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                                                                                                                                    24Th, September, 2012
Hello Friends,
“Church is what we are”, the phrase we always have been hearing from the pulpit; which means, Laity and Clergy have an equal role to play. However, in reality the situation is totally different in present times.
Bombay Catholic Sabha(BCS) is supposed to be representing Laity to interact with Clergy on behalf of Laity at large, in the Archdiocese of Bombay. However, much disappointment has crept into the minds of lay persons, vis a vis central leader ship of BCS. Because of the attitude, it has literally become defunct, baring a unit or so, like Kalina, being active.
Recently, Vikhroli unit of BCS organized a programme and the organizers were disappointed with response from parishioners. In that context the mails were exchanged between Joel D’souza, the Treasurer and Mr. Gordon D’souza, President BCS. Responses by recipients were also circulated, baring one, by one Cedric Fernandes, which was critical about the President, Mr. Gordon D’souza.
Since the matter was brought to our notice, we wrote to him, marking the copy to Archbishop. There has been no response from him.
Following are some of the mails, putting up for your perusal. You be the judge.
  Silent Voice
        A/7  Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad (W), Mumbai, 400095.   Contact No. 98707 19628
E mail:    silentvoice58@gmail.com
                                                                                                                                                14th, July, 2012;
Gordon D’souza,
President, Bombay Catholic Sabah (BCS),
Dear Gordon,
Thank you for keeping us on your mailing list and feeding with news related to BCS activities. BCS Kalina unit is at forefront of it.
Just recently Vikhroli Unit has been in the news, for being disappointed with parishioner’s response. Their dismay can be understood. We would like to enlighten them with a proverb; “PROBLEMS ARE SENT ALONG TO MAKE US THINK AND NOT TO MAKE US WORRY”, and advise them, not to be disappointed.
You have received a lot of responses to their disappointment, which you have forwarded to your readers including us. However, we felt that something is amiss. We cannot find response of one Cedric Fernandes of I. C. Church Parish, Borivali; amongst the responses, which you have mailed to your readers. We do not know the reason for you to do so. He has aptly described the anomalies in working of BCS, which has caused down-trend in fortune of the organization. Attaching herewith, copy of the same.
SILENT VOICE does not believe in interfering with other organizations. However, since Cedric Fernandes has marked the copy to us, and BCS being Church Aided Organisation of Laity, we step into it, not to criticize but to enlighten the members, so that steps could be taken to improve its working, in true interest of Laity. Please remember, BCS is the only Church Recognised Laity Organisation, in Archdiocese of Bombay. Therefore, we are also marking copy of this, letter to Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias. May be he can intervene, to revamp BCS.
We hope, in true spirit of collective responsibility, you will mail this matter to your readers.
Following is the link to the matter related to Uttan Beth, which Cedric Fernandes has mentioned in his letter.
Encl: Cedric Fernandes’s Letter
Copy to:   1. Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias. 2. Cedric Fernandes. 3. Joel D’souza. BCS Vikhroli
Cedric Fernandes to Gordon D’souza
Cedric Fernandes
6:43 PM (22 hours ago)
to Gordon, bcc: me
Dear Gordon
The vivid responses on the subject matter which seem practical on paper, its application is in as much a debated issue, which questions the capabilities of the BCS Special Executive committee members, most of whose credentials are questionable  So who needs to be groomed the disoriented flock or its leaders ??  Both Catholics who despise each other to fulfill their own selfish aspirations to call the shots, from whom does one draw inspiration?
BCS under directions is fostering interfaith discussions through their units and arrange meetings, but the very Clergy, who direct them, behave disrespectfully with disdain with their own parishioners, who are disillusioned by their responses which is mainly called the Clergy and Laity divide.
As far as the BCS is concerned, it is basically a defunct body, propped up by the Clergy like the SCC to keep control over the laity at large, rather than values.  BCS wants to know what you can contribute, rather than what they can do for you, the same goes for the Clergy.  “Do What I Tell You But Don’t Do As I Do “Yes!! Are these words too hard to stomach? in as much as ” Pray Pay & Obey ”  Sorry I don’t think I am being vindictive, but this is the Clergy in Time Today !!  Members and parishioners are busy doing constructive work, but the hallowed ones are ruling the roost.  The Silent Oppressed Majority is not blind to this snobbery.
As the President of the Bombay Catholic Sabha, you are a living example, where people are looking for answers on the funds sent to you for helping the Uttan Bhett affected families, an issue that was showcased on public domain by Silent Voice, in a letter written to H.E. the Cardinal, which remains unaccounted for, in as much as using the BCS to project your magazine “SPOTLIGHT”, not to mention the revamp of the BCS website (NEW), and so on & so forth.  As I have mentioned in my earlier letters, if the cupboards were shaken, many a Skeletons will walk out alive to testify with evidence.
