1.      Our Lady of Assumption Church and St Joseph’s School- Kandivali West


The BMC issued an acquisition notice to the Church / School to surrender  parts of the Cemetery, School Ground and Church for widening of the famously  Poisar River which has now become a stinking Nullah [Gutter]  all because of the callousness of the BMC authorities.

The core of the Brimstowad Project is that the flow of the river [now a gutter]should be cleared so that the storm water flows clearly in the sea without any blockages or impediments which will cause flooding.

Also the point to be noted is that this project was studied and a plan constructed in 2008, despite this  the  BMC and other authorities have approved constructions, just at the border of the nullah in numerous sites. The  amazing fact is that a bridge at Dahanukar wadi near the Church   recently constructed has a width which  is less than 38 feet besides it being low that will act as an impediment for the free flow of water. When questioned  why this factors were not taken into consideration, the BMC cited lack of funds , so the question is who are we fooling here ?.

Hence there is no logic in widening the Nullah near the Cemetry /School / Church  side.

And instead of addressing this issue the BMC wants to waste the tax payers money by demolishing existing structures and reconstructing at their cost what they can easily achieve by de-silting the nullah and preventing garbage/ debris  from being dumped as  now it has turned into a stinking nullah.

Have the BMC understood the objective of the project or are they interpreting the same blindly, whereby a huge amount of money which can be used for needed projects is being wasted, just because someone cannot think clearly or do not want to?.

We stand to lose 100’s of our graves of our ancestors, the Children numbering over 1700 lose a playground and the BMC cannot provide open spaces [ whatever empty spaces are left are usurped by unscrupulous builders in connivance with the politicians and authorities].

Also when the new church was constructed couple of years ago the BMC insisted that certain areas be demarcated and kept free for fire control and other regulations, now the same BMC is stating that they can over look the same in the name of progress… which means that in the name of progress all rules and regulations which are by the book can be  erased…so then why make such rules?

What purpose this widening will help for the smooth flow of water is a mystery because at Mith-chowky (Malad) a major chunk of the nullah space has been encroached under the very nose of the various authorities.

On two occasions the said church had given land in front of the church for road widening without asking / claiming for any compensation. Tomorrow they might ask the premises of the whole church including the grounds for other purposes which we can never foretell. BMC works in strange ways.

This church is an heritage precinct with a history of over 400 years.

2.      St Anthonys Church at Malawani, Malad West.


A similar notice of acquisition for road widening was issued by the BMC authorities. This is also an heritage precinct.

While they want the church land for road widening,  exactly opposite the Church premises  they have  allowed constructions of residential / commercial premises for which permissions were given  as late as 2001.

While the church authorities have made several representations they have fallen on deaf ears.


3.      Cemetery on the East side of the Western Suburbs..


On October 14, 2012 there was a massive rally at Kandivali East of over 4000 Christians demanding their cemetery.

In 1996, land was allotted for a composite cemetery. But owing to the alleged negligence/ lapses of the BMC in not constructing the designated boundaries,  this land was encroached upon. While the Muslim and the Hindu community got their burial grounds, the Christians had no place to bury their dead as it was encroached upon. The whole belt from Khar to  Dahisar  does not have a Christian burial ground. There are over 3 lakh Christians  and they dread death  because the cost of burying their  dear ones is expensive as the nearest Cemeteries at Charkop ,Malad West or Oshiwara,  Goregaon West which are  at a distances of   more than 5-15 kms.

From 2003 the United Christian Community Centre  has been agitating on this issue.Everyone including  politicians promise. But when it comes to implementation they go into a coma.

The various groups have been contact with the local MP Shri Sanjay Nirupam. We thank him for his involvement,  but patience is slowly running out as we are  still unaware whether our issues will really be resolved or not ?

There have  been constant approach by the Government and the BMC authorities in the past  to systematically  target spaces of the Church and the community. In the past they had tried to acquire the St Andrews’ Church Cemetery  and other parts, St Peters Church / St Stanislaus School spaces  and the Parsi Aguiary on Hill Road, Bandra on the pretext of road widening. A defiant community and the various NGO’s [H West Federation, The Bombay Catholic Sabha, Activists and concerned Politicians] made a hue and cry and the concerned authorities  had to abandon their  nefarious designs.

St Josephs School , Hill Road land was given most willingly for footpath/  road widening and now it has been encroached by Hawkers and others. Holy Family Church and School have given major chunks of their land for road widening at Chakala recently and several others too.

In 1942 under the Defence of India rules large chunks of land were acquired for defence purposes from the East Indian  Christian Community in the Sahar /Santacruz belt. The community gave it most willingly for the nation at a pittance. And today parts of the same land has been passed on to  private developers  to build 5 star hotels etc. Recently MIAL, [Airport Authorities]  made an attempt to acquire Sahar Church/  School land and those of the residents for the purposes of  airport expansion which was purely for building convention malls / golf course etc. The sustained agitation by Sahar Citizen Forum, St John Save Church Committee , Bombay Catholic Sabha and several others  led to the abandoning of acquiring these properties.

We are asking for land since 1996 for a  Cemetry on the Eastern side of the Western suburbs which the BMC cannot provide and BMC demands land from the Churches/ Schools  as a matter of right.

BMC usually fails to plan but in this case their plans are surely going to fail. This type of bullying won’t do now. If they still insist in  acquiring the said lands or do not provide us a Cemetry in a time bound manner  than the community will have no choice but make this a political issue for the forthcoming elections of 2014 or earlier if it happens.

Are the authorities taking us for granted?,or maybe they rely on the fact that we are a peace loving and law abiding community and can be easily trampled upon.

Are they really concerned about the genuine grievances of the community and are working on solving them?

Or maybe  they want a peace loving & law abiding community no option

but to vent their feelings and frustrations by a peaceful agitation.



We appeal to the Chief Minister to step in to solve these just demands. Is the Chief Minister listening????

Dolphy D’souza

43, Kalina, Santarcuz East, Mumbai 400 029. Cell: 09820226227. Email: dolphyadsouza@gmail.com

[The author of this article is Immd. Past President of The Bombay Catholic Sabha and former National Vice-President of the All India Catholic Union]


We invite you  to be part of this campaign by joining the facebook page:

“Peoples stand for their land- OLAC & St Joseph High School”


Also be part of the google group by sending an email to : pdominic22@gmail.com

Sunday Gospel Reflection With Fr. Bill Grimm

Perhaps until the time comes that we really need him, we will never see him as he really is.

Posted on October 26, 2012, 1:18 PM

Sunday Gospel Reflection With Fr. Bill Grimm
Gospel Principles

                         Gospel Principles                                 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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