VM : 009/2012
18th June 2012

Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici
(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)
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Hello Friends,

It is a common knowledge among the Laity that PARISH PASTORAL COUNCILS, (PPCs), are full of ‘yes men/yes women’ of the parish priests. Any PPC member, who dares to oppose the decision of the Parish Priest, is shunted out, by hook or by crook. Sometimes, by voting her/him, out by creating majority of his cronies, like it has happened at the Parish of St. Paul’s Church, Dadar (E), at OL of Salvation Church, Dadar (W); or by taking an autocratic decision, as it has happened in this case; i. e. OL of Remedy Church, Poinsur.
Friends, Church does not mean that beautiful edifice or a building, where the congregation comes together to offer devotions to Lord Almighty. Church is what WE THE PEOPLE, both, Clergy as well as Laity make. This is what we are taught, always. But the role of the Laity has been reduced to obedient slaves, by present day power hungry Clergy. Laity is only supposed to PRAY PAY AND OBEY, according to these Clergy. Laity is not supposed to ask questions. If you do, you will be ostracized. To Parish Priests, Laity is limited to handful of members from PPC’s, who have been handpicked, to nod heads to everything that Parish Priest speaks, who are merely less than five percent. There are some, who have no say; therefore, just keep quiet. They are least concerned about Ninety five percents who devoutly PRAY, PAY AND OBEY. They are the SILENT MAJORITY.

We do not wish to waste much time on describing this matter. If any of you think, it does not happen in your parish, please share the information in details. We shall put it in public domain for others to follow the example.

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P. S.: Courage shown by this brave Parishioner has already saved one part of Church Property. Hopefully, she will succeed in saving the second one as well. SILENT VOICE calls upon Parishioners from all the parishes in Archdiocese of Bombay, to be brave and raise your voice against plunderers of Church Properties and Finances.



Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici
(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)
A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095. Contact no. 98707 19628.
E Mail: silentvoice58@gmail.com

To, 25th, May, 2012
Most Rev. Cardinal Oswald Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay,

Sub: Matter related to OL of Remedy Church, Poinsur.

Your Eminence’
Attached herewith a letter addressed to H. E. Bishop Bosco Penha, by Gloryann D’souza, the parishioner of OL of Remedy Church, Poinsur; and the president of Civic and Political Cell of the Parish.
The writer seems to have been aggrieved with parish priest’s behavior. Is there any reason you can perceive, for him to keep the president of an important Cell, out from the meeting, called to discuss a crucial matter? We can perceive of only one reason. He doesn’t want opposition to any decision that he wishes to take. What decision Bishop Bosco takes on this matter? We shall wait and watch.

However, there is no surprise element in this act of Parish Priest Fr. Peter D’mello. This has been happening all over the Archdiocese. The Parish Pastoral Councils (PPC), Finance Committees and Property Committees, are full of yes men of the Parish Priests, who help them to take dubious decisions. One of the Priests has termed the PPC as PARISH PRIEST’S COUNCIL.
Recent example of St. Anthony’s Parish, Malwani; would be fresh in your mind.

Well, Your Eminence, her letter to Bishop Bosco delves on the reason for this incident. A developer has approached the Church authority with a Request/Demand/Inducement, to move the boundary wall surrounding the Church, to be moved backward, making way for the approach road to his project to be broadened, to which the parishioners are opposed. Impression is being created by the developer, and the Parish Priest seems to be party to it, that BMC has ordered the road broadening. Has the Church authority received such notice from Civic Authority? If it is so, why isn’t the Parish Priest disclosing it to parishioners?

Your Eminence, we wish you to recall similar incident, some time ago. Parish Priest attempted to give access to adjacent Co-Op Housing Society, through Church Property. It was stalled because of opposition from parishioners, and your intervention. The same parishioner, who has been barred by Parish Priest, spear headed that mission. You may therefore understand the reason for Fr. Peter D’mello to shun her.

Your Eminence, was the announcement in the Church necessary? You decide. We call it a false ego.
We would expect you to look into both the matters, keeping the President of an important Cell, out of crucial discussions; and Fr. Peter’s intention, to move behind the Church boundary for the benefit of the developer.

Yours always, in our LORD JESUS CHRIST,


Copy to: Gloryann D’souza: President, Civic and Political Cell; OL of Remedy Church, Poinsur.

22nd, May, 2012


His Lordship bishop Bosco penha,

Dear Lordship,
Excuse me for putting up this question to you.
Can the Parish Priest keep out the president of Civic and Political Cell, out of a meeting, called to discuss the affairs, related to the Cell?

It is given to understand that compound boundary is going to be pushed back to make way for broader road leading to some under construction buildings. We believe, the developer has approached the Parish Priest. Parish Priest, Fr. Peter D’mello asked the parishioners to decide on the matter, together with parish Civic and Political Cell. Parishioners convened the meeting, with about seventy of them attended, and decided that developers demand should not be acceded to.

We wanted to convey this, together with other matters, to Parish Priest Fr. Peter D’mello, therefore asked for a meeting with him. He refused to accept our letter, which is attached herewith. However, he expressed his desire to meet five parishioners, but to our surprise, Minus Myself, who is the President of Civic and Political cell of the parish, and Mr. Kevin D’souza, who is a prominently active member of the parish.

Your Lordship, I draw this matter to your attention, for you being the director of Civic and Political Cell of the Archdiocese.
Besides, the space outside was insufficient for the large number of the parishioners who had gathered for the meeting. We therefore, moved into the open space adjacent to K. G. Class and conducted the meeting peacefully, and disbursed. But to our surprise and dismay, on Sunday the 29th of May, 2012; announcement was made during the mass, which reads as follows.
“A group of people forcibly entered the K. G. Class premises to conduct the meeting without the prior permission from the Principal. Henceforth, such activity will not be entertained. Those who wish to conduct such meetings or activities should take permission prior to the meeting”.

Your Lordship, was this announcement warranted? You decide.

Sincerely yours

President, Civic and Political Cell,
Our Lady of Remedy Church, Poinsur;

Copy to: Greg Pereira, Silent Voice


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  1. September 13, 2012 at 9:27 am

    SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME…even sending these Priests to Tabor or Potta won’t help…the so called PP’s behave worst than even the Protestants,Jehovah’s Witnesses n other break aways groups…


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