Vatileaks : Pope breaks his silence

Pope Benedictus XVI

Pope Benedictus XVI       (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lashes out at media reports calling them ‘exaggerated’ and ‘Gratuitous’
Vatican City: Pope Benedict XVI broke his silence on Wednesday over the scandal of leaked documents that has convulsed the Vatican, saying he was saddened by the
betrayal but grateful to those aides who work faithfully and in silence to help him do his job.
Benedict made his first direct comments on the scandal in off-the-cuff remarks at the end of his weekly general
He lashed out at some of the media reports about the scandal, saying the “exaggerated” and “gratuitous” rumors had offered a false image of the Holy See.
The Italian media have been on a frenzy ever since the pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested last week after Vatican investigators discovered papal documents in his Vatican City apartment.
The Vatican spokesman has spent much of his daily briefings in recent days shooting down the various reports. The Vatileaks scandal represents one of the greatest breaches of trust and security for the Holy See in recent memory given that a significant number of documents from the pope’s own desk were leaked to an investigative journalist.
The Vatican has denounced the leaks as criminal and immoral and has opened a three-pronged investigation to get to the bottom of who was responsible.
“The events of recent days about the Curia and my collaborators have brought sadness in my heart,” Benedict said at the end of his audience.
But he added: “I want to renew my trust in and encouragement of my closest collaborators and all those who every day, with loyalty and a spirit of sacrifice and in silence, help me fulfill my ministry.”
Few people think Gabriele worked alone, and his promise to cooperate with the investigation has fueled speculation that other might be arrested soon. —AP

DNA Published Date:  May 31, 2012

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