10,000 Committed Viewers : WE WORK FOR YOU !

 Add in a Sprinkle of “Bleeding Heart Syndrome “and you have a formula for Me

10,000 Viewers Achieved This Day the 25th of June 2012, since “ Silent Voice ” came into being within a short span of just 8 months, as the “ Voice of the Silent Majority ” whose objective is   :  CATHOLICS FOR TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY AND WEEDING OF CORRUPT PRACTICES AT PARISH LEVELS.

We wish to thank all our Followers, Supporters, Community and Well Wishers.  We Appreciate the Pledge and Support we have been receiving, and further instilling us with your confidence by asking us to continue as the Community Watch Dog.  Rest assured we will continue to Report and Assist all those whose problems need redress.  At times serving as the community watchdog, we do get caught in the middle of controversial issues; in these cases we have found overwhelming support for doing our job of trying to be fair and convincing with supported evidences.

We further would like to thank all of you who have been reading our articles and enjoyed it, and for those who have found it offensive and awful…. Well, I don’t see you putting your soul on to a piece of paper for the world to see.

During these few months we have discovered a lot of ourselves and how we perceive the world to be, and have come to grips about who we are and what our community and followers want from us.  In simple terms we are now more thoroughly organised in the chaotic depths of our mind.  There have been many a storms but there has been a light at the end of the tunnel for most of our supporters and followers.

We appeal to you all to pass this message to your relatives, friends and link persons, that we are there to assist and get redresses to all their problems in accordance to our faith values and objectives as mentioned above.

We leave with a piece of advice: “Be Positive, the mind is both challenging and frustrating but a wonderful experience!  Embrace it.  “Be Who You Want to Be and Not What Others Expect you to be”.


145.365 i'll come up for peace,

145.365 i’ll come up for peace, (Photo credit: ashley rose,)


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  1. June 28, 2012 at 11:29 am

    you guys doin a great job…may the viewers keep on growing…


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