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9th, July, 2012
Hello Friends,
While ANNA HAZARE’S agitation against corruption in the country was gaining momentum, tremors were being felt within Catholics Church. It is known that Catholic Church administration, particularly in Bombay, is deep into Corruption related to financial and Properties impropriety. During that period, few articles had appeared in the Examiner too. One such article by Dr. (Sr.) Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ had attracted lot of criticism. One such letter of critism, by Fr. Savio Fernandes, who is a Chancellor of Archdiocese, which had appeared in the Examiner of 25th, June, 2011 is also reproduced here together with Dr. Mudita’s Article, to refresh your memory.
Dr. (Sr.) Mudita Sodder feels, Church Administration needs to be cleansed, whereas Fr. Savio Thinks, there is no Corruption in the Church Administration, or he does not give much importance to it. To prove his point, has quoted several verses from Bible; in an attempt to hide behind the veil of Spirituality, as usual, when they don’t have answers to such problems.
When Dr. (Sr.) Mudita was asked as to what she thinks about Fr. Savio’s logic, she replied:
God does not come down to earth except through human beings like you and me and Anna Hazare.
How true her words are. When she says you and me, it does not imply to two individuals, but to every Catholic, who loves our Mother Church, and would do anything to protect her from every calamity. God does expect all of us, to take care of our Mother Church. Let us collectively carry out our responsibility. Lord Jesus Christ had driven out money changers from Temple of God. MATTHEW 21:12. We are sure, He expects us to do the same.
Dr. (Sr.) Mudita’s Article Published in the Examiner, in April, 2011:
You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Landlords and capitalists can oppress and dominate serfs and proletariats for a while, up to a certain extent, but when oppression goes overboard, there comes a time when serfs and proletariats can take it no longer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They rise up, revolt and overthrow the capitalists or the powers that be!
Sex scandals, paedophiles, sexual harassment, embezzlement of funds, power games, ego struggles, manipulation and engineering of minutes at meetings, mismanagement of property and finance, child abuse, rape, crime, suicide, misogyny, gender discrimination, gluttony, alcoholism, amassment of wealth, literally the best of both worlds! This is the scenario of some of us, the so called Church Leaders and Animators- the Shepherds who are expected to lead Jesus’ flock in the right direction i.e. to God the Father. The laity outside is no better. Extra marital relationships, infidelity, live-ins, property quarrels and court cases against family members, euthanasia, jealousy, breach of trust, drug addiction. The list is endless.
The Idea Mobile slogan says, “An idea can change your life”. Yes, one person can bring about change in society. Mr. Lalu Prasad as the Chief Minister of Bihar was a failure, but as the Railway Minister he worked wonders and earned the title of Management Guru. Why? The Railways was running at a loss. He improved facilities, did not raise the fares and yet made a profit for the Railways. He used the available resources intelligently. Mr. T. N. Seshan the Election Commissioner of India revolutionized the electoral system in India i.e. the electronic voting machines, thus eliminating cheating, ballot box rigging and other irregularities. Rahul Gandhi toured India and got the youth together. He thus won 21 seats in parliament for the Congress.  Anna Hazare a 73 year old ex-army man has with his recent crusade against corruption, proved to Indians and to the world, how one person can bring about change. He has walked the talk, which indirectly highlights the need for enlightened leadership.
Human beings are good and honest creatures. If taught the right values and shown the right direction, they are bound to follow suit. The problem is we do not have enlightened leaders, good role models to imitate or follow. What the aam admi witnesses today are wrong values and bad role models. Our children and youth have nothing else to ape, which is why India our beloved country is going to the dogs.
Similarly the Church in India is stuck in the mire of illusion and a lackadaisical attitude to the urgency of the Kingdom of God. Gone are the days when foreign missionaries who came to India, set good standards and led from the front, walking the talk at every moment of their life. Indians then who became Christians lived authentic lives, because they had the right role models to follow. Early Indian Christian church leaders lived holy lives-lives worthy of emulation and inspiration, which is why many flocked to Christianity. Just as the Indian on the street, recently donned  Gandhi topis (caps) with the caption, “ I am Anna Hazare”, our religious leaders and other Indian Christians  then, by their very lives proclaimed, “ I am Jesus Christ walking on this Earth”. Their lives were the open Bible, the Gospel from which people read a chapter each day. They just lived their lives honestly following the values of Jesus. There was no need to preach about Jesus. THEY WERE JESUS FOR OTHERS. They just loved God in one another and others observing them proclaimed “See how they love one another”.
