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Dear Catholic Activist’s & Journalist’s & Others……Migrant Non-Catholics living in the slums of bombay are prepared to do any type of work any type of job and any type of street business……..native catholics of bombay living in the gaothans (villages) of bombay will be afraid of doing any type of job any type of work and any type of street business because of what pedhru uncle will say and the fun rosemary aunty will make of it…………..non-catholics living in slums will steal municipal water & reliance/best electricity but native catholics of bombay living in gaothans will be afraid of stealing electricity & municipal water because some jealous catholic from the village will complain to the municipal & electricsupply authorities………….non-catholics living in slums will vertically increase the height of their huts to accommodate more members but native catholics living in gaothans are afraid of increasing the height of their houses because some jealous catholic from the village will complain to the municipal authorities……….non-catholics living in slums are physically stronger than the catholics because the non-catholics daily consume rice or chappatis whereas the catholics daily consume the unhealthy & unhygienic bakery maida pavs.

There are two things lacking among the native catholics of bombay……one is unity and two is courage……….…what we need in bombay is some daring & shameless catholic leaders who can unite the catholic community AND awaken the catholics from their deep slumber AND encourage catholics to do what the non-catholics living in slums have been doing AND discourage catholics from drinking alcohol AND encourage catholics to become more fluent in reading/writing/speaking/understanding marathi language because all records in bmc, police, collectorsoffice, state govt. dept., etc are in marathi language AND in collaboration with catholic associations – federations – panchayats start agitating for 5% job quota for native catholics of bombay in bmc, police, collectorsoffice, citysurveyoffices, rationoffices, mhadaoffices, mmrdaoffices, urban/town planning dept., nationalized banks, suburbanrail, metro, monorail, rbi, kalina/bombay university, iit, ongc, hp, indianoil, airindia and other central/state/public sector undertakings operating in bombay AND demand nomination of special representatives from catholic community in Indian parliament, Maharashtra legislative assembly, BMC Committees……….below are some blogsites – websites – facebooksites on the native catholics of bombay locally known by the name eastindians……REPLACE space with dot to get proper link :

….www bombayland . blogspot com…. **

….www mobaikar com…. **

….www gaothanvoice org…… **

….www east-indians com…….. **

….www facebook com / eastindians ……. **

….www east-indians net……. **

Here in Bombay we don’t want Parish Priests who give charity sermons………we want parish priests who will use church funds for the benefit of catholic parishioners……who will utilize vacant church properties for the housing needs of catholic parishioners…..who will encourage the catholic youth to dream & work towards becoming doctors, lawyers, ias/ips officers, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc…..who will make available parish halls & church grounds at all times for catholic activists – associations – panchayats – federations………who will ensure 51% seats are reserved for catholics in parish/catholic school……..obviously brother the Vatican appointed Bishop will not bother to appoint such priests for churches in bombay………the only option left is to change the system……..the local catholic parishioners should select & elect the parish priest for their local church and ensure the priest follows the commands of local parishioners……….catholic parishioners should never forget that the church, parish halls, church grounds, catholic schools, vacant church properties, etc everything belongs to catholic parishioners and hence it is the catholic parishioners who should appoint the parish priest for their church.

Kindly disseminate the above information via mail, e-mail, airmail, oral conversation, billboards, carrier pigeons, pony express, smoke signals; by means of telephone, television, telegraph, teletype; through Braille, sign language, placing messages in bottles, drum beats, books, CD’s, radio, and telepathy for you New Age folks.

Regards & God bless all of you with Health & Wealth.

Jorge Monteiro

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‘Coal mafia killed Sr. Valsa John’

Posted By cninewsletter On November 29, 2011 (7:39 am) In Indian News


Baby John, brother of Sr. Valsa John, has claimed that his sister was killed by the coal mafia for whom she had become a “nuisance”.

“She had been under constant threat from Penam Coal Limited and had even told us about it when she visited us last,” he told

John said that he is sad to have lost his sister but was proud of the fact that she stood steadfast for her mission.

Sr John, who was brutually hacked to death on November 15, had been working among the tribal communities in Jharkands’s coal rich region of Santhal Parganas in Pachwara for the last 20 years.

Since early 2000, Penam Coal Mine Limited, a project of Punjab state electricity board and EMTA (Eastern Minerals and Trading Agency) from West Bengal, has been operating mines in the coal reserve of Pachwara and 32 surrounding villages.

To defend their rights over their land and its resources, the Santhal adivasi community had formed the Rajmahal Pahad Bachao Andolan.

