Remove Plaques with tainted Kripa’s name, says Church Members



DNA Letters to the Editor

3th March 2011

Kripa’s plaques
This has reference to the report ‘Remove plaques with tainted Kripa’s name, say church members’ (March 2). People at Kalina are demanding that the plaques put up by tainted politician Kripashankar Singh in the church there be removed. Politicians bend over backwards to put up permanent structures in religious places with an eye on the vote bank. They consider this a one-time ‘investment’ yielding high dividends. A plaque in a prominent place serves as a permanent advertisement for the ‘good work’ done by the politician. Unfortunately, the majority of them, like Singh, are tainted. Ideally, religious bodies should not accept aid from a politician’s fund. Even if they do, it
must be without any strings attached. Temporary banners are fine, but permanent plaques should be a strict no-no. It must
be clearly understood that the funds do not belong to them, they belong to the tax payers and are given to
them to use/spend for the benefit of the people.
— Robert Castellino



From: calistus <>
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2012 10:15 AM

Subject: Fw: Remove before they are targeted


Why harp only when the person is blacklisted. Let there be policy to do way with this type of chief service given be the tarnish  hands specially the corrupt  politicians and goons of the area.

Should one wait for similar things to feature again in the news or will there be an actions taken on the similar style plates that one will see on the Catholic hospital and churches and Provincial house in Bhayander deanery .

Fr Calistus

Shrine Our lady of Fatima Karjat

Our Lady of Fatima


From: calistus <>
To: Greg Pereira <>
Sent: Saturday, 3 March 2012 10:19 AM
Subject: Fw: Remove before they are targeted

Dear Greg

I read the note in the DNA about the name plates. IT IS A SHAME FOR THE CHURCH TO BEND SO LOW. The cause may be good but the ways also need to be equally good. One can not defend the wrong ways for a good cause. The name plate has to be removed not because the politician is on a run but for the church to remain clean. .

I had earlier written to the authorities when I was in Uttan parish about the names of politicians that are placed on the churches and hospitals and on the provincial houses in Bhyander deanery .You make a study and bring it to the notice of the concern priests and sisters.

Well done. Let this agitation not bring a rift among the people. We all work with the spirit of unity in the church else outsiders will take due advantage.

Fr  Calistus

Shrine Our lady of Fatima Karjat

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