Ayodhya sadhus criticise reconversion drive, say RSS is playing politics with blood

Does Mr. Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsangh Chalak of RSS have answers to the statement by Shri Gyan Das, President of All India Akhara Parishad? The entire Population of this Peace Loving Country called INDIA, would be eagerly waiting to know.
They are criminals who should be booked, says All India Akhara Parishad president Gyan Das.

Dec 19, 2014 · 05:30 am

Photo Credit: Prakash Singh/AFP
Prominentsadhus inAyodhya have stood up against forced religiousreconversions by theRashtriyaSwayamsevak Sangh and its affiliated outfits, saying this kind of politics will divide the country.Yeh log khoon ki rajniti khel rahe hain ,” All India Akhara Parishad president Gyan Das told Scroll.in over the phone. These people are playing politics with blood. The Parishad consists of 13 akharas or ascetic orders, seven belonging to the Shaiv sect and three each to Vaishnavism and Sikhism.

Gyan Das, who is considered the most influential sadhu in Ayodhya, added, “Religion is a matter of personal faith. No one has the right to interfere in this. The RSS and its wings are committing heinous crimes by forcing members of minority communities to convert to Hinduism. They are criminals who should be booked.”

Turbulent ties

Ayodhya’s sadhus have long had a shifting relationship with the RSS and especially the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Sangh wing that seeks to mobilise Hindu ascetics.

In the early 1990s, the VHP succeeded in winning over a majority of Ayodhya sadhus, but after that differences surfaced between them. The divide continued until the Lok Sabha elections this year, when the sadhus once again jointly supported the Sangh and its political arm, the Bharatiya Janata Party.

However, the issue of forced conversions seems to have cleaved a rift again.

Take stern action

Gyan Das is not alone in Ayodhya in denouncing the forced conversions in Uttar Pradesh, though he is the most outspoken in attacking the RSS and its affiliates, the VHP and Dharma Jagaran Manch.

“Earlier, they tried to create communal conflagration in the name of Ram, and now they want to divide the nation by forcing Hinduism on the minorities,” Gyan Das said. “This is illegal and the government must take stern action against them.”

Equally vocal in his criticism is Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Ramjanmabhoomi temple, a makeshift structure at the disputed site in Ayodhya.

Satyendra Das blames the Narendra Modi government at the Centre for the “increased communal acts” by the Sangh Parivar’s constituents. “Politics is an instrument for settling conflicts, it should not be used to create conflicts,” he said. “What the RSS and its affiliates are doing is to produce conflict in society. They know that only by generating conflict can they survive.”

Polluting society

According to Satyendra Das, Hindu scriptures have no place for the kind of conversions being practised by the RSS. “Hinduism does not get strengthened by these activities,” he added. “In fact, these weaken our religion. Only the Sangh Parivar benefits from forced conversions. These acts are political and have nothing to do with religion.”

Ramdineshacharya, who is considered the head of the Ramanandi sadhus of Ayodhya since he has been given the title of Jagat Guru Ramanandacharya, is also critical of the forced conversions. “These acts have started polluting our society,” he said. “They must be stopped immediately by the government.”

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Fifth column: Stop Hindutva now: Tavleen Singh to PM Modi;

Tavleen Singh is a Columnist, Journalist and Political Analyst. She writes on various subjects concerning civic issues. This is one of the subject, a very important at this juncture.


Written by Tavleen Singh |


Why is the Prime Minister allowing the RSS to steal his mandate? I ask this question wherever I go these days and frankly I have no answer.

When Leftist political pundits harangue me with charges that it was the RSS that helped Narendra Modi become prime minister, I tell them that they do not know what they are talking about. Leftists are usually allergic to dust, heat, poverty and the real India and so rarely travel during election campaigns. This made them miss the fact that last summer’s general election was not about Hindutva. Anywhere. It was about change and development. Without Modi, the BJP could not have won half the seats they did. Besides, if the RSS could help it win elections, what went wrong the last two times? Yet there exists today the bizarre situation in which our strongest prime minister in decades is allowing Hindu fanatics in the Lok Sabha and Hindu fanatical organisations outside to blacken his image.

The MPs who have been most offensive wear saffron robes signifying asceticism and renunciation. So what they are doing in Parliament instead of in some Himalayan cave is a valid question. But since they have found their way into the Lok Sabha, why is the Prime Minister not publicly rebuking them for dragging Hindutva into his mandate in the ugliest way? We barely recovered from that Sadhvi calling all Muslims ‘bastards’ when her brother in saffron pronounced that Nathuram Godse was a patriot. Both these MPs expressed regret when their remarks caused a public furore, but it is not possible to ever apologise for such things.

If we need proof that these fanatics have RSS approval, it is evident in the zeal with which the BJP’s ‘alma mater’ is trying to convert Muslims and Christians ‘back’ to Hinduism. The Sanatana Dharma does not permit proselytisation. But try telling that to those loonies rampaging about the derelict, desperately poor shanties of Uttar Pradesh trying to bring Muslims and Christians ‘home’.