Good people are different. Badness or non-goodness around, affects them deeply-to the extent that they have to act, they have no other choice. Compromises don’t exist in their life’s dictionary. They cannot sit on the fence or join the bandwagon. The spirit within disturbs them and they are compelled to go out and do something to better the situation. ANNA HAZARE IS DIFFERENT. He is a good man which is why his inner calling forced him to act. He decided to fast unto death at great cost to self, until things improved. His goodness and other centeredness disturbed other good people and soon the spark of goodness lit the goodness dormant in Indians around. This is certainly a milestone in the history of India. Thanks to simple good youth like Ruben Mascarenhas-youth co-ordinator of India Against Corruption (Mumbai) and other good citizens like him. We are proud of you!
I believe all human beings are not just good, but very good and Indians are not just good but HOLY. We have had the good luck to be born on holy terrain. We tread on holy ground, breathing in the good vibrations left behind by our age old seers and gurus. EACH OF US IS AN ANNA HAZARE. Let us FAST FROM gossip, complaining, negativity, hostility, lethargy, suspicion, self concern, personal anxiety, judging others, thoughts of illness, words that pollute, unrelenting pressures, facts that depress, thoughts that weaken, shadows of sorrow, problems that overwhelm etc. and instead FEAST ON JESUS ‘ indwelling in every human being, on the unity of all life around, on the reality of light in ourselves and in others, on the healing power of God, on phrases that purify, on appreciation of others, on affirmatives that cheer others, on unceasing prayer, on non-resistance, on forgiveness, on enthusiasm, on the truth that frees, on compassion for others, on eternal truths, on verities that uplift, on promises that inspire, on the sunlight of serenity, on purposeful silence, on prayer that undergirds and the like.
May the People’s Movement of goodness, set into motion by our beloved Anna Hazare, enter the Indian Church, gain momentum, enlighten us Church leaders and laity, and gallop at electronic speed bringing about renewal and new meaning in the Church of India! Each of us is Anna Hazare. Let us wear our Safed Patti (white ribbon) boldly and become the walkie-talkie Gospel. That will win more hearts than any number of sermons or preaching!
Dr. Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ
Sophia College Campus, Mumbai.
Published in The Examiner in April 2011, Indian Currents, Soul and Vision
At present she is based in:
Tarumitra Ashram and Bio-Reserve Centre,
Digha Ghat P.O, Patna 800011, Bihar, India.
Examiner: 25th June, 2011
On Corruption & Transparency
Sir, Nowadays, there is a big hue and cry over corruption in the country. Some people have seized this opportunity to vent their ire on the Church, and have alleged corruption in the Church too, and expressed the need for greater transparency. One of them has even gone so far as to suggest that we need an “Anna Hazare” in the Church (not Jesus Christ, mind you!)
For the cleansing of the Church, we certainly do not need an”Anna Hazare’! What we do need is to put Christ back into our lives and follow His teachings, i.e. “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12);” If any one strikes you on the right chee, turn to him the other also” (Mt 5:39); “And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against any one; so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses” (Mk 11:25); Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but not notice the log that is in your own eye? (Mt 7:3); “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone” (Jn 8:7).
We should recognize that all of us, the writers included, are sinners in need of change. St. John reminds us, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us”. I am reminded here of a beautiful adage I picked up as a young student. “Don’t try to reform others, change yourself and there will be one scoundrel less in the world to be changed”.
Fr. Savio Fernandes, Colaba
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  1. Silent Voice said,

    July 18, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    From: naveen fernandes

    To: GREG PEREIRA ; Greg Pereira

    Sent: Wednesday, 18 July 2012 5:08 PM

    Subject: Vatican bank ‘needs more reform’, report says


    The Vatican bank needs more reform in order to show it is effective at
    preventing financial crime, a report by a European banking watchdog
    has said.

    The Vatican has tried to gain entry to a so-called “white list” of
    countries that are recognised globally as financially transparent.

    The report said the Vatican’s measures for tackling money laundering
    and financing of terrorism were inadequate.

    However, the bank had “come a long way” in addressing financial transparency.

    The report by Moneyval – the European body that vets banks – graded
    the secretive bank in 16 key areas.

    The Vatican bank was found to be falling short on seven of them and
    given a negative grade.

    Moneyval said the reporting of suspicious transactions was deficient
    and found the Vatican police to be ill equipped to deal with financial

    While offences such as financing terrorism had been criminalised by
    the Holy See – the central administration of the Vatican – methods
    used to prevent these crimes had not been implemented, Moneyval said.

    The Moneyval report is not a qualification for entry on the “white
    list”, but its approval influences a country’s ability to gain
    international recognition for good financial practices.


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