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VM: 15/2012
3rd, August, 2012
Dear Friends,
Following letter was written by Sr. Mudita Sodder, to her well wishers, while she was undergoing a treatment for knee replacement. We are one of the fortunate recipients, and thought of sharing it with our readers.
Sr. Mudita at present is stationed at Tarumitra Ashram and Bio-Reserve Centre, Digha Ghat P.O, Patna 800011, Bihar, India.   https://tarumitra.wordpress.com/tag/mudita-sodder/
SILENT VOICE recently carried her article, MOTHER OF PERPECTUAL SUCCOUR : THE MAHIM PHENOMENON, Which provided insight into the beginning of very popular Novena services of, Mother of Perpetual succour at St. Michael Church Mahim.
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During my month’s stay in the hospital for a Total Knee Replacement major surgery and physiotherapy, the Lord turned my scars into stars. He transformed the worst into the best, my so called tragedy into triumph. Experiencing the unchanging love of God at all times irrespective of the situation was my experience there. The Lord visited me umpteen times all through the day and night, through pain and struggle, and through smiles, kindnesses and good deeds of the doctors, the nurses, the physiotherapists, the ward boys, the lift men, the ayahs, friends, relatives, a bishop, priests, nuns and brothers. The Lord also visited me through total strangers, letters, phone calls and SMSes.
There was less pain and more gain. In and through my pain, I was able to understand the pain of others. Lying on my back in bed, I learned to be kind to unkind people, because God helped me to realize that they needed it the most. I had enough quality time to spend with God and to enjoy nature around, through the windows, the balcony and the chorus of bird songs. He even allowed me mental pain; only to make me strong, to help me bear, and to teach me through life’s experience that those who hurt others are bruised, broken and hurt themselves- a great lesson for life. “Forgive me Lord for the many times I have hurt others”, I mumbled. Comprehending the brokenness of others, it was easier to be more compassionate and forgive them. God certainly teaches us lessons beyond our expectations!
I slowly began to understand that trouble, pain, hurt etc. have no potency to defeat us or discourage us before our great God. We may have to face a lot of difficulties, because when God is about to do something wonderful, He begins with a difficulty and when He is going to do something really wonderful, He begins with impossibility. God often enables us to turn our difficulties and problems into opportunities and learning experiences. With His grace, we discover to do things in a new and novel way by ourselves, and this is the miracle. The impossible thus becomes possible.
I also realized that when I exercise faith, I always have to face risk i.e. whether what I believe is going to be true or not. However, life’s experiences have taught me that it is better to take the risk of faith, than stay in the pit of disappointment. Life is bound to pop up crisis experiences now and then. However, even when everything looks bad, God is good and will make all things work for my good. God allows such crisis in my life not to break me but to make me, not to make me bitter but to make me better. If I fight, grumble and blame both God and others, then I become bitter, hurt myself and all those I encounter. But when, I tide over the crisis with His help, I mature and become a better human being, because every crisis experience always has the potential to deliver us and take us to a higher peak of trust and faith in God.
God chooses what I go through, but I choose how I go through it. I can either choose to curse God, murmur and crib about my situation, blame others, feel that I am at the end of the rope; OR filled by the power of the Holy Spirit I can hope and choose to praise God for all things at all times, even when people do things I don’t like, hurt me or irritate me. For this to happen, my prayer life and faith must be intense i.e. second nature like breathing. We are an Easter people, and Alleluia should be our continuous mantra, especially when things are beyond our control, for nothing is impossible with God.
However, how I handle crisis is vital. When problems and difficulties come my way, I must be optimistic and do something. If I stay put, saying, “the cross is too heavy, I can’t carry it, the only solution is suicide”, then even God cannot help me. When I attempt to do something to solve my problem and ask God to help me in the doing, He sharpens my ability to do things and to begin to look at things from a different perspective and the miracle happens.
I learned that every crisis is a learning experience. It taught me the art of living and coping with crisis. It taught me how to make small changes in order to change my attitude. I have to believe that I can tide over every crisis, not because of my own strength but because of the one who never ceases to enable me to do all things through Him. I am thus able to live and reign over circumstances. Changing my attitude is in my hands. God will certainly help me to choose the right attitude but it is still in my hands and for me to take the first step.
I comprehended that every creature belongs to God. I am God’s property and He will take care of His property in the best way possible, writing straight even on crooked lines and turning the worst into the best. When I am grounded in faith, nothing can separate me from experiencing His love and no evil can overpower me because God is in control.  For example, when my knees were feeble, God’s knees were able. When I handed my feeble knees to Him, He lent me His able feet made tangible through human beings, to wheel me in a chair from one place to another.
I have now understood that when I enjoy God’s love and experience it at all times, I become like Jesus, taking on His character and His qualities. I then become Jesus to others-in my attitudes, in my actions and in my dealings with them. God gives me the strength to be like Jesus and this will carry me into eternity.  Finally, I have realized that it is not the number of hours that I pray, but the result of my prayer that matters. Have I become a little more loving, a bit kinder and an iota gentler?
May each of us become the walkie talkie Christ on Earth, giving life to others, willing to lay down our own life as Jesus did, drawing others into the fold, building His Kingdom daily by our lives, so that the whole world enters into eternity.
Dr. Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ
Pragnyalaya, Pune.
Model demonstrating parts of an artificial knee

Model demonstrating parts of an artificial knee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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