Archdiocesan Consultation was initially restricted to priests only

Now, focus shifts to ties with laity
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The Archdiocesan Consultation-November 2012, called by the Cardinal Oswald Gracias and expected to be held from November 12 to 14 at the St. Pius Seminary in Goregaon, is hoping to improve its reach with the laity with ‘relationship’ as one of its key focus areas this year.
Father Gilbert de Lima, coordinator of the working committee of the consultation, said, “We need to see if we are able to reach out to people the way we want to and check how we can reach them better if they have problems.” He added that this year, they have asked Nirmala Niketan to reach out to the community and give us their feedback. Once their report is prepared, the church will seek more data from priests.
The consultation acts like a senate that meets once every ten years. The idea behind such a consultation is to gauge the services of the church and seek feedback from people in order to take corrective measures and better reach the masses. This consultation was first held in 1980 when interactions were mostly between priests. They were later broadened to include the laity. Taking a more holistic approach towards spirituality, better involving the laity and forming a priestly ministry were among the key decisions taken then.
In 2001, the church extended its programme through several activities that focused on family, youth and the marginalized sections, and in 2006, it also organised a mid-term consultation where youth councils were introduced.
Commenting on the consultation, Conrad Saldanha, a member of the working committee and a laity said, “This whole consultation provides us time for reflection and renewal. Relationship is heart of life and so we need to address it.

Published Date:  May 28, 2012

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Pope Benedict XVI: We Must Fight Evil!

Pope Benedict XVI: We Must Fight Evil!
Evil, Posing As Good, Seeks To Destroy The Moral Foundations Of Society!
News.VA, The Vatican Today
English: Pope Benedict XVI during general audition

                             Pope Benedict XVI                             (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


During a lunch with members of the College of Cardinals on Monday to mark the 7th anniversary of his pontificate,

Pope Benedict thanked his closest advisors for all their support during both the joys and the difficulties of his Petrine ministry.
The Pope began by thanking God for the joyous days as well as what he called ‘the dark nights’ and went on to reflect about the presence of evil in the world.
We can see, he said, how evil seeks to dominate our world, through cruelty and violence, but also in more subtle ways, posing as a force for good while destroying the moral foundations of society.
Recalling the old fashioned use of the term ‘the Church militant’, the Pope said we must fight against evil and for this reason it is important to have friends to support us in this struggle.
Recalling also the words of Our Lord, ‘Take heart, I have overcome the world’, Pope Benedict said we are on the Lord’s team and therefore we will be victorious.

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