CBCI’s general body meeting begins tomorrow

CBCI’s general body meeting begins tomorrow

CBCI to discuss Church’s role for a better India.

Posted on January 31, 2012, 11:16 AM

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A record number of 160 bishops are in Bangalore, the Vatican of the East, to discuss the “Church’s role for a better India”.

The February 1-8, 30th general body meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) is being held at St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

The theme for the meeting was chosen as the Church’s role for better India as the golden jubilee of Delhi CBCI and the Church’s social wing Caritas coincide this year, said Fr Thomas Sequeira, CBCI’s deputy Secretary General.

The CBCI headquarters was shifted from Bangalore to Delhi in 1962.

The CBCI is an umbrella organization of all the Catholic Bishops of India, belonging to the Latin, the Syro-Malabar and the Syro-Malankara Rites.

At every biennial meet, a particular theme of relevance to the Church and nation is discussed by the leaders of the Church.

“This year the challenges of a materialistic world, nation building and probity in public life besides what has been done so far towards educational, health care and social development will be discussed,” said Fr Sequeira.

The highlight of this year’s meet will be a podium discussion by three speakers – Cardinal Peter Turkson, President Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Josef Sayer, director of Misereor and Jesuit Fr. Rudi Heredia.

Another feature will be the strengthening of the Regional Bishops Council and initiation of a strong national network for quick dissemination of information.

On February 1, Nuncio Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio will lead the inaugural Mass.

After the Presidential address by Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop Albert DSouza, CBCI secretary general will present the biennial report of the bishops’ body.

Cardinal Turkson will give the keynote address on February 2 which will be followed by the podium discussion.

Follow up of the past two GBMs on “Youth for Peace and Harmony” and “Empowerment of Women in Church and Society” will be held on February 3.

The next day Regional Bishops Councils, National Commissions, National Institutes and the Conference of Religious India will present reports on their activities and major thrusts.

The Latin, Syro-Malabar and the Syro-Malankara Rites will make their presentations on February 5.

A talk on proposed Direct Tax Code will be given by renowned chartered accountant Kandaswamy.

Cultural programs will be held at St John’s main auditorium on the opening day.
By Rita Joseph

CBCI General Body Meeting
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Parish campaigns for Indian priest to stay in Wales

Parish campaigns for Indian priest to stay in Wales

By Mark Greaves on Friday, 20 January 2012

An Indian priest has become so popular at a parish in north Wales that parishioners are campaigning to keep him there even though he has been ordered to return home.

One local has written to Pope Benedict XVI urging him to intervene, saying that Fr Joshy Thomas Cheruparambil CMI’s imminent departure has left the parish in shock.

Fr Cheruparambil, who is from Kerala, has learnt Welsh and celebrates a bilingual Mass twice a week.

He came to Bala, a town by a lake in Snowdonia National Park, five years ago and is now expected to return to India before Easter.

Alwyn Jones Parry, who is not a Catholic but has driven an elderly friend to Mass for four years, said in a letter to Benedict XVI that the parish was “very distressed”.

He said: “I can fully understand any branch of the Church wishing to have Fr Joshy serving with them as he could very well become one of the leaders of the Church, with his charisma, dedication and prayerful ministry.

“I understand that Kerala has a considerable number of new priests each year. This is in sharp contrast to the situation in Wales,” Mr Parry said.

“It is most difficult to find any positive reasons for this course of action… I am writing to your Holiness, in the hope that you will not allow damage to the Church in our area, and instruct that Fr Joshy remains in this parish, at least for the next few years,” he said.

In his letter Mr Parry said Bishop Edwin Regan of Wrexham had twice written to Fr Cheruparambil’s superiors in India asking him to be allowed to stay.

Fr Cheruparambil told the Herald: “If I am needed in Wales I will stay in Wales. If I am needed back home in India I will be back in India.”

Fr Cheruparambil is one of four Carmelites of Mary Immaculate in the Diocese of Wrexham. The congregation, founded in 1831, was the first indigenous religious congregation in the Catholic Church in India.

