Sept. 5th 2012

Robin Mantode


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*Dear Brothers and sisters,*

*Jesus,’ Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground……bears much fruit.”John12:24.*

*Wishing you peaceful and joyful greetings, with health and healing, peace and prosperity.*

[ *Please forward the message below to your friends,relatives and email contacts.It is helping hundreds of people with good health.]*

* Last week of June I attended World Yoga Day in Portugal, I was invited to speak on Biblical nature cure, where hundreds of people were present from many countries. Especially the people of Europe and America were in big number who has realized that Natural health care is the best and saying good bye to the western medicines which have dangerous side effects. They were saying we love India and nature cure system in India.*

Today the human body [God’s Temple] is on attack with different kinds of diseases. It is today than in the past the whole human race is worried about health. No wonder today hardly we find few animal hospitals but the hospitals for human beings are on rise and they are overcrowded .My uncle in Pune was telling me when he wanted to get admitted in the hospital there was no room in majority hospitals on 25th.Dec 2011.In spite of advancement in medical profession people remain sick till the end consuming medications all their life with dangerous side effects.

Indoor grown wheatgrass grows from 8-14 days b...

Indoor grown wheatgrass grows from 8-14 days before it is harvested. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Wheatgrass is the super food, called as the Natures best healing miracle, it is called as green blood. Wheatgrass is natural organic food supplement not a medicine. Wheatgrass purifies the blood and the internal organs and nourishes the blood and the body with natural organic nutrition.100gm wheatgrass powder is equaled to 23kg vegetables in nutrition. Wheatgrass 100% Natural &innocent product having multiple health & wellness benefits. ***

*It helps strengthen immune system, detoxification, maintains blood pH, increases hemoglobin count, helps in diabetes, acidity. ulcers, controls, blood sugar, cholesterol, helps in combating diseases such as Cancer, Leukemia, Arthritis, Insomnia, Asthma, Menstrual problems, etc….etc…..the list goes on…** ***

*You get a very good export quality wheatgrass powder near Pune; they send it into 20countries.You can get it by free speed post at home.

I consume it myself and many, catholic’s, priests, bishops and nuns in India and abroad are consuming it and having perfect health. Last week priest friend in Mumbai told me after consuming the wheatgrass his blood test came all normal which had complications earlier. In my simple language a person who consumes wheatgrass will have his blood clean; thin healthy and strong keeping him in good health means absence of diseases.*

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juic...

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juicing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you need it let me know I will arrange it for you anywhere in India and abroad.**



Fr.Robin, Pune –9922345997.robin.mantode@gmail.com*


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Wheatgrass books

Wheatgrass books (Photo credit: skyfaller)

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