Of course these fanatics harmed the people they are trying to reconvert, but much more than this is the harm they have done Modi and his government. Just as he was beginning to bask in the luminous glow of international approval and domestic election victories, he is now in danger of losing all his support. His votes did not come for Hindutva reasons. I say this with certainty. During the election campaign, wherever I went, I asked if Hindutva and the Ram temple were issues any more. And not even in the dusty halls of Banaras Hindu University did I meet anyone who believed these were issues in the 2014 election.

Everywhere I went, people said that they were drawn to Modi because of his -talk of ‘vikas’ and ‘parivartan’. At his first rally in Uttar Pradesh I walked some distance with ordinary residents of Kanpur and when they saw BJP workers ride by angrily shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ from speeding motorcycles, they expressed strong disapproval. So why has the Prime Minister remained silent when the worst kind of Hinduism has been unleashed by the RSS and when the ‘love jihad’ proved that it would lose him votes in future?

For his government, the worst consequence is that the RSS has succeeded in changing the subject. So six months on, when we should have been talking about reforms in governance and the economy, we are talking about cow urine remedies and religious tensions. By now his ministers should have put before us a list of proposed reforms for sectors ranging from energy and the railways to policing and healthcare. That these are desperately needed is obvious from the horrible healthcare tragedies in Chhattisgarh and Punjab and from the recent rape in an Uber taxi.

Where economic reforms are concerned, there has so far been only talk. Not only has Modi’s government continued policies that brought the economy to its knees, it has not even rid us of laws (land acquisition, companies law) that have made doing business in India even more difficult than it already was. And if our roads, railways and ports continue to be as bad as they were in the 19th century, we can be certain that India will remain very poor for another 50 years.

It was the hope that Modi meant what he said when he promised ‘parivartan’ that won him a full mandate. For his own sake, he needs to remember this quickly or he will find that the RSS will take it away from him to revive its own fortunes. Incidentally, if it is so keen to play a bigger role in India’s future, why does it not take charge of doing some ‘Swachh Bharat’ activity in temples and holy cities like Varanasi and Hardwar? Why does it not take charge of cleaning our sacred rivers?

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Pope Francis plays pivotal role in US-Cuban rapprochement


In Vatican statement, the pontiff reveals his offer earlier this year to facilitate ‘constructive dialogue’.


Vatican City: Pope Francis’s pivotal role in a landmark breakthrough in US-Cuba relations was the latest coup for a pontiff whose personality and popularity have made him an influential player on the global stage.

As the world digested news of the historic rapprochement, it emerged that the Vatican had played a central role in bringing together the global capitalist superpower and the tiny communist island whose mutual animosity once brought the planet to the brink of nuclear war.

The success reflects how, barely 18 months after he was elected the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, Francis has given Vatican diplomacy the kind of profile it has not enjoyed since Jean-Paul II was being seen as a key player in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism in eastern Europe.

Congratulating Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro for taking a major step towards the normalization of relations, Francis revealed that he had offered his offices in October to “facilitate a constructive dialogue on delicate matters, resulting in solutions acceptable to both parties.”

Underlining the extent to which Vatican diplomacy has been given new impetus under Francis, a statement said the Argentinian pope would continue to support the opening of a new chapter in relations between the former adversaries.

As a Latin American himself and as a long-standing critic of unfettered capitalism, Francis was well-placed to be regarded by the Cubans as a man they could do business with.

But he also enjoyed credibility with the American side thanks to the Vatican’s long involvement in efforts to promote democracy in Cuba, a predominately Catholic island despite being run by communists since the 1959 overthrow of a brutal US-backed dictatorship by forces led by Fidel Castro.

Visits by John Paul II in 1998 and Francis’s now-retired predecessor Benedict XVI in 2012 were seen as milestones in the rapprochement between the Vatican and communist regime, but also significant events in terms of indicating to the world that the Cuban regime was open to change.

With his popular touch and willingness to take a stance on issues such as development, exploitation, immigration and social injustice, the pope has become a personality that other world leaders feel obliged to listen to.

That has been reflected by the string of heads of state and government beating a path to the Vatican in the hope that some of Francis’s star quality will rub off on them.

His interventions on the diplomatic stage are led by Italian cardinal Pietro Parolin, a softly-spoken veteran of Vatican diplomacy who was this year dispatched to Venezuela to act as an intermediary during a tense stand-off between the government and opposition in the South American state.

Francis’s style is different from that of the Polish pope, Jean Paul II, who was far more overtly political and never shied away from revealing his hostility to the principles and practice of communism in his homeland and the rest of the Soviet empire.

Francis likes to insist he is but a humble priest, constantly emphasizing the pastoral over the political.

He sees his role in international politics as a facilitator, someone who can take a strong moral stance on a particular situation, make the case for dialogue and then withdraw, leaving the parties to a particular conflict to make the moves required for peace themselves.

In May he made headlines by praying in front of the wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories in what was described as a provocative gesture designed to jolt both sides of the conflict into reflecting on their respective positions and to contemplate dialogue.

He then invited the Israeli and Palestinian leaders Shimon Peres and Mahmud Abbas for joint prayers at the Vatican, while stressing all the time that peace negotiations were not for him to lead.