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Pope:Church expects much from her young priests


Pope:Church expects much from her young priests


2012-01-20 Vatican Radio
At the foundation of the life of a priest must be an deep relationship with God: this was the message of Pope Benedict this morning to the community of the Almo Collegio Capranica one of the oldest seminaries of Rome. Saturday, the feast of St Agnes, the seminary markes 555 years.
The Holy Father urged the future priests to engage the future with courage in the work of the new Evangelisation: “The Church expects much from the young priests in the work of evangelization and new evangelization”. And he encouraged them to learn from their time in formation, and to appreciate the privilege of studying in Rome: “Always have a deep sense of the history and tradition of the Church! Being in Rome is a gift that should make you especially sensitive to the depth of the Catholic tradition.”
He then recalled the figure of St. Agnes, the patron of the College. “St. Agnes,” he said, “is one of the most famous young women of Rome, a girl who illustrated the beauty of genuine faith in Christ and friendship with Him.” On the Vigil of her Feast, the Pope called on the seminarians to follow her example of martyrdom and virginity, in order to be credible witnesses of the Faith.
Finally, the Pope said, “The formation of the priest requires integrity, completeness, ascetic exercise, heroic constancy and fidelity in all the aspects that constitute that formation. In its foundation there should be a solid spiritual life, animated by an intense relationship with God, both at a personal and at a communal level, with particular care for the celebration of the liturgy and frequent reception of the Sacraments.”

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VM: 001/2012 Archbishop meets GREG, the VOICE of a SILENT MAJORITY

Silent Voice

   A/7  Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad (W), Mumbai, 400095. 
             Contact No. 98707 19628.  E mail:    silentvoice58@gmail.com
 20th, January, 2012
                                                      VM:    001/2012
      Archbishop meets GREG, the VOICE of a SILENT MAJORITY
Hello Friends,
We regret the break in your favourite read, the VOICEMAIL. It was due to some technical reasons. Now that we are back on our path, will hopefully, move further, without any hindrances.
As the Headline indicates, the Archbishop, CARDINAL OSWALD GRACIAS, gave audience and discussed about various matters which we have been pursuing with him. He was submitted with a memorandum, listing the issues.
Archbishop mentioned that he is looking into the matters brought before him by us. He was told that it doesn’t seem that things are moving in right direction, and if they are moving, then WE, THE PEOPLE, must know how they are moving. There must be a TRANSPARENCY in these matters. The lack of transparency makes the people apprehensive about the intention of Church administration; to which he nodded In agreement. To substantiate his claim, he mentioned that he has stopped the proposed sale of Church Property belonging to OL of Remedy Church, poinsur, by the Parish Priest.
As regards to Uttan Dumping Ground, when it was brought to his notice that the cases withdrawn were only partial, to which he responded with regret and said that it is the judicial matter, therefore, could not do much about it. Besides, the local situations were also responsible for it, to which, we were convinced. However, he will continue with his efforts to resolve this matter, he said.
His Eminence was made known of our displeasure over the delay in deciding the St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani matter. The Enquiry report is pending with him. He was told that there is no Change in the way the parish administration is behaving. The rogue elements are still at helm. He assured us that appropriate action will be taken once the report is finalized.
Finally, the reason for the meeting, he said, was to convey to us that though we are bringing up the issues related to Church Administration, we are not attacking the Church and our concerns are genuine towards it. We thanked and assured him of our support in his effort to cleanse the Church, which belongs to all of us. It is sort of recognition to your VOICE.
We therefore, call upon all of you, to cast your fear away and bring out the administration related problems, particularly related to Church Properties and Finances, in your parish. If brought to his notice in proper manner, Archbishop will certainly pay attention and try to resolve the issues.
                                          VOICE OF A SILENT MAJORITY
                        Constituted under Para 29 of Christifideles Laici
         (Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation of H.H.Late Pope John Paul-II)
                                            (Bombay Archdiocese)


