VM 008/2012 Follow up : Archbishop meets GREG, to discuss issues, related to various Parishes.

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                                                                                                            VM 008/2012 Follow up

5th, June, 2012

Hello Friends

On Saturday the 2nd, June, 2012; your VOICE had a meeting with H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias. The meeting lasted for around forty minutes.

In the beginning, Cardinal was told that we never expected him to invite us for talks. To which he replied, “Yes I was annoyed with you, but after you explained everything in details, I understood you well”.

This conversation was in context of the telephone call His Eminence had made on 25th of May, 2012, while he was in Delhi. He was annoyed about the matter which has been put on VOICEMAIL 008/2012; and picked up by Journalist from SILENT VOICE. The conversation was long, but it would be unfair to divulge its entire contents.

At the meeting Cardinal handed over, the order related to Inquiry against Fr. Ajit Bandekar, erstwhile Parish Priest of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani. On insistence, he also furnished us with the copy of FINDINGS OF ARCHDIOCESE ENQUIRY COMMISSION (AEC); but not before consulting Fr. Dominic Savio Fernandes, Chancellor of Archdiocese and one of the panelists on AEC.

Cardinal’s report will be published after the study of AEC findings, in detail.

Matter related to Rs. Seven Crore project Conceived by erstwhile Parish Priest of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani to reconstruct the Church was discussed in brief. He did not remember about it, but He said, if it is so, new Parish Priest, Fr. Austin Norris will look into it.

Matter related to Property of St. Vincent D’ Paul Church, Khar; which was in media glare recently, about which we have written to him; he said he was aware of it and has already initiated action, based on the information he had received earlier.

Parishioners who opposed Parish Priest’s undesirable actions are being targeted or ostracized in different ways. This is a matter of concern and should be stopped. A Parishioner from OL of Remedy Parish, Poinsur; has been barred by Fr. Peter D’mello from attending a meeting, called to discuss the issue raised by this Parishioner, which according to us is unfair. An example of St. Paul’s Church, Dadar; was narrated to him, where a PPC member, who has been disqualified just because he was vocal against Church authorities putting up false Ceiling at a very high cost. Cardinal said he has referred the matter to Bishop Bosco Penha. Besides, the false Ceiling work has been stopped for time being.

Cardinal remembered a case, where he stopped Fr. Peter D’mello, Parish Priest of OL of Remedy Church, Poinsur, from selling Church Property to adjacent society. He was informed about a similar act by Fr. Peter D’mello, which has been opposed by Parishioners and has been referred to him. In this context the Parishioner has been barred from attending a meeting, mentioned above.

We made a special mention to Fr. Malcum D’souza’s tenure at OL of the Sea, Madh; where he called all parishioners to Property committee meeting and took a decision to identify Church Properties to Parishioners and fence them. It was pointed out to him that as per the information available to us, one of the properties has been sold. He said he has already put a stop to sale of Church Properties.

Catholics intending to get into interfaith marriage and wish the Nuptials to be blessed by Church are facing problems and humiliations at the hands of Parish authorities. Apart from the one which was brought to his notice,** another aggrieved Catholic from the Parish of I. C. Church, Borivili  has approached us. We shall be writing to him about it, he was told.

** https://silentmaj.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/vm-0062012-is-it-insanity-or-it-is-priests-vindictive-behaviour-at-its-worst/

Catholics intending their marriages to be annulled by church are facing long delays, causing hardship to both the parties. Of course, it is unfortunate, but the matters should be viewed sympathetically. We have a matter pending in our possession. Now that the issue has been raised in the media, it will be put up to him. He was told.

Cardinal was asked, if he approved of his photographs, on the poster alongside Kripashankar Singh. He said, he did see his own photograph at the entrance, but not with Kripashankar. He was told that there were more than one, and we would mail one for him to see. Parishioners of OL of Egypt Church, Kalina, are unhappy about multiple plaques in the name of tainted KripaShankar, within the precincts of the Church; the matter we have been pursuing, on behalf of parishioners. They expect the plaques to be removed; to which he said that new parish priest Fr. Harold Vaz, should look into it.

Cardinal said he is appreciative of the work we are doing in the interest of Church. We have a genuine concern for the Church. The write ups are meaningful and not frivolous. He assured that every letter that he receives from us, is taken note of, by him, though he cannot reply to each one of them.

We asked a pointed question to Cardinal, “Your Eminence, Do you think, all is well with Parish, just because no parishioner comes forward to complain about undesirable activities of parish authorities?”  To which he replied, “NO”. This question was asked in context of credibility of Property Committee members, at St. Anthony’s Parish, Malwani. He was then told that every right thinking Parishioner would like these members to be out from it. He said, new parish priest should look into it. We shall be meeting him after St. Anthony’s Feast, because now he will be busy with Novenas, we said.

Cardinal was informed that every communication between Church authorities and us, will be put into public domain; because, TRUTH MUST BE KNOWN TO ALL.




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