He has at times been criticized for adopting ambiguous positions: notably on Syria, where the Assad regime is supported by many Christians, and Iraq, where he has wobbled on whether airstrikes against Islamic State militants can be justified.

He has also appeared to sit on the fence over the Russia-Ukraine conflict and, when he visited South Korea, failed to deliver the kind of strong criticism of North Korea that would have been expected from John Paul II.

Bolstered by his success in Cuba, bolder initiatives on other fronts may now be forthcoming.

Source: AFP/UCAN


Saffronisation of INDIA has begun: in the words of

Fr. Cedric Prakash;

Fr. Cedric Prakash

Fr. Cedric Prakash; sj;

Not that the intelligent Indian IS SURPRISED!

Everything is ON EXPECTED lines!
The “events” are meticulously planned and are being strategically executed

Plenty of thinking has gone into MAINSTREAMING the BUNCH of THOUGHTS
of Golwalkar, Sarvarkar and Hegdewar.

So they begin by demonising the minorities…..
“Tell A LIE A THOUSAND TIMES and people will believe you”

The strategy of the Nazi Goebbels is evidently clear
Then the divisive games are plenty: “WE” or “THEY”
Either you are “sons of Ram” or “ILLEGITIMATE children”
They create a sense of ‘MAJORITARIANISM’
This COUNTRY belongs to ‘US-kind-of-attitude’
So they talk about Sanskrit; and myths and lies of how advanced we “have been”
(They will send THEIR CHILDREN to ENGLISH-medium schools and to “phoren” lands)
Our HRD MINISTER has studied “three days” in YALE and then goes to an ASTROLGER!!!

They conveniently forget that we have a Constitution wedded to SECULAR and DEMOCRATIC principles!
So the BHAGWAD GITA has to be the Sacred Book and
They suffer from selective amnesia
and have to be reminded that the ARYANS FIRST INVADED India
They forget:
that Sardar Patel had BANNED them
that Nehru contributed greatly to India’s ALL-ROUND DEVELOPMENT
that GODSE is NOT a patriot but ONE OF THEM who MURDERED Mahatma Gandhi
that Ambedkar led thousands of Dalits to the Buddhist fold
Yes. they forget plenty……

And then they begin their “GHAR-WAPASI” programmes
With FORCE and FRAUD with huge bribes…
creating of course a LAW AND ORDER PROBLEM

They will very CONVENIENTLY say (with the MEDIA in their pockets)
Just like the ONE in GUJARAT!

So should we ban “all conversion” or only “forced conversions?”
So overnight, they attempt to throw out ARTICLE 19 and ARTICLE 25 of the Constitution
Desperately trying to DESTROY the PLURALISTIC FABRIC
and the SANCTITY of DIVERSITY of our Country

They send out an official circular saying that Christmas is a “working day”
And of course they deny it….because telling lies is their forte.
So Christmas is indeed a holiday!
And some morons, will clap with joy
Since a ‘big favour’ has been done to them.

The “big guy” will continue to talk ALL KINDS OF CRAP
with his “acchhe din” still fooling some of the people
But the fact is that HE IS ONE OF THEM

and will certainly see through things

It is still NOT late for the REST OF US to RISE UP as ONE
and with TAGORE to strongly say, ‘WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!’
and to pray,
“Into that heaven of FREEDOM my Father: Let my COUNTRY AWAKE!”
(December 16th 2014)

Delhi archbishop concerned over controversies surrounding Christmas

 Everyone concerned authority has realised that this is the beginning of Bure Din for minorities in the Country. Delhi Archbishop 
 Anil J.T. Couto has issued a statement expressing his concern about happenings around Christmas festivities. When will Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay  do so? or does he think that it is not his concern because his Citadel is safe and nothing will happen over here?
Wake up your Eminence……..

The archbishop also strongly condemned the conversion drive planned by the Hindu groups on Christmas Day.

 Anil J.T. Couto
 Archbishop of Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi Archbishop Anil J.T. Couto today expressed concern at reports of different controversies surrounding Christmas, including federal government’s plan to open CBSE-affiliated schools on the day.

“Christmas Day is a day to celebrate and pray for peace and harmony in the country and world at large,” the archbishop said in a statement.

A national daily today reported that the government plans to mark Christmas as ‘Good Governance Day’ and organize essay competitions and similar events in schools for students on the day.

However, human resource development minister Smriti Irani denied any such move by the government, saying that all schools will be closed on Christmas.

The archbishop also strongly condemned the conversion drive planned by the Hindu groups on Christmas Day.

Reports have been doing the round of right-wing groups are planning conversion of 5,000 Muslims and Christians on Christmas in Aligarh.

“It is a violation of Constitutional rights and guarantees to citizens of India such as the freedom of faith and the freedom of movement, expression and association,” he said in a statement.

It is nothing but hate campaign against the Christian community and the Christian faith, the archbishop said.

He called for an immediate end to such malicious hate campaigns and intervention of both the state and central governments in the matter.

The community reserves its right to take legal action and approach the courts for stopping these conversion drives and hate campaigns as they violate the fundamental rights of every citizen of this country as enshrined in the Constitution of India, the statement said.

Source: Press Release

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