Sr Valsa along with others worked to organise the community and were in the forefront of the resistance that was building against the exploitation by the coal company.

Despite the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the local community and Panem coal in 2006, tension had been mounting in the area, especially with regard to betrayal by the company.

John said that there were many incidents where the nun had raised her voice in support of the tribals which “provoked some influential people to eliminate her”.

Source: By Bijay Kumar Minj

Article taken from CathNews India –

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Goa church issues warning over scheduling of film festival

Posted By cninewsletter On November 25, 2011 (4:02 pm) In Indian News

Officials in the Archdiocese of Goa said they would no longer tolerate the scheduling of the International Film Festival of India during festivities of the feast of St Francis Xavier.

Fr Francis Caldeira, spokesperson for the archdiocese, told a press conference yesterday that authorities would face mass agitation next year if they did not take steps to ensure no conflict with Church events.

The feast of St Francis Xavier is commemorated each year on December 3. The IFFI began on November 23 and runs through December 3.

Protesters gathered in Margao, outside Goa, to stage a protest at the opening session of the festival.

“We take strong exception to this utter lack of sensitivity to the clashing of dates. This will not be tolerated next year,” said Fr Caldeira.

He added that the press conference was held in the hope that the “voice of the people of Goa” would be heard by representatives of international agencies present in the city.

“There are issues with security and sanitation. It is a logistical nightmare, where pilgrims get step-motherly treatment.”

He said the Church was shocked by the “evasive and ambiguous response” to memorandums submitted to federal and state governments.

Peter Viegas, convener of the Save Old Goa Action Committee and organizer of the protest in Margao, said the effort was a token protest. He warned, however, that if the government failed to act in the future, SOGAC would stage much larger agitations.

Ambika Soni, federal minister for information and broadcasting, mentioned the issue at the film festival’s inaugural event, saying that the “international body should take note of the issue before scheduling the festival in future.”

She told journalists after the event that it was not possible to reschedule this year’s event but that “in future, we will make sure that the sentiments of the people of Goa are not hurt.”

State Home Minister Ravi Naik further added that he would personally monitor the security situation for the feast day celebrations on December 3.


Article taken from CathNews India –

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Persecution cannot deter Church: Cardinal

Persecution cannot deter Church: Cardinal
Posted By cninewsletter On November 24, 2011 (8:23 am) In Indian News

Cardinal Oswald Gracias has said that no amount of persecution or even death can deter the Catholic Church from its commitment to uphold the values of love, justice and peace.

The cardinal, who is also the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, said this while paying tributes to Sr. Valsa John, who was hacked to death in Jharkhand last week.

“I would like to take this opportunity to make it abundantly clear that no amount of persecution or even death can deter us from our commitment to the gospel values of love, justice and peace,” he said.

The Catholic Church in India is committed to the well-being of the country and the welfare of its people regardless of caste, creed, gender, language, age or region, he said.

“We are always in the front line in the defence, uplift and the empowerment of the downtrodden and the marginalised even to the point of martyrdom. The latest example is Valsa John and her supreme sacrifice. I bow my head to the memory of this brave daughter of Kerala.” the cardinal said.

Source: IBNlive

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Old Goa agitators set to protest

Old Goa agitators set to protest

Posted By cninewsletter On November 22, 2011 (2:51 pm) In Indian News

Angry Christians in Old Goa are to stage a protest today at the opening of an international film festival to try to force the government to reschedule the event in future.

“We intend to stage a protest at the start of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) because our religious sentiments have been hurt,” said Save Old Goa Action Committee (SOGAC) convener Peter Viegas.

He said Christians are displeased the event coincides with novenas and the feast of Saint Francis Xavier, which falls on December 3.

By holding the film festival at the same time, security for the Christian events will be scaled down, he said.

He says he hopes the demonstration will “open the government’s eyes.”

Talks with the government to change the festival’s dates in the future ended in deadlock yesterday.

“Our action will be limited if the chief minister offers a written undertaking that in future the IFFI will be held at another time,” Viegas said.

He said the government has failed to abide by a promise made in 2006.

In an effort to beef up security, Father Savio Barreto, rector of the Basilica of Bom Jesus, said the Basilica has installed 24 CCTV cameras and is in the process of issuing identity cards for some 1,000 devotees staying for the novenas and feast.

Some 150 volunteers will also act as security guards, he said.

The novenas commence on November 24 with a minimum of eight Masses daily at a specially erected tented enclosure outside the basilica.


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