      A/7,  Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad (W), Mumbai, 400095.
Contact No. 98707 19628.  E Mail:  silentvoice58@gmail.com
 16th, January, 2012
Your Eminence,
Thank you for tour valuable time. We are sure; you will give us a patient hearing and address all the issues which we have brought to you from time to time. We regret to state that in spite of your assurances, nothing much has been done. We list below the matters once again; to remind you about the actions you need to take.
OUR LADY OF SALVATION CHURCH, DADAR;     Twenty four flats and a community hall, belonging to Parish, which the builder has usurped, causing huge loss to parish exchequer, with connivance of Parish Authorities.
OUR LADY OF NAZARETH CHURCH, BHAYANDER:       Properties belonging to parish, sold at undervalued price, causing huge loss to parish exchequer.
ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, MAHIM:     Bishop Bosco Penha’s instructions to then parish Priest, Fr. Michael D’souza, to Regularise an illegal structure on Church property, constructed by a Businessman, with no benefit to parish.
OUR LADY OF HEALTH, CAVEL:        Sale of Church Building for redevelopment, without taking into consideration the future of catholic residents. They are now being asked to lookout for alternate accommodation, on their own.
OUR LADY OF REMEDY CHURCH, POINSUR,:       The Parish Priest began a process to sell Church land to a Society, which has been stalled due to protest by parishioners, for time being. Parishioners are wary of Parish Priests intention because of the absence of assurance from Parish Authorities that the land will not be sold at all.
UTTAN DUMPING GROUND.:   In spite of assurance from authorities and efforts from your Eminence, there seem to be no progress in this matter.
With your efforts, the cases against the villagers are withdrawn, but only partially, as it has been revealed by a letter from Ronnie Corriea, dated 19th December, 2011, therefore, more needs to be done in this context.
OUR LADY OF EGYPT CHURCH, KALINA;  The Plaques in glorification of a politician, we perceive, still adorn the precinct of the church, against the wishes of parishioners.
ST, ANTHONY’S CHURCH, MALWANI.:         Anxiously awaiting the judgment on the Enquiry which is long overdue. The delay in proclaiming the judgment, make us wary of the intention of Church Authorities.
OUR LADY OF THE SEA CHURCH, MADH ISLAND.          We haven’t brought this matter to your notice officially, yet. However, we are mentioning it over here. The church properties, which were protected by the previous Parish Priest, Fr. Malcom D’souza, may be put on the block. So fear the parishioners.
Your Eminence, apart from the matters mentioned above, we wish to draw your attention to following matters, about which we will write to you officially, in details.
ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, MAHIM:     Residents of Flat No. XXXX at Doves Nest, St. Michael’s Colony, Mahim, Mumbai-16, which according to them isXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX,they are trying to seek help from Parish Authorities. Hurdles are being put into their path instead, by Parish authorities.
ST. THOMAS  CHURCH, GOREGAON.:             Your Eminence, if it is true, it would be a most shameful act, reminiscent only to the one practiced by antisocial elements. We are referring to NICHOLAS HOUSE, which was given by the owners to parish, temporarily, during their time of need. The Parish Authorities are now trying to usurp it.
I. C.  CHURCH, BORIVALI:                       This matter is related to ongoing annulment case of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, with Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Mumbai. We do not mean to interfere in such matters. However, the appellant doesn’t seem to be happy with attitude of present Judge and has asked for his removal.
Your Eminence, We call upon you to look into above matters and act with sincerity. Of course, we do not doubt your sincerity, but prolonged delays in resolving these matters, do create doubts.
Your Eminence, As we have said before and we are saying it once again; SILENT VOICE and VOICE OF A SILENT MAJORITY, is always willing to stand by you, in your efforts to eradicate corruption from Parish Administration and materialistic behavior of some members of clergy, because of whom the Church Administration as whole, is being maligned.
Yours always, in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,
                            CORRUPT PRACTICES AT PARISH LEVEL
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Bishop Penha retires

Bishop Penha retires

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Published Date: January 16, 2012

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Bishop Penha retires thumbnail


Bishop Penha retires
Posted By cninewsletter On January 16, 2012 (5:31 pm) In Indian News

Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Bosco Penha of Bombay.

Bishop Penha had put in his papers after he attained the retirement age of 75.

He was born in 1937 in Mumbai and ordained a priest in 1967. The prelate was appointed the auxiliary Bishop of Bombay in 1987.

Rector of St. Pius X Seminary at Goregaon, Mumbai, Bishop Penha  is one of the archdiocese’s vicar generals with special responsibility for the laity.

He also chairs the western regional bishops’ Commission for Laity and Small Christian Communities.

Source: Vatican Radio

Article taken from CathNews India – http://www.cathnewsindia.com

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