Sr. Mudita with Ma Tureeya (right)

Denis Khan Mother Theresa confessed to 40 years of darkness & confusion during her exemplary life.
Get well, Sr. Mudita! Praying that male domination will be abolished & discrimination against Women Religious totally banished in the forthcoming Archdiocesan Council.

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Greg PereiraDenis Khan Sr. Mudita has recoverd and is already back serving our LORD at the address mentioned on SILENT VOICE.

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Cedric Fernandes In Time Today ! with all the controversies plaguing the church, by the perpetrators on corrupt practices in the Clergy and Religious, there are a few conscientious and committed souls in their midst like Sr. Mudita fully devoted to serving the LORD

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  1. akismetuser386797048 said,

    August 7, 2012 at 2:48 am

    Yes, it is nice to read the bold thoughts of women like her. When i read this I wondered that the majority of religious women have Everything and maybe even the best in terms of housing , food, good medical and collective social security , community to support , guaranteed jobs , formation resources and facilities , the spiritual graces of the Eucharist , retreats , prestige and honour in the church , compared to the laity , majority of whom struggle for basic needs of life .

    Isn’t it commendable that the Laity who don’t have all this , can still be good Catholics and persevere in faith through the dark nights and temptations of the world , and still give their services to the church without getting anything in return ?

    I remember one poor and devout woman in the world who gave her entire life to the Lord and spent her life serving and praying for the church . She had to go for knee replacement surgery but could not afford a good hospital. She died in a public hospital . People she wanted to meet at her death bed avoided visiting her lest they feel morally obliged to help her get better treatment . They landed directly for the funeral with all praises for her.

    The silent ones are totally forgotten. And yet , do so many religious women grumble about not having equal power as the clergy. Why don’t Laity complain enough ! Most religious in institutes know ‘about’ the struggles of people in their organisations or the world , but the Laity know their own struggles first hand. Who should be involved in decision making about their lives ?

    Anyone can go through crisis in life if they have Everything like the majority of religious have and witness to the goodness of God. The test is to do so when one has the bare minimum or even lacks all that in life. I think i personally fail such a test .


    • Silent Voice said,

      August 7, 2012 at 10:12 pm

      Dr.(Sr.) Mudita’s Reply, Received via E mail

      Thank you for your comment and your ideas about women religious. If our lives were a bed of roses don’t you think our convents would be overflowing with young girls also wanting the so called good life as per your comment?

      Sadly our convents and all convents are empty or at least numbers are dwindling. Every life has its share of ups and downs, roses and thorns. We do have material comforts, if we work in the urban cities. Do visit our mission stations and experience the difficulties as well. I lived with tribals (Adivasis) in Kazli in a Karvi (reed) hut with no toilets etc. I had to go in the open air ‘air conditioned free for all toilet’ and bathe at night when it was dark, cook on wood fire, draw water from a well and eat rice and dal daily- no milk and no fruits. I slept in an open shed freezing to death in the cold with fleas biting the whole night. Foolishly I used DDT to escape the fleas, inhaled in a lot of DDT in the process and ended up with corroding bones as a result and finally had to go in for Total Knee Replacement. But I have no regrets and still opted to go to work in the missions of Patna where I am presently working.

      Secondly, is a material comfort all that one needs to be happy? Sorry my dear, dear friend I can show you many who have everything the world can offer by way of material comforts but are not loved and cared for and have no one to talk to and no friends and a few even want to commit suicide. Life is more than food and drink and material comforts my dear friend.
      Sr Mudita Sodder rscj


  2. akismetuser386797048 said,

    August 8, 2012 at 2:13 am

    Dear Sr Mudita , my comment was not addressed to you or your religious congregation in particular . I’m thinking of the ‘majority’ of religious institutes mainly in the archdiocese of Mumbai . You being a Bombay girl makes me feel proud that you chose to be with the poor and have a dialogue of life with them in another part of India. Maybe one in a hundred religious women dares to live radically like you , or one in ten religious institutes has radical thinking like your RSCJ congregation or society.

    I know several religious women working for the poor even in Mumbai and the suburb mission stations of our archdiocese . But I have noticed their lifstyle is often still much better than their neighbours. They are often less poor and sometimes very rich compared to the poor with whom they live or work. And I think one cannot deny that belonging to a religious institute itself in India is a guarantee to an abundant life ‘compared’ to the majority non-religious. Gradually the influence of the West is creeping into India but compared to the West vocations are still flourishing and the majority of vocations according to me come from the developing areas of India and from Kerela and have unrefined motivations for joining. They hardly seem like the best future leaders of the archdiocese of Bombay where it is necessary for the Laity to be encouraged to get into decision making instead of always looking for leadership among clergy and religious.

    One important thing necessary for the future of the archdiocese is that religious should try to move to other parts of India , to serve like you do , instead of they coming from other parts of India . Only then will people of the church living in the world, in this archdiocese be empowered and also take more interest in serving those who are poor materially ,emotionally etc around them.

    Even in this archdiocese there are many poor lay catholics who go through what you’ve experienced in tribal areas.Just that the clergy seem to have a preferential option for the rich and powerful.

    One more point I mentioned is that the ‘majority’ of religious in bombay have Everything in terms of spiritual, mental, emotional , communitarian, and other needs seen holistically . I very much agree with you that material wealth is not everything in life . Religious have so much wealth in terms of formation, spiritual resources etc and yet there is a lot of corruption even in the institutes. I don’t mean to point at your congregation but am sharing a general observation from personal experience.

    Anyway, I’m nowhere compared to your witness.

    Pray for me please.


    • Silent Voice said,

      August 9, 2012 at 8:22 am

      Dr.(Sr.) Mudita’s Reply, Received via E mail

      My dear friend ,

      God has called each one to a special vocation, be it married life, single hood or a religious vocation. We are all on mission and we have to witness to Christ and His value system.

      Vocations from Goa, Mangalore , Kerala and now even Vasai are over.The future of religious life is in Orissa, Jharkhand and the Dalits from Tamilnadu.
      Religious are often weak , frail human beings. God deliberately chooses the weak. Many falter. Let us look at them with compassion and pray for them .That is all we can do as true followers of Christ. May they be inspired by our life and let God in His mercy forgive them as He does for each of us.

      Your Sister in Christ,
      Mudita rscj


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