During my term, as the Vice President of Immaculate Conception Parish Unit, the muted response to my mails, from the Parish Priest, Special Executive council members and Archdiocesan spokesperson, on the serious issue wherein all the committee members resigned is a stark reminder of how the clergy and BCS collaborated to sweep the matter under the carpet.
You can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
The Archdiocesan Survey, is another Clergy eyewash, like the SCC, an image makeover.  But wait a minute, are they asking what can they do for you like the blind man, when he asked Jesus “I want to see”??, was he a Pharisee, sinner, etc, as per the dictate required as on date. Does the Clergy ever put pen to paper ??
Cardinal Gracias President of the CBCI in his liturgy on the 26th of June at St Andrew’s Church Bandra quoted to have said ” The priest’s teaching on the sanctification of the work is now ‘urgent’ to ” bring honesty into public life” so that ” ethics, morality and values return to center stage”.  Further at a 2 day Catholic Laity Synod held in Delhi on the 1st of July, the lay people sought that the Bishops and priests play a strictly spiritual role, and allow the faithful to manage the schools and other church institutions.  This consultation was aimed at empowering 17 million Catholic laity according to the guidelines of the Second Vatican Council and Canon Law.
As Marcia D’cunha, from the Women’s Commission said, “Believe in the Power of One!  You Can Make That Difference, Your Time Starts Now!! Inspiration and Empowerment beckons both the Clergy and BCS, for “A Better Tomorrow Today “!! #
Cc: Forwarded to Silent Voice
Mails by Gordon D’souza and Joel D’souza
Forwarding you an email, from Joel D’Souza Treasurer of the BCS St. Joseph’s Vikhroli Unit. The Vikhroli Unit is one among the most active Units we have. Among their varied activities is the public footover bridge they got the authorities to construct at the railway crossing site through activism such as dharnas, rail roko, meetings, PILs, getting part of reputed Mall demolished to reconstruct a proper landing even to the extent of getting involved in litigation at the Supreme Court. Joel feels that Christian participation at events is not good enough. He has raised the questions. Do you have any answers?
Gordon D’Souza
To: “Mr. Gordon” <contactgordon@gmail.com>
Dear Sir
Re : My query to you on low response for BCS Activities during the AGM
Our unit has been very active and undertaken various activities. It is well known in our parish about the quality events and result oriented approach. But we have failed desperately in getting audiences for our events.
Even our parish priest has acknowledged the fact as he describes beautiful and very good events conducted.
This has been very demoralizing to most of our committee members. As a result some of them have lost interest and dropped out.
Even for the petitions non Christians are prompt but our community prefers to avoid.
For example In August’11 we had a Candle Light procession in support of Anna Hazare after the evening mass from the church compound but 80+% of the participants were non Christians.
Similarly in October’10 for the signature campaign some of our own Christian people avoided on some pretext.
Even in Nov’11 for rail roko there were few people from our community.
Even in today’s AGM – inspite of clear and detailed notices read in the Church for three weekends, inspite of our committee members personally requesting parishners who are members, the response was very poor. (I accept the fact that SMS were not sent but would it have changed the attendence?)
What is the reason for the same ? Is our community too scared? Why our community tends to avoid look the other way?
Somewhere there is a gap
We need to address this gap, change the paradigms of our community because this issue is not just of our parish but most of our other parishes as well.
Thanks and Regards
Joel D’souza
Saturday, 14 July 2012 5:25 PM
Dear All
In our Catholic Community we have many an accredited persons both in the Clergy as well in the Laity (specially), who are proficient Planners, Speakers and Writers, but fail to ACT, as they do not have the gumption to openly speak out, object or question their counterparts on the allegations of evidences leveled, but turn silent yet fainthearted and verbally convinced that there was no iota of doubt on their wrong doing. They are so convinced that they are known in Clergy circles as the PPC (Priests Parish Committee) the favored few who are well protected and attended on.
H.E. Oswald Gracias is distraught by the numerous mails received, on the atrocities and brazen behavior of the Clergy , showcased in public domain by‘SILENTVOICE’ that has rocked & embarrassed the Church. In his homily at St Andrew’s Church Bandra he said the priest’s teaching on the sanctification of the work is now ‘urgent’ to ” bring honesty into public life” so that ” ethics, morality and values return to center stage” If the Lord can entrust Peter with the Key to His Kingdom,” What is the Clergy afraid of” ??.
Gordon D’souza the President of the Bombay Catholic Sabha and his protected cronies, do not bat an eyelid on their misdeeds. Whilst Fr. Savio Fernandes Archdiocesan Chancellor speaks on the Christian way of doing things. He is forgetting ”The Church us Who We Are, Not Where We Go”
I was surprised when silent voice mailed me Gordon’s mail on responses: “Poor Response – Need to address, change paradigms of our parishioners; which made no mention of my mailed response. Gordon has been inquiring about my credentials, but has not had the courage to reply my mail nor call me for his side of the story ? Have / Will any of you asked him the question WHY ??



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