Goa churches selected to improve Indian image



The tourism ministry has taken the initiative under the “Campaign Clean India” project.


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St. Francis Assisi Church, Old Goa

New Delhi:

Two ancient Catholic churches in Goa are among ten important Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) monuments the federal Tourism Ministry has chosen to improve India’s image among overseas visitors.

The ministry yesterday approved these monuments’ adoption by Institutes of Hotel Management and Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management under “Campaign Clean India” project.

The ASI monuments include Se Cathedral and St. Francis Assisi Church complex in Old Goa, Hindu temples in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and Buddhist Caves in Kanheri, Maharashtra.

The list also includes forts at Delhi, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and Bhatinda in Punjab. Other monuments are Megalithic Bridge on the Um-Nyakaneth between Jaracm and Syndai in Meghalaya, Mamallapuram Group of Monuments in Tamil Nadu and Imambara of Asaf-ud Daula in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The ministry will seek the help of the Quality Council of India for an independent and objective evaluation of these monuments’ state of cleanliness and proper hygiene, indispensable universal norms.

Lack of or inadequate personal and environmental cleanliness, especially in tourism, will adversely impact India’s image as a visitor is influenced by the first impression.

The tourism ministry will use persuasion, education, training, demonstration and sensitization of all segments of society to improve India’s image. It will start with cleanliness of certain identified tourist destinations.

It will also spread the awareness through educational institutions and NGOs, corporate, industries. These efforts will ensure truly world class standard for these institutions.

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English: This image was taken during 2008

English: This image was taken during 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Sr. Mudita with Ma Tureeya (right)

Denis Khan Mother Theresa confessed to 40 years of darkness & confusion during her exemplary life.
Get well, Sr. Mudita! Praying that male domination will be abolished & discrimination against Women Religious totally banished in the forthcoming Archdiocesan Council.

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Greg PereiraDenis Khan Sr. Mudita has recoverd and is already back serving our LORD at the address mentioned on SILENT VOICE.

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Cedric Fernandes In Time Today ! with all the controversies plaguing the church, by the perpetrators on corrupt practices in the Clergy and Religious, there are a few conscientious and committed souls in their midst like Sr. Mudita fully devoted to serving the LORD

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